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Gambogia - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Garcinia Morella, Gummi Gutti, Gamboge, Gamb.

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HPUS indication of Gambogia: Backache

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gambogia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Painful feeling of constriction of the stomach after dinner.

Aversion to food.

Thirst after dinner, and especially in the evening.


Gnawing in the stomach, with slight moving of flatulence in the abdomen.

Inflation and accumulation of flatulence.

Emission of fetid flatulence, preceded by cutting in the bowels.

Frequent emission of flatulence, particularly in the evening and at night.

Burning and moving of flatulence in the abdomen.

Sensation of flatulence in the hypogastrium, most painful in the small of the back, succeeded by urging.

Pinching in the groins, without flatulence.

Sticking in the groins (as from flatulence).


Extremely painful burning in the region of the liver.


Extremely painful contraction, as with pincers, in the umbilicus.

Feeling of constriction and twisting beneath the umbilicus, with urging to stool.

Pain gnawing in a small spot beneath the umbilicus.

General Abdomen.

Inflammation of the intestines,

Inflation and tension of the abdomen, with pinching in the umbilical region.

Rumbling in the bowels.

Empty feeling in the abdomen and stomach.

Pinching in the abdomen after eating.

Frequent violent pinching in the entire abdomen, without urging, or else succeeded by diarrhoea and burning in the anus, after which the pinching ceases.

Immediately after eating, twitching in the abdomen or sleep.

Tension in the groins.

Tension in the groins when standing.

Constrictive pain deep in the left inguinal region.

Pinching, as with nails, in the right groin.

Sudden dart in the right groin, causing one to start, when sitting.


Weakness of the stomach, as after long fasting, with accumulation of water in the mouth.

Contractive and sore feeling in the stomach, with sensitiveness to the touch.

Aching in the stomach, with slight qualmishness.

Pressure in the stomach and chest, arresting the breathing, in paroxysms, going off after an eructation.

Dartings in the stomach, causing one to start.

Constant pain in the innermost parts of the stomach, as if sore, with sensitiveness of the integuments to the touch.

Ulcerative pain of the stomach, going off after eating, succeeded by rumbling in the abdomen during a walk in the open air, and papescent stool.

Beating in the stomach, aggravated by leaning against anything.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and aversion to food.

Nausea, proceeding from the stomach (as if the stomach would become everted) during a walk in the open air, with accumulation of water in the mouth, gulping up of sour water and movements in the stomach.

Nausea, inclination to vomit, ptyalism, roughness of the throat.

Qualmishness on eating soup in the morning, relieved after eating bread.

Slight qualmishness and frequent attacks of nausea.

Inclination to vomit, followed by painful twitching in the umbilical region, and diarrhoeic stools.

Constant heaving, going off after dinner.

Violent vomiting,

Horrid vomiting and purging, with fainting.

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