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Gelsemium Sempervirens - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Yellow Jasmine, Gelsemium Sempiverens, Gels, Gelsemium, Gels.

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HPUS indication of Gelsemium Sempervirens: Lethargy

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gelsemium Sempervirens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Dull eyes, in the forenoon (eleventh day),

Eyes transiently bloodshot (third day),

Strabismus, and constant inclination to squint (one case),

Eyes fixed, and inability to raise the eyelids (after five hours),

Eyes much inflamed and weak, with great flow of tears at intervals,


Dryness of the eyes,

Heaviness of the eyes, as after night-watching,

Pains deep in the left eye, extending from above downwards (first day); more violent (third day),

Burning of the eyes, as if they were too dry, in the forenoon (eleventh day),

Burning in the eyes, with weakness of sight and heaviness in the forehead (fifth day),

The eyes felt quite sore; it is as if some foreign body were irritating the conjunctive, in the evening (third day),

The eyes quite sore at night; not much pain, but merely soreness, with sensitiveness to light and lachrymation (third night),

Brow and Orbit.

Drawing over the eyes (four minutes after three drops),

Drawing over the right eye (eight minutes after five drops),

Pain in the orbits, sometimes excessive,

Dull full feeling (attended with some aching) in the whole of the orbits,

Bruised pain above and back of the orbits,


Drooping of the eyelids,

Eyelids partially closed and motionless,

Eyelids half closed, with apparent inability to move them,

Eyes close in spite of him, on looking steadily at anything,

Difficulty in opening the eyes, or in keeping them open,

Heaviness and congestion of the lids,

Great heaviness of the lids,

Burning sensation around the inner canthus of the right eye,

Eyelids are as it were puffed and swollen, and have also the appearance of being so,

A stitch traversing the right eyelids vertically (fifteen minutes after first dose, first day),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Eyes suffused (after second dose, fifth day),


No spasmodic movements except the eyeballs, which kept up a continual twitching motion while the effects of the medicine lasted,

Sharp stitches through the left eyeball, from within outward,


Dilated pupils,

Pupils dilated, but corresponding to the different degrees of light; afterwards widely dilated,

Pupils dilated, not responding to the light, and could be touched without producing any contraction of the lids (after three hours),

Pupils expanded and insensible to light (after five hours),

Dilatation of the pupils, amaurosis, blindness, dimness of sight,

Pupils moderately dilated,

Eyes closed,

Eyes staring,


Dropping of the eyelids, especially the left,

Pupils large and dilated,

Pupils largely dilated and insensible to light; eyes had a fixed stare; sclerotic congested; lids drooping, so that it was necessary to pull them apart to see the eye,

A few drops of the solution of the alkaloid were put into one eye, and in each case the trial pupil became widely dilated, the dilatation usually beginning in about thirty minutes. Not only does the pupil dilate, but the muscle of accommodation becomes paralyzed and the sight affected. In twenty-four hours vision again becomes nearly natural, but the pupil remains dilated much longer, sometimes, indeed, for a week, or even a fortnight,

Dimness of vision,

Vision slightly indistinct,

Some difficulty in sight before he had walked two squares,

Double vision,

Visionless (after one hour and a half),


Slight affection of sight, during the forenoon (eighth day),

Till 4 P.M. the disturbance of sight was great (seventh day),

Dimness of vision (part of Ss. 74 and 257),

Dimness of sight and vertigo,

Dimness of sight alleviated on profuse emission of watery urine,

Distant objects seemed indistinct as I rode or walked, and one evening I could read but with difficulty (these symptoms are characteristic, as the sight is perfectly good, and I have never had anything the matter with my eyes),

Misty or glimmering appearance before the eyes,

Smoky appearance before the eyes, with pain above them (third day),

She complained of being partially blind, while eating a hearty dinner (after half an hour); this symptom rapidly increased, and in a short time she could scarcely see at all,

Nearly blind; control over the upper eyelid was almost entirely lost,


Total blindness very soon after the dose, with violent dizziness (third day),

Became perfectly blind, eyes set, etc.,

She could not see any one in the room, although persons stood close by the bed; the eyes were wide open; pupils dilated,

He said, "I cannot see you;" but his eyes were wide open, with dilated pupils (after ten minutes),

Confusion of sight (one hour after first dose, third day),

Slight more or less confused all day (fifth day),

At 4 P.M. took a dessertspoonful of red wine; directly after, for the first time to-day, a return of the confusion of sight, lasting an hour only, but so extreme that some one must suspect inebriation (fourth day),

After the stool in the morning, a marked renewal of the confusion of sight, with heavy looking eyes; found this symptom much less when holding a finger vertically beyond the nose, also when either eye is closed (third day),

The confusion of sight much increased in the evening (sixth day),

Confusion of sight diminished, in the evening (third day),

Objects appeared double; by degrees she grew completely blind,

Things seem double on raising the head from a stooping position, or on looking sideways, but not when looking directly at them (one case),

Diplopia, which I could control by an effort of will,

Diplopia when inclining the head towards either side, but vision single when holding the head erect (in one case),

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