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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Geoffroya in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Geoffroya vermifuga of Martin's.

Authority. (Berridge Collection in New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. xi, p. 306), Mr. Pechett, Arch. der Pharm., 1851, p. 226, quoted in Pharm. Journ., 1852, vol. xi, p. 83, effects of the seeds.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Geoffroya

MER > appendix
1, Dr. Geo. N. Edwards, St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Resp., 1865, p. 141, a man (who sometimes had epileptic fits) was engaged in the preparation of Mercuric methide; 2, same, T. S., employed in same business.

Maland > skin
A few small pustules appeared on the left arm near the site of infantile vaccination, some days after a dose of Malandrinum 200 - Geo H Clark

Bell > appendix
(242 to 254, from Dr. Dufresne's collection, Bib. Hom., vol. i, 1833, p. 319.) 242, Wade, Lond. Med. Journ., 1827; 243, Ramve, Act. Reg. Soc. Med. Havn., vol. ii, p. 346 244, Jolly, Nouv. Bib. Med., 1828, effects of 44 grains of the extract; 245, Dufresne's observations; 246, Darlac, Journ. de Med. de Vandermond, 1759; 247, Smith, Journ. de Chim. Med., 1827, poisoning by the berries; 248, Munnicks, Bib. Ther., 1823, poisoning of seven children; 249, Strecker, Rust's Mag., vol. xxv, 1828, effects of a solution of the extract rubbed into the skin with oil, in a woman in labor; 250, Brandis, Archiv, vol. xxviii, p. 52; 251, Lemercier; 252, Hecker's Annals; 253, Kentel, Hufeland's Journ.; 254, Remer, ibid., vol. x; 255, (Nouv. Biblioth. Med.), Lancet, 1828-9 (1), p. 45, a man, aged forty-six, swallowed 44 grains of the powder; 256, Lancet, 1846 (2), p. 251, a man ate a tart made of the berries; 257, ibid., effect on a child; 258, Pharm. Journ., vol. vi, 1847, p. 174, a man, aged thirty-four years, and a child, aged three years, ate a pie made of the berries; 259, Dr. Lyman, Bost. Med. and Sur. Journ., vol. lv. 1856, p. 451, a woman aged twenty-nine, wore a Bell. plaster for several days; 260, Wm. Jenner, M.D., Med. Times and Gaz., 1856 (2), p. 513, a man applied a Bell. plaster to his back, which was covered with pustules; 261, James Seaton, Med. Times and Gaz., 1859 (2), p. 551, poisoning of ten persons by the berries; 262, Dr. Golding, Lancet, 1859 (2), p. 560, a boy, aged ten years, swallowed a mixture of extract with water; 263, ibid., a boy, aged ten years, took a teaspoonful of the undiluted tincture; 264, Dr. H. Thompson, Lancet, 1859 (2), p. 561, poisoning of a child, aged seven years, by the extract; 265, Geo. W. Quimby, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. lviii, 1857, p. 389, took nearly a teaspoonful of the pure extract in its pasty state, in two-thirds of a tumbler or water; 266, G. T. Evans, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1861, p. 305, a girl, aged nine years, ate four berries; 267, Dr. Frazer, Lancet, 1865 (2), p. 536, a girl, aged eighteen years, applied the extract to her breasts; 268, H. Taylor, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1869 (2), p. 555, a young man swallowed about a drachm of the extract dissolved in half a teacupful of warm water; 269, Dr. Beddoe, Lancet, 1870 (2), p. 83, a woman, aged sixty-six, swallowed about a teaspoonful of Bell, liniment; 270, Chas. W. Parsons, M.D., Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. lxxxvi, 1872, p. 384, a boy aged four years, took within one hour and three-quarters, 6 grains of extract; 271, Sharps's Essays, 1874, p. 770; 272, Dr. s. Ringer, Lancet, 1876 (1), p. 347, a man, aged sixty-four years, drank about 2 drachms of liniment; 273, ibid., a girl, aged four years, drank over 1/2 an ounce; 274, Dr. A. Colton, U. S. Med. Invest., New Series, vol. iv, 1876, p. 314, poisoning of six children by the berries; 275, ibid., p. 315, a girl, aged two years, drank about one-fourth of a glass of water containing 4 drops of tincture; 276, John Meredith, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1876 (2), p. 678, a woman, aged fifty years, swallowed some liniment; 277, H. L. Horton. M.D., Phila. Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. xxxiv, 1876, p. 464, an infant swallowed 45 grains of extract; 278, H. F. Smith, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1877 (1), p. 259, a man, aged seventy, with commencing orchitis, applied a liniment on lint to the scrotum; 279, Dr. Thomas, Am. Journ. of Obs., 1877, p. 298, poisoning of a woman from the application of the extract to a rigid os; 280, Alfred Cooper, Brit. Med. Journ., 1877 (1), p. 164, poisoning of a man from the application of the extract to the scrotum; 281, J. D. Whitley, M.D., Chicago Med. Journ. and Exam., vol. xxxv, 1877, p. 271, a child, aged three years and a half swallowed a teaspoonful of extract; 282, J. N. Smith, M.D., Med. Rec., vol. xii, 1877, p. 397, for an attack of trifacial neuralgia, took 1/2 grain of alcoholic extract, thrice daily; 283, F. A. Burrall, M.D., Med. Rec., vol. xii, 1877, p. 431, Mrs. W., applied a Bell. plaster upon her right side; 284, John Dewar, Lancet, 1878 (1), p. 18, a woman inserted a pessary containing 2 grains of Bell. into her vagina; 285, E. L. Parks, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xcviii, 1878, p. 551, a man aged twenty-eight years, took 1 drachm of extract at 2 P.M., and 1 1/4 drachms at 4 P.M.

Camph > appendix
72, Wm. Alexander, M.D., Exper. Essays, London, 1770; 73, Jas. L. Brooks, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xix, 1838, p. 397, Miss B. took a dessertspoonful of a strong solution; 74, Mr. Clark, Lancet, 1842-3 (1), p. 300, a man, aet. thirty-nine years, ate about 35 grains of powdered C.; 75, Dr. O. E. Brown, West. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1847, Mr. A., ate bits of gum C. during an evening; 76, J. H. Beech, M.D., Penn. Journ. of Med., Feb., 1855, p. 367, a man, aet. fifty years, swallowed a quantity of nearly saturated alcoholic tinct.; 77, T. P. M., Lancet, 1857 (1), p. 384, a young lady, aet. eighteen years, swallowed a piece of the size of a marble; 78, A. Legat, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1875 (1), p. 242, a young lady, aet. twenty years, took a few drops of a solution; 79, Geo. Johnson, Brit. Med. Journ., 1875 (1), p. 272, a boy, aet. fourteen years, took about 15 drops of hom. C., for a cold; 80, ibid., p. 171, a lady, aet. thirty-five years, took 7 drops of hom. sol. of C. on sugar; 81, ibid., a young lady took 25 drops for a cold; 82, ibid., a man took eight doses of 3 drops each, within forty minutes; 83, W. Thursfield, M.D., Lancet, 1875 (2), p. 825, a child, just recovering from a fever, was given half an ounce of C. liniment; 84, New Remedies, 1876, p. 85, a lad, aet. thirteen years, ate two pieces of C. (about 120 grains); 85, omitted; 86, Geo. Johnson, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1877 (1), p. 607, a man, aet. eighteen years, took within six hours seven hours seven doses of three drops each, of hom. C. on sugar; 87, Chas. Hallet, Lancet, 1841-2 (2), p. 891, a woman, aet. thirty years, took about a scruple dissolved in rectified spirit of wine.

Carb-s > appendix
24 to 47, A. Delpech, Nouv. Recherches sur l'Intoxication Spéciale que détermine le Sulfure de Carbone l'Industrie du Caoutchouc Soufflé, Paris, 1863, twenty-four new cases among workers in rubber factories; 48, J. B. Tavera, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1865, a woman worker in a rubber factory; 49, same, case of a man; 50 to 52, Gourdon, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1867, effects on men; 53 to 55, Abel Marché, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1876; (56 and 57, Berridge, Collection in Appendix in Brit. Journ. of Hom.); 56, Wutzer and Pellengham, Journ. de Chim. (Lancet, 1830-1 (2), 329), general effects; 57, Dr. Geo. Kennison, Med. Times and Gaz., 1868 (2), 77, effects of external application; 58, Dr. Davidson, ibid., 1878 (2), 350, W. G., aet. thirty-three years, took a quantity.

Chlol > appendix
1, Dr. W. Eggert, proving with 72 grains on a lady, Hahn. Month., 6, 22; 2, ibid., proving with 30 and 55 grains; 3, Dr. S. Swan, proving with repeated doses of the 200th dil., Med. Invest., 9, 547; 4, Dr. D. A. Babcock's provings, Inaug. Thesis, N. Y. Hom. Med. Coll., 1874, 6th dec. trit., frequently repeated doses; 5, ibid., proving with 15 grains crude drug; 6, ibid., proving with 1/10th, repeated doses; 7, ibid., proving with 2 grains crude; 8, ibid., proving on G. A. T.; 9, ibid., proving on P. H. M.; 10, ibid., proving on Mr. B.; 11, ibid., proving on Mr. B. with 6th dil.; 12, ibid., proving on Miss R. with 15th trit.; 13, J. B. Andrews, experiments, Am. J. of Insanity, July, 1871; 14, F. E. Anstie, cases of poisoning, Practitioner, 12, 104; 15, Crichton Browne, effects on patients, Practitioner, June, 1873; 16, Dyce Brown, action on skin of 5 grains, thrice daily, in hooping-cough, Month. Hom. Rev., 15, 347; 17, ibid., effects of 10 grains, thrice daily, in a young lady; 18, E. T. Blake, effects of ordinary doses, B. J. of Hom., 1871; 19, Dr. Cairns, proving, 1 drachm (first night), 2 drachms (second night), 3 drachms (third night), Ed. Med. Jour., 1870, p. 375; 20, Dr. Curshman, effect on larynx in a patient, Practitioner, June, 1873, p. 364; 21, H. Derby, experience, with doses of 30 to 75 grains, in eye and ear infirmary, Bost. Med. and Surg. J., Dec. 1869; 22, Geo. Dabbs, effect of 20 grains, taken twice in half an hour, Med. Times and Gaz., 1870, p. 435; 23, Drasche, effects on a man with fracture of lower leg, Monograph on Chloral, 1869 (A. H. Z., M. B., 21, 15); 24, ibid., effects of half a drachm; 25, ibid., effect of 40 grains; 26, ibid., effect of 45 grains; 27, effect of 2 scruples in a student, ibid.; 28, G. S. Elliott, effect of 40-grain doses on self, taken experimentally, Lancet, 1870, p. 786; 29, G. T. Elliott, chronic effects of at least 200 grains every twenty-four hours for months, Lancet, May, 1873; 30, A. Fraser, effect on conjunctiva of 30 grains daily, Month. H. Rev., 15, 347; 31, Husband, effect on skin of 20-grain doses daily for eight days, and then 30-grain doses twice daily for 5 days, Practitioner, June, 1873; 32, Kirn, effect in patients, Practitioner, June, 1873; 33, Levinstein, poisoning by 4 drachms (Wien Med. Clin.), N. Y. J. of H., 2, 344; 34, H. J. Manning, effects on a monomaniac, Lancet, May, 1873; 35, R. J. McKay, tox. by 5 drachms in four hours, N. Y. Med. Rec., 1870, p. 284; 36, Wm. K. Murphy, chronic effects on female with affection fo bladder (20 grains at night, and finally 150 grains a day for six months), Lancet, August, 1873; 37, ibid., effects on sleepless female of 40 grains at bedtime, increasing by 20 grains to 120 grains in twelve hours for four months; 38, ibid., on sleepless female, 60 to 70 grains a day for two years; 39, ibid., on sleepless young man, taken from a bottle "by guess" for eighteen months; 40, Nicol and Mossop, observation with the ophthalmoscope on selves, after 10 grains to a drachm, Br. and F. Med.-Chir. Rev., July, 1872; 41, J. Fred. Plumley, general effects, Lancet, Feb. 1870; 42, Thos. S. Ralph, microscopic appearance of blood after small doses, Month. Mic. Journ., 6, 78; 43, J. V. Laborde, Archiv., Gén. d. Méd., Dec. 1869, effects on healthy men of progressive doses of 1 to 2 grammes daily; 44, J. Russell Reynolds, tox. from 10 grains, increased to 50 or 60, N. Am. J. of H., N. S., 5, 115; 45, O. H. Leeds, tox. from doses of 20 grains, Am. J. M. S., Jan. 1872; 46, N. R. Smith. Bost. M. and S. J., 1871 (affection of skin); 47, Dr. Snell, tox. from solution of 1 ounce, Phila. Med. Times, 5, 812; 48, J. H. Sherman, effects of half an ounce, N. E. Med. Gaz., Sept. 1874; 49, Schule, general statement of effects on patients, Practitioner, June, 1873; 50, J. K. Warren, fatal poisoning by greater part of one ounce, N. E. Med. Gaz., 6, 120; 51, effects of 9 grains, N. Y. Med. J., 16, 332; 52, effects of 7 1/2 grains on a woman, aged 68, suffering from goitre and tumultuous action of heart; 53, experiment with 2 scruples, A. Hom. Obs., 1870, p. 293; 54, effect of 7 drachms, Am. H. Obs., 1870, p. 472; 55, effect of 15 grains, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 5, 115; 56, J. R. Reading, effects on a healthy man, N. Am. J., N. S., 5, 114; 57, effects, N. Am. J. Hom., N. S., 5, 114; 58, Dr. Oehme, effects of 5 grains for toothache, El. Crit. Med., 1874 (Raue, Rec., 1875).

Con > appendix
65, Geo. G. Sigmond, M.D., Lancet, 1836-7 (2), p. 647, Bergius speaks of some children who ate the root; 66, ibid., effects on a man; 67, Dr. Bouchardat, Répertoire de Pharm., August, 1850 (Chemist, London, 1850-51, p. 141), a young woman swallowed a strong dose of the juice; 68, X. Landerer, Pharm. Journ., Third Ser., vol. vi, 1875, p. 496, effect of chewing a small piece of the root; 69, E. W. Berridge. U. S. Med. Invest., New Ser., vol. iv, 1876, p. 574, Mr. --- took 10 drops of tinct. in water (first day); 20 drops (third day).

Gels > fever and chill
35, W. F. Hani, Chicago Med. Journ., vol. xxv, 1868, p. 760, fatal poisoning of a child, aet. eighteen months, by an unknown quantity of the fluid extract; 36, A. E. Hardin, Rich. and Louis. Med. Journ., June, 1873, p. 621, Dr. J. took about a tablespoonful of the tincture; 37, Dr. Freeman, Lancet, 1873 (2), p. 475, a boy, aet. three years, took about 50 minims of the tincture (1 in 5), and died; 38, same, a girl, aet. nine years, took a dessertspoonful of the tincture, and died in two hours; 39, omitted; 40, R. N. Taylor, M.D., Rich. and Louis. Med. Journ., 1875 (1), p. 609, a negro, aet. nineteen years took 15 drops of fluid extract at one dose upon an empty stomach; 41, same, the writer took 5 drops of the fluid extract, and in two hours 10 drops more; 41a, second experiment; 42, same, a boy, aet. nineteen years, took 12 drops of the fluid extract; 43, Ringer and Murrell, Lancet, 1876 (1), p. 661, and (2), p. 569, seventeen observations on six persons; 44, Geo. S. Courtright, M.D., Cincin. Lancet and Obs., vol. xix, 1876, p. 961, Dr. Bennett, suffering from urticaria, took by mistake 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of the tincture, and a little wiskey, cured by Morphia used hypodermically; 45, Dr. Brewster, Hahn. Month., vol. xi, 1876, Mrs. V. took before breakfast a teaspoonful of a strong decoction of the root; 46, W. Sinkler, M.D., Philad. Med. Times, vol. viii, 1878, p. 150, Mrs. T., aet. forty-nine years, took for neuralgia four doses of 5 drops each of the fluid extract; 47, Ringer and Murrell, Lancet, 1878 (1), p. 858, Dr. J. B. Hill relates the case of five men taking from half a pint to a pint of the tincture each; 48, same, ibid., p. 892, a woman, aet. from twenty-five to thirty years, took 15 drops of the tincture; 49, J. G. Parsons, ibid., p. 953, G. G. P. swallowed about one drachm.

Kali-cy > appendix
24, E. Sandwell, Lancet, 1864 (2), p. 648, a child swallowed a drachm, dissolved in water, after a full meal; 25, Wm. Gillibrand, Lancet, 1876 (2), p. 223, a man, aet. thirty-five years, took between 50 and 60 grains; 26, A. H. Newth, M.D., Med. Times and Gaz., 1877 (1), p. 335, poisoning of a man; 27, Geo. F. Sonwers, M.D., Phil. Med. Times, vol. viii, 1877-8, p. 345, a photographer worked some days with it, both in substance and solution.

Lup > appendix
, Dr. Bethmann, A. H. Z., 10, 72, proving in a girl aged twenty-three, took tinct. 8 drops first day, 30 drops third and fifth days; 2, same, a girl, aged twenty-one, took 45 drops, and subsequently 100 drops; 3, same, a boy, aged five, took 25 drops of tinct.; 4, same, a man, aged thirty-four, took 1 drops of 2d dil.; 5, same, a man, took a teaspoonful of tinct.; 6, same, a man, took two teaspoonfuls; 7, Dr. Walter Jauncey, Lond. Med. Journ., 1858, p. 699, effects of large dose of "Lupuline;" 8, same, took repeated doses of Lupuline for six hours, 10 grains every half hour; 9, same, inclosed myself in a room where Lupuline was being distilled in an open retort; 10, same, effects in a man employed bagging or treading dried hops; 11, Bauman, Wurt. Corr. Bl., 1864 (S. J., 123, 165), poisoning of a child, aged twelve, from being several days in a room where they were picking hops; 12, Fronmüller, experiments on healthy persons, "Narkot. Arzneim.," 1869, Geo. D., took 1/2 an ounce of freshly powdered hops; 13, same, Geo. X., took 1/2 an ounce; 14, Schroff, "Lehrb.," effects of the air in a close room in which hops were stored.

Morph > appendix
(Nos. 1 to 99, from Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 1, 278, with critical annotations in brackets, by Dr. Hughes.) 1, Hahnemann; 2, Cubitz; 3, Gutmann; 4, Schoenike; 5, Stapf; 6, Act. Nat. Cur., IV, Obs. 145 (observation by Hasenest); 7, Eph. (not Act.) Nat. Cur., cent. I, Obs. 54 (from a large dose of "Theriaca," given to a child of six weeks, observation by Hoyer); 8, AEpli, Hufel. Journ., XXV, 3 (from mixture of opium and rhubarb, given to a baby for colic); 9, Alibert (not accessible); 10, Alpin, Med. AEgypt., IV, Cap. 1 (general statement as to Egyptian opium-eaters); 11, Alston (Essays and Obervations, Edinb., V, 93, observations); 12, Baglivi, Prax. Med., Lib. I, p. 65, from too many and too large doses (statement); 13, Bard, Diss. de vir. Op., Edinb., 1765 (p. 15, experiment on self with 1 1/2-grain doses); 14, Bauer, in Act. Nat. Cur., II (Obs. 93, observation); 15, Bautzmann, Misc. Nat. Cur. Dec., II, Ann. 8 (Obs. 44, observation); 16, Bellonius, Libr. 3, Obs. Cap., 15 (p. 431, from opium-eating); 17, Berger, de vi opii rare facient (general statement from authors); 18, Bergius, Mat. Med. (p. 458, general statement from authors); 18a, Boerhaave, praelect. (general statement); 19, Bohn, de officio med., p. 362 (symptoms not found); 20, Bonetus, Sepulcret. Anatom. lib. I, sect. 1, p. 214 (symptoms not found); 21, Borellus, Cen. 4, Obs. 57 (observation); 22, Büchner, diss. de Opio. Hal., 1748, § 45 (not accessible); 23, Büttner, Unterr. Ueber. d. Toedtlichk. d. Wunden (p. 204, observation); 24, Charas, Pharm. Reg. Chym., C. 51 (symptoms not found); 25, Chardin, Voyage en Perse, Amst., 1771, Tom. IV, p. 203, 204 (statements as to opium-eaters); 26, Charvet (Act. de l'Opium, Paris, 1826, experiments with various doses); 27, Clerk (In. Essays and Obs., Edinb., III, 121, poisoning of a man by 20 grains); 28, Clauder, Eph. Nat. Cur., Dec. II, Ann. 5, Obs. 178 (experiment with an extract prepared with sulphuric acid); 29, Cocq, in Stalpaart v. d. Wiel, Observ., cent. II, Obs. 41 (symptom not found); 30, Crumpe, Nature and Properties of Opium, 1793, effects of 1 grain of opium, taken in a teaspoonful of warm water, pulse 70, normal; 30a, from same, a healthy man took same dose, pulse 44, normal; 30b, Crumpe, took 2 1/2 grains of Opium, pulse 70; 31, Delacroix, Journ. de Méd., XXXIX, 1773, p. 313, from 2 grains, in a clyster, taken by a woman; 32, Eph. Nat. Cur., Dec. II, Ann. 10, Obs. 80 (should be Misc. Nat. Cur., statement); 33, Ettmüller, Diss. de vir. Opii Diaphor., Lips., 1694, Cap. I, § 5 (general statement); 34, Freind, Opera, Tom. I, Emmenol, p. 139 (general statement); 35, Garcias ab Horto, Hist. Aromat., I, Cap. 4 (observation); 36, de Garter, Med. Dogm., Cap. I (not accessible); 37, Geoffroy, Mat. Med., II (general statement); 38, Grimm, Act. Nat. Cur., III, Obs. 19 (experiments on self, with grain i-iij); 39, Guiand (not accessible); 40, Haller, Praelect. in Boerh. Inst., IV, p. 519 (general statement); 40a, Haller, de Part. Corp. Viritab. et Sensib., Sect. 2 (not found); 41, Hamberger, Diss. de Opio, Jen., 1749, § 16 (a general statement, cited from Geoffroy); 42, Hargens, Hufel. Journ., IX, 2 (observation on a patient); 43, Hecquet, Réflexions sur l'usage de l'Opium, Paris, 1726, p. 184 (not accessible); 44, omitted; 45, de Hellwich, Bresl. Samml., 1702 (not accessible); 46, Hist. de l'Acad. des Sc., 1735 (not accessible); 47, Hoffmann, Diss. de op. Opeii, Hal., 1700 (general statement); 47a, ibid., Diss. de Corr. Opii, Hal., 1702 (not accessible); 47b, ibid., Med. Rat. Syst., II (p. 273, general statement); 48, Hufel. Journ., VIII, 4, p. 134 (not found); 49, Hunter, uber d. vener. Krankh., p. 640 (observations on patients); 50, Joerdens, Hufel. Journ., XVII, 1 (observation on self when taking laudanum to procure sleep); 51, Jones, the Mysteries of Opium Revealed (observations); 52, Juncker and Böhmer, Diss. Sistens Casum. Matrone Largissimo usu Opii Tract., Hal., 1744 (not accessible); 53, Kämpfer, Amoen. exot. Fasc., III, Obs. 15 (observation on self in health); 54, Kilian, Med. Annal., 1800 (not accessible); 55, Knebel, Hufel. Journ., XXVI, 2 (p. 148, observation on a child with hooping-cough); 56, Lassus, Mem. de l'Inst. National des Sc. et Arts, Tom. II (from gr. 26, taken by a woman of sixty); 57, Leroux, Journ. de Méd. (from nearly a drachm, in a woman of fifty-one); 58, Levesque-blasource, Journ. de Méd., 1808 (vol. 16, pt. 1, p. 21-24, from large doses in a man); 59, Lindestolpe, de Venen., p. 591 (general statement); 60, Journ. Encyclop., I, pt. 2, p. 72, also Recueil period, p. 74 (observations and statements); 61, Martin, Vetensk. Acad. Handling, 1773, P. II, Nr. 7 (observation); 62, Matthai, Hufel. Journ., XI, 2 (observations on patients); 63, Manchart, Eph. Nat. Cur., cent. I, Obs. 15 (from a grain of crude O. taken by self)64, Mead, de Venen., in Op. D., II, p. 190, edit. Götting. (general statements); 65, Monno, Essays Phys. and Lit, vol. III (Art. 13, experiments on frogs); 66, Müller, Hufel. Journ., XVIII (p. 55, from a mixture of tinct. Thebaica and Hoffmann's anodyne, given for a nervous affection); 67, Murray, App. Med. II, p. 282 (general statement); 68, Muzell, Wahrn., II, p. 131 (from a mixture of Opium and Spr. Cornu cervi); 69, d'Outrepont (from a large dose taken by a woman eight months pregnant); 70, Ouwens, Noctes Hayanae Vorr., p. 14 (from laudanum taken for spasms of legs); 71, Pitcairne, Diss. de Circul. in Animal., etc., also Element. Med. (observations); 72, Plater, Obs., Lib. I, p. 127 (not found); 73, Pyl, Aufsätze, Samml., I, p. 95 (from a large dose of the extract, in a man of fifty or sixty); 74, Rademacher, Hufel. Journ., IV, 3, p. 587 (from tinct. Thebaica given in dysentery); 75, Reineggs, in Blumenbach's Med. Bibl., I (an account of the effects of Opium-eating); 76, Renodaeus, Mat. 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Phyt > appendix
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Pic-ac > appendix
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Stram > appendix
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Zinc-m > appendix
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