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Gambogia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Garcinia Morella, Gummi Gutti, Gamboge, Gamb.

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HPUS indication of Gambogia: Backache

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gambogia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Violent burning stitch at times in the fingers, at times in the hand, also in the malleoli, afterwards over the whole body.

Congestions of the head, chest, uterus.

Beating or throbbing (ear, teeth, stomach).

Upper extremities


Stitch from time to time in the top of the right shoulder.

Repeated very acute stitches under the left axilla, disappearing on rubbing for a short time.

Tearing in the shoulders, or in the axilla, in the tendons of the extensor muscles of the fingers, in the ball of the thumb and index finger, and between the metacarpal bones of the index and middle fingers, so that the skin is thereby drawn backward.


Pinching in the right humerus.


Sharp sticking through the palm to the back of the hand, followed by burning in the hand.


Sharp stitches in the last joint of the left index finger.

Stinging and numb feeling in the ball of the right thumb and middle finger, followed by stitches in the palm of the hand going to the dorsum of the hand, and extending to the forearm, attended with a feeling of heat.

Lower extremities

Spasmodic conditions of the lower limbs.


Violent tearing in the left hip.


Frequent drawing and tearing in the bend of the left thigh.

Sharp stitches in the bend of the left thigh, lasting an hour.


Violent pain, as if bruised, below the left patella; the part is painful to touch, as if ulcerated.


Violent pain and feeling of stiffness in the right leg along the tibia; the foot could only be stretched out by great exertion, in the afternoon and evening, in bed.

Cramp and tearing pain above the calf, attended with contraction of the toes (going off by rubbing).

Several stitches in the left calf.

Tearing in the bone from the middle of the right tibia, extending above the knee.

Tearing and drawing in the tendo Achillis, as if too short.


Painful spasmodic constriction in the region of the right malleolus externus and great toe, compelling him to limp, especially while walking.

Pressure as with the hand above the left malleolus externus, and sensation as if gone to sleep, going off when pressing the foot to the ground.


Great heaviness and languor of the feet.

Painful pinching in the dorsum of the right foot towards the toes.

Violent sticking in the sole of the right foot, relieved by rubbing.

Cramp in the right great toe (when walking, and again in the evening, in bed).

Some stitches beneath the right great toe.

Spasmodic tearing in two smaller toes of the right foot.



Feeling of ease, great lightness in all his motions (primary effect).

Burning (eyes, tongue, fauces, abdomen, region of the liver, anus, hands).

Constrictive or contractive pains (stomach, umbilicus, foot).

Pinching (abdomen, groin, humerus, dorsum of the foot).

Drawing (head, bend of the thigh, leg).

Gnawing (stomach, subcostal region, umbilical region, os coccygis).

The sticking pains appear for the most part at night, or are then worst.

Stitches resembling a slow fine pinching over the whole body.

Tearing, particularly in the bones and tendons (head, ears, dorsum of the nose, malar bone, lower jaw, teeth, cervical tendons, nape of the neck, shoulder, wrist, fingers, hip, bend of the thigh, leg, toes).

Pricking (head, stomach, chest, region of the kidneys, hands, fingers, bend of the thigh).

Stinging (ears, goitre, neck, groin, anus, chest, small of the back, shoulder, thumb, middle finger, calves, toes).

Burning stinging (hand, malleolus).

Pain as from soreness (gums, neck, stomach, chest).

Pain as if bruised (head, small of the back).

The symptoms of the right side predominate.

The symptoms are particularly apt to occur in the evening or night.

The majority of the symptoms come on while sitting and go off during motion in the open air.

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