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Formica Rufa - General symptoms

Myrmexine, Crushed Live Ants, Formica Form.

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HPUS indication of Formica Rufa: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Formica Rufa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sudden and unexpected return of sense of mortification and grief, with vivid recollection of circumstances long since passed, which had caused great mortification and pain, and which had rendered several years of his life unhappy.

this was caused by the transactions of a near relative.

this grief continues, and manifests itself whenever he is not occupied (after several weeks),.

The pains in the back and hips have increased, they are of a sharp shooting character, shooting down the thighs.

also shooting pains in shoulders and down the arms to the hands and fingers, a sensation of pricking over the skin in the region of the pain.

the pain is more on the left than right side (one hour after fourth dose, first day),.

At 5 P.M. very severe attack of pain across the sacrum and dorsum of each ilium.

every movement caused very severe pain.

could only rise with great difficulty from the chair, or walk, or move my body in any way.

the sensation was as if the muscles were strained, and on the point of being torn from their attachment.

much pain for awhile after going to bed (twelfth day),.

The alternation of wakefulness and sleep has continued at night with great regularity.

from the eighth day to the fifteenth there has been regular alternations of sleepless nights and profound sleep.

one night getting to sleep with great difficulty, and waking often during the night.

the next night the sleep would be quiet and profound,.

A Brunswick sausage, which had become somewhat mouldy, was left in his sleeping-room, and perhaps caused the following dream.

he saw a funeral procession, with a large coffin and many smaller ones.

the persons had died from scarlet fever.

the procession almost came up with him, and stopped at the street corner.

as he attempted to get out of the way of the wind, which blew towards him from the procession, he woke up (fourth night),.

In four hours, pink, flat, spreading swelling of bitten part, with itching.

the swelling increased, so that it felt tender on bending the wrist.

then the swelling went up arm, bright red, like erysipelas, with itching.

the swelling pitted on pressure, leaving a white indentation, with crimson areola.

itching in wrist at this time.

the swelling was relieved by warm bathing, and the itching by Arnica Arnica,.

Menses appeared eight days too soon, rather scanty and pale, with bearing-down pain in the back (third day).

same, discharge darker (fourth day).

the menses continue, with a crampy pain through the hip-joint and pelvis (fifth day).

the discharge becomes scanty and pale again.

the pain in the back is diminishing (sixth day).

all the symptoms have ceased (eighth day),.

An Arthritic medicine. Gout and articular rheumatism; pains worse, motion; better, pressure. Right side most affected. Chronic gout and stiffness in joints. Acute outbursts of gouty poisons, especially when assuming the neuralgic forms. Tuberculosis, carcinoma, and lupus; chronic nephritis. Complaints from overlifting. Apoplectic diseases. Has a marked deterrent influence on the formation of polypi.

Sudden rheumatic or gouty pains Takes cold easily



Light, foaming stools

Hydrops ovarii

Nervous asthma

Hives, in flat plaques

Profuse sweat, without relief

Formica rufa. The Ant. N. O. Hymenoptera. Tincture from crushed live ants. Contains formic acid (HCO, OH).

Formica causes many rheumatic and gouty pains.

the pains appear suddenly, and dart from place to place left, then right.

right, then left. The spinal cord is affected, paralyses and spasms occurring. Sensation as if brain too heavy and large. Sensation as if a bubble burst in forehead. It is of use "in all kinds of apoplectic diseases. It strengthens the brain" (Hering). Cooper has given the 3x with success in cases of weakness of lower extremities. J. W. Thomson (H. P., xvi. 32) reports the case of a gentleman, aged 84, who had severe neuralgic pains between posterior of right ear and centre of occiput. From this he apparently recovered. Eighteen months later he returned with a steady, sore, and burning pain in same region.

swollen and tender around, but especially behind, right ear. He could only sleep in one comfortable position, which he could not describe, but only knew when he found it.

and he must be covered up warmly behind right ear and between that and occiput and neck.

all right side. Better from taking right hand and rubbing gently behind right ear. Sweat afforded no relief.

the whole head seemed to sympathise with the distress.

he had dribbling of urine. Formica rufa was given, six doses, one before each meal. On the second day, towards evening, he felt worse, and on the third day there were twinges and spasms of severe pain in addition to the sore pain which he had before experienced. These gradually got better, and on the fourth day even the soreness was much better. The main thing, however, was that he felt mentally better.

said his mind and head felt stronger, and from feeling depressed he had become cheerful, and life did not seem the burden it had for some time past. Hering gives as an indication for Formic acid "Burning pain, burning from washing.

renewed burning from cold washing." Symptoms are amel. after midnight. Motion agg.

also sitting. Hot irons amel. pain in neck. amel. By rubbing.

by combing hair. Cold water application agg. (headache; burning pains). Great liability to take cold.

consequences of cold and wet.

cold bathing. damp weather. Clammy skin.

disagreeable sweat during night.

sweat without relief.


Sixth to thirtieth attenuation.


Apoplexy. Brain, affections of. Bruises. Chorea. Cough. Diarrhoea. Dislocations. Dropsies. Eyes, affections of. Facial paralysis. Foot-sweat, checked, consequence of. Gout. Hair, falling out. Headaches. Nodes. Overlifting, complaints from. Paralysis. Rheumatism. Sight, affections of. Spine, affections of. Spleen, pain in. Throat, sore.






Right side