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Euphrasia Officinalis - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Eye Bright, Euphrasia, Eyebright, Euphr.

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HPUS indication of Euphrasia Officinalis: Eye irritation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Euphrasia Officinalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Vessels running through the white of the eye nearly to the cornea,


Dryness of the eyes (third day),

Distressing dryness of the eyes, as though he had lost his sleep,

The eyes are pained by the glare of light, as after insufficient sleep,

While writing the eyes become very painful, is obliged to stop; on fixing the eyes upon any object for a long time vision vanishes and the eyes begin to water profusely (twenty-sixth day),

Burning in the eyes, with lachrymation, lasting till noon (half an hour after dose, fourth day),

Burning in the right and then also in the left eye; on exertion by reading the letters run together; the burning of the right eye continues for an hour, in the left it ceases sooner (sixth day),

Slight itching tension, now in one, now in the other eye, mostly in the upper lid, which on scratching becomes a slight burning (sixth day),

Contractive sensation in the eyes from both sides, especially in the upper lids, obliging him to wink frequently, in the evening (after ten hours),

Pressure in both eyes, as if he was sleepy,

Pressure in both eyes, compelling me to blink frequently (ninth day),

Pressure in the eyes, with frequent winking as from twinging in the eyes, better in the dark (fifth day),

Pressure and violent lachrymation of the right eye, in the morning and evening (fifth day),

Violent pressure in the right eye, in bed, about 11 P.M. (fourth day),

Violent pressure in the left eye, with lachrymation; it again seemed weaker and smaller (after one drachm),

Violent pressure in the right eye, extending from the inner canthus, with much lachrymation; therewith the lids seem smaller, the pupil dimmer, and the eye seems cold; this condition lasts an hour and then affects the left eye, but in a slighter degree (first day),

Sleepy, dry pressure in both eyes, aggravated by neither bright daylight nor by looking at the fire,

Contractive pressure in the eye on walking in the open air,

Pressive sensation in both eyes, as when trying to keep awake (after two hours),

Feeling as though some one were pressing upon the eyes, disappearing after a nap, at 2 P.M. (first day),

Stitches in the right eye (first day),

Biting in the eyes at times; biting water runs from them,

Frequent burning biting in the eyes, obliging frequent winking, relieved by increased lachrymation, at noon (sixth day),

Itching in both eyes, lasting several minutes (after four hours, first day),

Itching of the left eye (fifth day),

Itching of the eyes on going out, obliging frequent winking and wiping of the eyes, with increased lachrymation in the afternoon (third day),

Brow and Orbit.

Tearing above the right eye, extending into the middle of the forehead and becoming a pressure (fourth day),

Pressive pain in both upper orbital regions, with pain in the eyes; lachrymation relieved the symptoms, at 6 P.M. (second day),


Redness and swelling of the margins of the lids, especially of the left, with at times itching-burning in them; with increased watery secretion (tenth day),

Margins of the lids somewhat red, with increased sensation of dryness in them (fourth day),

Slight swelling of the ciliary margin (third day),

Slight, scarcely noticed swelling of the ciliary margin of the lids, with a feeling of dryness, lasting a week after the proving,

Dry mucus in the canthi (after thirteen hours),

Dry matter in the inner canthi, even during the day,

Frequent blinking, like a kind of twitching in the eyes (fourth day),

Frequent blinking, as from twinging in the eyes, during the day (sixth day),

Frequently obliged to blink, with at times a kind of twinging pain in the eyes, lasting several minutes, then ceasing for three or four hours, in the morning (second day),

Frequent inclination to blink (fifth day),

Jerking together of the upper and lower lids,

Great dryness of the lids, as also of the nose, so that for the last four or five days he has not even obliged to use a handkerchief (ninth day); increasing and becoming distressing (eighteenth day),

Burning in the margins of the lids (third day),

Burning of the margins of the lids, with a sensation as if they were swollen, especially in the forenoon (ninth day),

The burning and swelling of the ciliary margin, with the distressing sensation of dryness have increased (nineteenth day),

Burning and swelling of the margins of the lids, especially in the morning on waking, lasting till towards 11 A.M.; it seems as though he saw through a mist (fifth day); with redness (sixth day),

Burning and tension in the margins of the lids, especially in the canthi, in the morning on waking (fourth day),

Slight burning in the margins of the lids, as from too little sleep (second day),

Slight burning in the margins of the lids, alternating with some itching (first day),

Violent burning still continues in the ciliary margin, together with frequently noticed dryness; the eyes still continue very sensitive to the light and the margins somewhat swollen and red (sixty-third day),

Distressing burning in the margins of the lids (twenty-sixth day),

Tension in the margins of the lids as from too little sleep, with slight burning in them (seventh day),

Distressing pressure in both lids, while looking at the reflection of the moon on the curtains, without weariness, while completely awake, at 11 P.M., in bed (third day),

The lids are constantly sensitive and swollen, also the eyes do not seem so wide open as usual (fifty-third day),

Pain in the left canthus, which seems protruded and cold; together with stitches in the eyeball and a feeling of pressure in it (second day),

Feeling of tension in the external canthi of both eyes (third day),

Painful pressure in the left inner canthus; with lachrymation (after twenty-four hours),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation, in the morning (eighth day),

Running from the eyes, so that he is almost blind,


Feeling as though the cornea were covered with much mucus; it obscures his vision and obliges him to frequently close and press the lids together; in the morning (fourth day),

Burning and tension, with pressive fulness and heat in the right eyeball, without increased lachrymation; *the lids were swollen and red, in the forenoon (twentieth day),

Very violent stitches in the eyeball (after eleven hours),

Vision bad, in the evening (from 6th dil.),

Vision somewhat dim, as through a veil, in the evening (fourth day); continues so (fifteenth day),

Dimness of vision on looking at a distance, the whole day,

Dimness of vision by candlelight (seventh day),

Obscuration of the eyes, so that for half an hour he was unable to clearly distinguish objects; everything seemed enveloped in a mist and to move; these disappeared after three-quarters of an hour, and gave place to the usual burning (one hour after rising), (forty-eighth day),

Obscuration of vision for distant objects, while walking in the open air, for three days (after one hour and a half),

The right eye became so weak and obscured that she feared she would not be able to sew; after some minutes a stitch extending from the forehead out of the same eye, followed by disappearance of the obscuration (first day),

Diseased eyes; he was made almost blind,

The light seems dim,

The light seems to vary, sometimes burning brightly, sometimes, dimly,

Eyes sensitive to the candlelight, in the evening (third day),

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