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Ferrum Metallicum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iron, Ferrum, Ferr.

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HPUS indication of Ferrum Metallicum: Weakness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ferrum Met in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(1 to 11, from Hahnemann). 1, Hahnemann, Mat. Med. Pura, vol. 2; 2, Fr. H-n., ibid.; 3, Gross, ibid.; 4, Rasazemsky, ibid.; 5, Harcke, in Hufel. Journ., xxv, not found (Hughes); 6, Lentin, Beitr., vol. 1, p. 75, symptoms not found (Hughes); 7, Nebel und Wepfer, Diss. de Méd. Chalyb., Heidelb., 1711, not accessible (Hughes); 8, Ritter, in Hufel. Journ., xxvi, I, effects of Pyrmont and Schwalbach waters; 9, Scherer, in Hufel. Journ., iii, D. 620, effects of Iron given in chorea; 10, Schmidt-Müller, in Horn's Archive, 9, 2, from finest powdered Iron (Hahnemann); 11, Zacchioli, in Kuhn's Magazin für Arzneim., 1, 1794, from a few grains of Iron filings (Nos. 10 and 11, not accessible, -Hughes); 12, Provings by the Amer. Provers' Union (Drs. Cox, Dubbs, Howards, Pehrson, Duffield, Miller, Negerdanke, Payne, Raue, and Mr. Koller), "with triturations and dilutions from the first dec. to thirtieth cent., and one with the 200th dil. of Jenichen;" no day-books nor details furnished; 13, Petruschky, aged 21, took 6 drs. and 2 scruples of Liq. ferri acet., within fifteen days, in doses of 4 to 24 drops, four times a day; Loeffler's provings, Bernardi and Loeffler's Zeit., 1847 (from Frank's Mag., 4, 161); 14, Loeffler, aged 31, took 1 oz. and 3 drs., in twenty-five days, in doses of 10 to 25 drops, three times a day; then 30 drops, four times a day, followed by a pause of four days, and then commencing with 1 drop, and increasing 1 drop each dose, ibid.; 15, Rast, aged 25, took 1 oz. in doses of 2 to 26 drops, four times a day, ibid.; 16, Sturm, aged 21, took 2 ozs., in twenty-five days, in doses of 5 to 30 drops, ibid.; 17, Herzer, aged 20, took 1 1/2 oz., in doses of 5 to 40 drops, ibid.; 18, Abel (omitted, not in good health); 19, Dr. Alb took 60th dil. first day, at 5 A.M. and 10 P.M.; third day, at 7.30 A.M. and 11.30 P.M.; afterwards 10 drops of 20th dil.; Z. f. Ver. Hom. Aetz. Oest., 2, 213; 20, Dr. Laa took 1 grain of 1st trit., ibid.; 21, same, a proving on a healthy woman with 1st trit.; 22, Dr. Gonzaler, chronic poisoning of a lady by different preparations of Iron prescribed for general debility, El Criterior Med., 10, 273 (L'Hahnemannisme, 2, 435); 23, Dr. Knorre, effect of 1 grain of 3d dil. of Ferr. carb., A. H. Z., 6, p. 35; 24, v. Schroff.


Ferrum, The element.

Common names, Iron; Eisen.

Preparation, Triturations of pure metallic iron; solutions of the Acetate and triturations of the Carbonate.

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