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Glonoin - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitro-glycerine, Spirits Glycerinus Nitrate, Glonoine, Glonoinum, Glon.

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HPUS indication of Glonoin: Throbbing
Common symptoms: Throbbing, Headache, Flushed, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Glonoin in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



As he returned home through the streets, after the headache, everything seemed strange to him, not as familiar as usual.

he was obliged to look about him every few moments to convince himself of being in the right street.

it seemed to him as if the houses were not in their right places, on the same route that he had passed over at least four times a day for years,.

I immediately felt a glow of heat, which determined itself to the head, and which also rapidly increased in intensity, particularly in the anterior region.

the temporal arteries became very full, and in about five minutes after taking the dose of Glonoine, the pulse had increased to 100.

evident congestio cerebri was now experienced, with irregular contraction of the heart, etc.,.

Much fulness in the head, with a throbbing in both sides of the head, above and behind the temples, but accompanied by a prickling sensation on the left side of the tongue near the tip (after three minutes).

the same throbbing, with almost a twitching in the integuments of the head, in the same place as before mentioned.

worse after getting up, walking across the room and sitting down again (after ten minutes),.

Headache set in in less than fifteen minutes, slight at first, but increasing in intensity by degrees, until, in an hour and a half, it became almost intolerable.

it was accompanied by considerable faintness and exhaustion, intolerance of light and a feeling of great general distress and alarm in addition to the racking pain.

relief was only obtained at length by the inhalation of large quantities of Ether, the insensibility produced by which was followed by broken and disturbed sleep, lasting until the following day, which was marked by weakness, exhaustion, and slight headache.

these unpleasant symptoms did not finally disappear for three or four days,.

Gradually increasing pressure from the forehead towards the vertex, as if a liquid were being pressed upward from the root of the nose, and forced at the back through the sinus longitudinalis with constantly increasing force.

this pressure grows so severe that a general perspiration breaks out, with redness of face and great anxiety,.

Within three or five minutes felt a beating, pressing, dull, and hammering pain under the vertex.

heat and redness of the face, sinking beating in the aorta directly behind the umbilicus.

dull beating in the left parietal region.

all the pains are aggravated by shaking the head, stooping, on first motion after rising, on walking, standing, and turning round,.

Pains in the forehead and top of the head, which might be covered by the hand.

the pain is compressing, burning.

heat, shooting, and throbbing in the temples.

burning in the malar bone and eyes.

soreness and tenderness in the head, lasting all day, with a constant gnawing in the occiput.

confusion and inability to think and study, all day,.

The throbbing pain in the temples continued to increase for about ten or fifteen minutes, then gradually diminished, and in about half an hour became considerably easier.

the feelings of nausea and giddiness also were lessened, but on returning upstairs very fast, about three-quarters of an hour after taking the medicine, all the symptoms returned with double force.

the temples ached and throbbed excessively, and there was great nausea and giddiness.

however, in a few minutes there was an abatement of these sensations, but leaving slight nausea and throbbing pain in the temples,.

His face grew red, his temples throbbed, his pulse increased from 80 to 112.

he felt a weariness, like a weight over his eyes, whence it extended to the temples.

he began to yawn, and yawned every moment.

felt sleepy. shaking the head made the head worse.

lasting several hours, and ending with a dull, heavy pain over the eyes (after one to two minutes),.

After luncheon, 2 P.M., a copious, loose motion.

later, while driving about, griping pain in the rectum, and urging.

I succeeded in restraining this until 6 o'clock, when I was forced to return home, and my bowels were moved.

the evacuation was loose but not copious.

it seemed as if much more were to come, but that there was an obstruction high up in the rectum.

before the evacuation I felt sickish and faint.

the urging was less felt while driving in the open air than in the warm room.

after dinner I had another loose, scanty evacuation, after which all the symptoms went off,.

The next day the catamenia, which had ceased six days, returned profusely, and lasted for the usual time.

she had never experienced the same accident before.

but I am by no means certain that it is attributable to the Glonoine, for three days previously she had taken a hot bath at a much too elevated temperature, which had caused her to feel faint and weak.

yet she had never before been injuriously affected by warm baths at a high temperature,.

Painful sensation in both elbows, especially in the right one, in the hollow between the inner condyle of the upper arm and the olecranon, where the cubital nerve descends.

first left, then right, more violently right, but still painful left, after the pain had ceased (after twenty-nine minutes).

similar pain in the elbow, but on the exterior margin,.



Excessive excitement of the vascular system, and forcible palpitation,

Congestion, with nausea,

I learn from the physician, to whom I am indebted for this overdose (2 drops of the 1st dil.), that my head fell backward, my jaw dropped, I was perfectly white, breathing stertorous, and no pulse at the wrist for the space of about two minutes,

After three hours, walk vacillating, increasing palpitation; with palpitation began slight pain in head, pressure here and there, especially in occiput, wearisome, growing less till 9 P.M.; at 5 1/2 o'clock feeling better, but face remained looking pale and sickly, with blue rings under eyes,

Could neither lie, sit, nor walk, but pitched about like one intoxicated, incapable of controlling the muscles of locomotion,

Tremor, sopor, and lassitude,

Cold water now poured upon the top of the head produced spasms, which ended in vomiting, after which (7 o'clock) became comparatively easy for a few minutes.

very soon, however, pressure and throbbing in the brain returned, and continued to increase till a second vomiting, followed, as before, by a considerable relief for a few moments, after which the throbbing and pressure again returned, followed by a third vomiting.

a cup of warm tea, now taken, seemed to afford decided relief, relief, however, of but short duration.

took Camphora Camphor at 3 o'clock, and Belladonna Belladonna at 5 o'clock, but without any relief.

after this, slow recovery after several days,.

In a minute he said he should faint.

almost instantly his knees gave way.

he fell senseless on the pavement.

it was noon. he lay breathless a minute or more, drawing at long intervals a deep sigh, face pale.

came to consciousness in two minutes.

perspired some. excessively faint and sick at stomach, cold hands and feet, pulse feeble.

could not allow his head to be on a level with his body, but must have it elevated.

it felt full. could not see objects distinctly.

dizzy, face pale, or at times a little flushed, at times a dark, livid hue, sickly.

motion aggravated or augmented the symptoms very much.

Belladonna Belladonna did no apparent good, Camphora Camphor relieved some.

at 5 o'clock still somewhat cold hands and feet.

previous to this, hot foot-baths relieved him very much.

took him to Juglans Regia Walnut Hills in a carriage.

vomited on the way twice, produced by the jostling of the carriage.

left him at 5 o'clock tolerably comfortable in bed.

any motion increased nausea and head symptoms very much.

pains in occiput, stitches.

frequent yawning after some hours.

staring, wild look, protrusion of eyes from first minute.

on the fourth day still ailing.

took black coffee, which relieved immediately all suffering, and continued so.

after twelve days, still feeble and nervous, and sore mouth,.

His body seemed to him to have gone completely to sleep, while his mind was awake.

the latter resolves to take notice of crooked, jagged objects that appear before the closed eyes, and to put them down as symptoms the following morning.

tries to discover if it has power over the body.

attempts to raise it, but in vain.

it seems to shrivel, as it were, till it is completely asleep,.

Sensation as if some of the fluid were being poured down my throat, and then succeeded a few minutes of uncertainty as to where I was, during which there was a loud rushing noise in my ears, like steam passing out of a tea-kettle, and a feeling of constriction around the lower part of my neck, as if my coat were buttoned too tightly.

my forehead was wet with perspiration, and I yawned frequently,.