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Euphorbium - General symptoms

Spurge-the resinous juice of Euphorbia Resinifera, Euphorbia Resinifera, Euphorbia, Euphorbium Officinarum, Euph, Euphorb, Euphorbia Lathrysis, Eupho.

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HPUS indication of Euphorbium: Burning pains

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Euphorbium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Right cheek much inflamed, and covered sparsely with fine vesicles filled with thick white lymph.

the erysipelatous inflammation was most marked in the malar region, being of a livid or dark-red hue, and extending along the outer and lower margin of the orbit at 10 A.M. (second day).

felt slight roughness on my next visit,.

On swallowing the poison a sensation of burning heat in the throat and fauces, afterwards communicated to the stomach.

incessant vomiting of watery fluid took place almost immediately.

the tongue was covered with thick mucus.

the pulse very irregular, and at least 150.

the patient was in a cold perspiration and unable to speak intelligibly,.

Internal burning; in bones at night


Much secretion, with a sense of dryness

Paralytic weakness; in joints

Slow inflammation

Much abortive sneezing

Coryza, with swelling

Ozoena; acrid

Mouth feels coated with rancid grease (Iris Versicolor Iris)

Brittle, crumbling teeth

Stitches from epigastium into sides of chest on coughing

Erysipelas; bullosum; right side, of mucous membranes

High fever

High fever

Euphorbium officinarum. Gum Euphorbium. The resinous exudation or juice of Euphorbia resinifera. exported from Morocco. Euphorbia resinifera is a Cactus Grandiflorus cactus-like plant of the Euphorbiaceae.

but Euphorbium has, in addition, periodic cramp, writer's cramp, and convulsions with loss of consciousness. Most symptoms are agg. at night and in the morning. Rest agg., motion amel. Paralytic weakness in joints agg. on beginning to move. Painfulness of coccyx, agg. on rising from sitting. Heat agg.

cool applications amel. Touch agg.

Euphorbium gum resin contains about two-fifth of genuine resin. It is the juice of a thick-stemmed perennial plant which exude, when the plant is ripped open. Formerly it was chiefly obtained from the growing in the hottest part of Africa, now it is brought to us more frequently from the Canary Isles, being gathered from the .

When chewed, it first appears to be tasteless, but afterwards causes an extremely Causticum caustic burning, which is long continued, and can only be removed by rinsing the mouth with oil. The many species of Euphorbium seem to resemble each other closely as to their medicinal virtues.

Euphorbium has been much abused by surgeons of old, being sprinkled on in cases of caries of the bones and in other inactive cutaneous ulcers.

it is also still misused to torment men as an ingredient of the continually used vesicatories. It promises, however to become extremely useful, when internally applied, after having been prepared like other dry drugs in the manner peculiar to Homoeopathy. When used in high potencies and in minimal doses, it will accomplish much.

as may be seen from the pure symptoms a observed in healthy persons. It seems to deserve additional proving as to its pure symptoms.

Its action continues for several weeks, and its antidote is Camphora camphor. Whether lemon juice may be of use in counteracting some of it troublesome symptoms, is yet uncertain.


General summary from authors.

From application of Euphorbium peplus to face for freckles.

Observations. From local application.

Local effects of Euphorbium cyparissias.



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Effect of application to abdomen.

From local application.

The original has "caries."

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Third to sixth potency.


Mucous membranes




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