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Euphrasia Officinalis - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Eye Bright, Euphrasia, Eyebright, Euphr.

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HPUS indication of Euphrasia Officinalis: Eye irritation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Euphrasia Officinalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Weariness in the limbs, in the evening (first day),

Weary lassitude in the limbs and generally almost febrile condition (first day),

Weakness of the limbs, in the evening (sixth day),

Upper extremities

Sensation in the arms as if they had fallen asleep,

Dull pain in the right upper and forearm, extending to the fingers, in the afternoon (sixth day),


Sticking pain in the right shoulder-joint, in the afternoon (sixth day),


Stitches in the right upper arm (first day),

A benumbing stitch in the left upper arm (after half an hour),


Rheumatic drawing and sticking in the right elbow, wrist, and hand, which latter is hotter than the left, with distended veins; the painful sensation extends to the middle finger and thumb, then suddenly jumps to the larynx, more to the left side, and then suddenly returns to the hand, in the evening (first day),

Dull tearing in the elbow and wrist-joints (after two hours),


Pain in the right forearm and hand, as from being asleep (after one hour and a half),

Some dull stitches in the forepart of the left forearm close to the wrist (after thirteen hours),


Paralyzed sensation in the right wrist, extending to the elbow (third day),

Pain like a cramp in the wrists, lasting half an hour (after twenty-four hours),


The hands fall asleep (first night),

Very piercing-pinching pain on the back of the hand (after three hours),

Cramplike pain in the metacarpus,

Pain like a cramp, alternately violent and slight in the metacarpus, lasting half an hour (after one hour),

Cramplike pressive pain in the left hand, changing to cramplike pressing pain in the fingers,


Numbness of the thumb, index, and middle finger of the right hand, and also of the parts affected by writers' cramp, immediately on going out (second day),

Numbness of the right index and middle fingers (third day),

Numbness of the right index finger, so that she lost her needle (first day),

Deadness of the fingers of the right hand (first day),

Pain, as from being asleep, in the phalanges and finger-joints, more towards the outer side (after one hour and a half),

Pinching pain in the fingers of the left hand for three or four minutes, while sitting, at 9 A.M. (fifty-seventh day),

Pinching pain in the first (metacarpal) phalanx of the index finger (after three hours),

Cramplike pain in the fingers, especially in the finger-joints of the left hand (after one hour and a half),

Lower extremities


Stitches in the left hip-joint, while walking,


Pain in the adductor of the right thigh, while walking and sitting, lasting the whole day (and for several days), entirely corresponding with the pain she had had nine months previously when she pushed with the foot something standing on the ground (second day),

Much pain in the right thigh and right glutaei, a pain as if some one had applied burning tinder to the part (seventh day),

A mixture of sticking and burning in the fascia lata of the left thigh (fourth day),

Stitches in the right nates (twenty-sixth day),

Violent needlelike stitch in the posterior portion of the thighs, only when standing (after half an hour),

Violent needlelike stitches in the anterior muscles of the right thigh, while standing (after half an hour),


Weariness in the knees, as from a long walk (after four hours),

Painful tension in the tendons under the knee, while walking; they feel too short, so that walking is difficult (after three hours),

Jerking sticking in the left knee, while walking,


Pain drawing upward and downward in the periosteum in front of the left tibia, while sitting (after two hours and a half),

Tension extending from the outer malleolus, near the tendo Achillis, to the calf, while walking and sitting,

Cramplike pain in the calf, with feeling of heaviness, on standing a long time (after two hours and a half),

Constant boring stitches in the tibiae from below upward (after one hour and a half),


Cracking in the external left malleolus, while stepping,


Painless numbness of the left foot (not a falling asleep, with an unpleasant sensation when the circulation returned), (first day),

Sticking pain in the ball of the right foot for three or four minutes, frequently repeated, and becoming a slight burning while sitting, in the afternoon (twenty-sixth day),

Extremely violent sticking in one heel (which had been frozen four years previously) in the beginning of the night, lasting an hour; (this heel had been serviceable as a barometer, always giving indication of a change of weather, which, however, was not the cause of this pain), (first day),

Violent lancinating stitches in the left os calcis, at 6 P.M., while sitting, lasting four or five minutes (first day),


Stitches in the left great toe, while walking (twenty-sixth day),

Very transient but violent stitch in the left great toe, in the evening (twelfth day),

Tickling crawling in the left toes; the place is painful after rubbing (after two hours),

Very weary during the day, and he was unable to sleep at night lying in bed before 2 o'clock, for three nights in succession,

Weakness, lasting into the night (fifth day).

Such great weakness of the whole body, especially of the lower limbs, that he is obliged to make unusual exertion while walking, the whole day (third day),

Great uneasiness at night; with much desire to urinate (first night),

Tossing here and there at night, the bed seemed harder than usual and I could find no place to rest (third night),

Weak feeling, as after fasting (third day),

General feeling of prostration, in the morning (second day),

Pain in the adductors (eighth day),

Pain in the right adductors (fifth day),

Stitches in various parts of the body, especially in the adductors of the right thigh and last phalanx of the finger which carries the thimble, and which she had violently bruised a few weeks previously (second day),

Some stitches here and there in the body (from 6th dil.),

Some stitches in the muscles, with lachrymation and contractive feeling in the right eye (from 30th dil.),

Some stitches constantly jumping about in the hands, spine, arms, legs, and genitals (first day),

Bruised sensation in the morning (second day),

Symptoms of Euphrasia are especially removed by coffee,

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