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Gastein - Chest symptoms


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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gastein in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressive pain in the chest (tenth day),

Oppression of the chest,

Oppression of the chest (secondary),

Pressive pains on the sternum, painful even to touch,

The pectoral muscles are painful to the weight of the jacket,



When reading the voice is very husky, with dryness of the throat (fifteenth day),

Some hoarseness, in the evening (twenty-third day),

Hoarseness, always after drinking the warm waters,

Heart and pulse

Pressive pain in the region of the heart, in the evening (eleventh day),


Pulse becomes rapid but not full nor hard,

Pulse more rapid, full, stronger (after a few hours),

Pulse 125 after a bath, half an hour later it was 90,

Pulse accelerated, during the first twenty minutes 15 beats; falling 5 beats after the bath, as for example, previous to the bath 95; in the bath 110 to 112; twenty minutes after the bath 106, to 104, at noon 100; at 1.30, 106; at 6 P.M., 95; at midnight, 90,

After a meal or on ascending a slight height the pulse is accelerated to 100, towards evening was 80 (third day),

Pulse rises in the bath to 80; after the bath falls to 64 (second day),

Pulse rises in the bath scarcely 4 beats (fifteenth day),

Pulse 80, towards evening; 68 and intermittent (after the vapor, eighth day),

Pulse retarded from 80 to 66, weak and intermittent (third and after vapor),

Pulse was slower after the bath, four beats below the normal (seventeenth day),

Pulse becomes stronger,

Febrile, full and hard pulse,

Pulse weak (from the vapor, fifth day),

Intermitting pulse (on inhalation of the vapor),

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