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Gelsemium Sempervirens - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Gelsemium Sempervirens: Lethargy

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gelsemium Sempervirens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Giddiness (soon),

Giddiness was another prominent and early symptom. Some felt it over the whole head, but by far the larger number said it was limited to the brows. Stranding or walking made it much worse. When well marked the patients staggered, and were afraid even to stand, much less to walk. So giddy was one patient that he nearly fell off the form. Some described their heads as going round and round. They felt and seemed drunk, though without any incoherence, still less mental excitement,

Persistent and distressing numbness in the occipital region, which lasted for some hours after the consciousness returned,


Pains in the left side of the head, extending from the prominence of the parietal bone to the mastoid process of the temporal, periodically (third day),

Dull pain on the right side of the head (sixth day),

Dull pain in the region of the occiput (fourteenth day),

Dull, heavy pain in the region of the occiput (first night),

On rising, dull pain in the occiput and slight tendency to throbbing, on the right side of the head; previously at breakfast, transient slight cutting pressure on the left side (third day),

At 11 A.M. severe aching pain in the occipital region for a few minutes (fourth day),

Awakened at 2.30 A.M. by most intense aching pain in the left frontal region, extending to the right occipital region, and occasionally over the entire head; it lasted and hour (seventh morning),

Dull, slight headache all over the front and top of the head, after a sleep in the forenoon; also after sleep in the evening,

Severe and pressive pains in the forehead and vertex,

Pains of shooting character in the frontal sinus extending to the eyes and jaws; in the eyes the pains are pricking, extending from the middle of the eyes to the canthi (first day); on the right side the pains seem to roll about in the eye, much more violent (third day),

Violent stinging pain in the whole forehead, and pressing of the eyes, as if they were too large, with external coldness of the forehead (third day),


A feeling of contraction in the scalp on the centre of the forehead (after first dose, first day),


Drawing on the right side, on the crown towards the occiput (twenty minutes after 5 drops),


Dull ache on the right side of the head, at breakfast (second morning),

Dull aching in the occipital region, occasionally extending into the os frontis (third night),

During the day dull aching in the occiput, increased by movement, especially on stooping; much worse towards evening (second day, after 6 drops),


Some fulness in the anterior part of the head, soon disappearing (after a few minutes),

Pressing in the forehead as if too narrow, with pressing upon the eyes, as if too large (sixth night),

Sense of weight over the forehead (quarter of an hour after third dose),

Stitch in the middle of the forehead passing inwards, at 12 M. (tenth day),

Stitch in the middle of the forehead, passing inwards, in the afternoon (tenth day),

Now and then a violent stitch in the middle of the forehead, entering as far as half the brain, in the afternoon (seventh day),

Violent stitches in the middle of the forehead, as far as half of the brain, on turning the eyes, on stooping, and on turning the head, in the evening (eighth day),

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