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Glonoin - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitro-glycerine, Spirits Glycerinus Nitrate, Glonoine, Glonoinum, Glon.

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HPUS indication of Glonoin: Throbbing
Common symptoms: Throbbing, Headache, Flushed, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Glonoin in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confused feeling,

With palpitation, confusion of the head; flushed, hot face; the eyes looked dim and tearful; pupils not altered; lasting three hours,

He began to complain of giddiness (after third dose),

Reeling and stumbling as when landing after rowing in a boat; was obliged to lie down; drops asleep; when awaked drips with perspiration, on a cool day,

General Head.

Head and face are puffed up; the blood is forced upward; convulsions; frequent attacks of unconsciousness, evacuation of urine in large quantities, containing much albumen,

Hands frequently raised to the head,

Congestion to the head and throbbing of the temples,

Congestion to brain and lungs,

Congestion of brain and lungs; after fifty minutes nearly relieved; belched wind from the stomach; nausea almost entirely gone,

Congestion to the head and chest, with nausea,

Congestion to the head alternates with congestion to the heart,

Frequent congestion to the head in an old woman, causing a sensation of coldness every time,

Slight but continuous congestion till midnight,

Brain fever,

Dulness of the head, and then throbbing in the temples,

Dulness of the head as if full; likewise face hot and full,

Dulness of the head, within two minutes afterwards pressure and throbbing in the temples,

Dull sensation in the head, as after intoxication by beer,

Heaviness in the head, ; especially in the forehead,

Dull heaviness in the head, without throbbing or acceleration of the pulse, with constant warm perspiration on the forehead; skin otherwise cool,

Heavy feeling in the head,

Heavy feeling in his head; can hardly hold up his head,

Sensation of stiffness in the head and neck,

He suddenly feels it running up into the head (after one minute five seconds),

From the left hypochondrium it rises through the chest to the head,

Constant inclination to bend the head backward; (in two provings), ; to throw it back,

Head and stomach feel as if had been out in the hot sun and without dinner; taking a long breath doses not relieve, and moving the head aggravates,

Sinking feeling in head and chest, like that from working in a very hot room until nearly exhausted,

Sensation in his head as if he had eaten too much,

Head feels as if hungry,

Feeling of emptiness in the cranium (second day),

As if a cold cloth were being spread over his brain every time after taking the medicine,

Heat in the head, with throbbing,

Heat from above downward in the head,

Flushes of heat in the head, and distinct feeling of the pulse in the head (after two minutes); diminishes (after ten minutes),; from chest to head,

Disagreeable sensation, more violent at the base of the brain,

Immediately, a sensation as if the head were too large,

Head felt enormously large,

Feeling as if the whole head were enormously swollen, with tightness and throbbing in the temples,

A kind of swelling sensation in the head; it seems as if something were distending the brain in all directions,

Sensation as of swelling up in the head, with violent throbbing, worse when stooping; throbbing worse on the left side; the head feels heavy,

Fulness in the head, , ; lasting twelve minutes (after one minute), ; (after three minutes), ; (after forty minutes),

In the course of a minute I felt, or fancied that I felt, some fulness in the head, but was not conscious of any other unusual sensation,

Fulness in the head, so that he can feel the pulse in the head, especially in the temples, and could count the beats,

Sensation of fulness in the head, worse now and then, changing places,

Sensation of fulness in the head, with throbbing, mostly in the upper part of the forehead,

Fulness in the base of the brain, and violent throbbing of all the arteries of the head and back of the neck,

Increased fulness in the head, as if the brain were too large (fifth day),

Fulness in the head, with general heat,

Fulness and pressure, with heat; if increasing much, nausea is caused, and he can perceive that the nausea originates in the head,

Head very full; pulse full and quick; face red,

She feels that the fulness is caused by blood,

As if the blood were mounting to the head,

He described the sensation in his head as if he were hanging with the head downwards, and as if there was a great rush of blood into the head in consequence; these symptoms went off in a very few minutes,

Suddenly a sensation as if the whole head were crowded with blood,

Tension in the head and neck, extending up behind the ears, like a dull pressure, as if the blood were pressing; remains after ten minutes, ; violent tension,

Bursting sensation upward from the middle (of the head),

Sensation as if the skull were too small,

The skull seemed too small, and as if the brain were attempting to burst the skull; violent action of the heart, and a distinct pulsation was felt all over the body,

Cracking sensation in brain, obliging him to hold on to the head during every movement, to prevent an apparent threatened eruption of the cranium,

Sensation as if the head were being pressed together by a band, with great fulness of the head and general warmth of the body,

Sensation of stiffness or tension about the head and neck as if they had been laced in; the clothing seemed too tight, was obliged to ease his coat and necktie (after two minutes); better after eleven and a half minutes,

The brain feels as if it were smaller than the cavity of the skull,

Pressure in the head (after two minutes), ; (after one hour),

Pressure here and there, especially in occiput,

Pressure in the head, worse with every motion, and when shaking it; beginning in the open air, continuing in the room, and only disappearing during a second walk after several hours,

Pressure and dulness throughout the head,

Heavy pressure in the head,

Heavy pressure in the head, as from a great weight on the brain,

Attempted to lie down, but could not on account of increased pressure and throbbing in the brain, which were now so much increased, on attempting to assume a recumbent position, he was obliged to hold on to the head, as if to prevent a rupture of the cranium,

The pressing and crowding (in head) ceases after three minutes and a half,

Pressure in head returned in open air,

Intolerable sense of oppression and swimming in the head, with spasmodic twitching of the limbs, supervened,

Like a weight from the middle of the head to the ears,

Mornings, stitches in the head when stooping, ,

When stooping, violent stitches in the head, the following morning,

When moving head, soreness in head (two cases),

Feeling of soreness and looseness in brain,

On the second day the brain felt sore; the jarring of the cars made it worse,

Shaking increases the sore sensation in the head,

Sensation of soreness through the whole head; he is afraid to shake his head, it seems to him as if the head would drop to pieces,

Shaking the head causes a sensation as if the brain were sore,

When shaking the head it seems as if the brain were hard, and loose, and sore in the head,

When she shakes her head, it seems as if something moved inside and hit against the skull,

Within the head as if crushed or bruised, especially in the forehead,

Throbbing in the head, (after three hours),

Throbbing of the brain, from within outward,

Feels something rising from right hypochondrium, through the chest to the head, as if the blood were mounting to the head, and throbbed there; immediately,

Throbbing in the head, mostly in the forehead, increased by every motion of the head,

Throbbing in the whole head, especially in the temples and over the eyes, with excessive heat in the head; worse when moving, better when sitting still and lying; also relieved by pressure upon it,

Throbbing and bursting, especially above the ears and in the temples, and I experienced a choking sensation, as if a ligature were tied around my neck which prevented blood returning from the head,

Next day, slight throbbing in the head, if he exerts himself or moves more than usual,

Throbbing in the head during motion, , ; most when going upstairs (after thirty minutes), ; at every step on the stairs, ; worse left,

Throbbing, pulsation, and confusion of all the senses; sensation of balancing, requiring a constant effort to keep the head erect, which inclined to drop as on going to sleep,

Throbbing in the head so violent that the pulse could be counted by it (pulse 110),

Throbbing in head ceases after five minutes, ; better after seven minutes, ; less violent, the throbbing not so distinct after eight minutes, ; abating after eight minutes, ; not violent after thirty minutes, ; throbbing and fulness gone after eight minutes,

Violent, heavy beating in the head, from the back to the front, as if it would crowd everything out at the forehead, not as frequent as the pulse,

Pulsation in the head for two minutes (after four minutes), ; for one minute (after three minutes),

Feels every pulsation in the head, while preparing the Glonoine, ; (after fifteen minutes),

Feels strokes of pulse in head,

Feels the strokes of the pulse in the head, with heat,

Shocks in the brain, synchronous with every pulsation of the arteries,

When going upstairs rapidly, he feels a jerk in his head at every step; (the following day),

Jerking in the head at every step on the stairs,

As if something moved inside, when shaking the head,

Undulating sensation in head, ,

Undulating sensation, increased by every turn of the head,

During fulness of the heart, the undulating pressure ceased on the head,

Wave-like upward motion in head,

Throbbing and beating in the vertex,

Paroxysms of beating and throbbing in vertex, temples, and occiput,

On attempting to read, there recurred fulness of the head from the right parietal protuberance forwards, including the whole of the parts anterior; this increased to actual pain; beating in temporal arteries,

Rising up makes beating in forehead worse,

Pressive pain, with beating in the temples,

Beating in both temples, ; in right, ; in left, ; followed by pressure downward upon the eyes,

Soon after taking the medicine, a beating in both temples, and very peculiar headache in the middle of the forehead, as if warm water were trickling down inside,


Confused feeling, with pains in the vertex,

Congestion, headache, and fulness when the period appears,

Congestion to the head, with headache (after four minutes),

Violent congestion to the head, with headache (after two minutes),

General dulness of the head, a greater pressing, tensive pain alternating in the temple, in the occiput, and in the ears,

Painful dulness of the head, not increased by violent shaking, but by light shaking, but by light shaking,

A strange sensation through the whole head after the headache diminishes (after ten minutes),

Heat in head and face, ; with headache; (Dr. Gray); with some sweat,

Great heat in the head, with severe pains in the forehead, throbbing in the temples, increased by walking,

Pain deep in the brain; shaking without influence,

Pain in the head from the back to the front, and from below upward,

Fulness in the head and throbbing without pain, ; and painful throbbing,

At the expiration of four hours, the fulness and throbbing of the head continued unabated, together with dull headache, which appeared rather to increase till retiring for the night; awoke on the following morning with the same fulness and throbbing, which occupied the whole forepart of the head, and appeared to be deepseated,

Fulness in the head as if all the blood had mounted to the head; very disagreeable sensation, but without headache,

Drs Caspar, v. Thaczousky, Löwscholz, Widman, and Wurmb, after a fraction of a drop, experienced congestive sensations in the brain and bloodvessels, headache and acceleration of the pulse, after a few minutes; an hour or more after which, the pulse of most of them declined from 90 to 60,

Tensive headache over the eyes and nose, extending also behind the ears, and soon followed by a tight and choky feeling about the throat like strangulation (soon),

Pressive tensive pains, changing from temples to occiput and ears; fell asleep late, waking frequently with the same pains; nearly well next morning,

Headache became very severe; feeling as if the head would burst; throbbing pains, especially through the temples; stupor, weakness of the body and mind; languor and pain in limbs in the afternoon (third day),


Very small quantities taken on the tongue produce a headache of several hours' duration; this effect was experienced by several persons in my laboratory, and I have felt it myself several times,

Headache, daily increasing in severity,

Headache, beginning in the glabella,

Headache rising from below upward, ,

Headache from the front backwards, , and from below upward,

Headache very soon, which began in the back of the neck, and spread from there over the whole head,

Headache extending to the nose, ,

Headache extends from the forehead to the midst of the brain,

Headache mostly behind the ear and up in the forehead,

At first the headache was in front, then extended over the vertex, and the entire head behind; after five minutes decidedly more in the occiput,

The headache returns again (after recovery) and continues all the evening and all night,

Headache on rising in the morning, with colic pains in hypogastric region, and painful diarrhoea; stools soft and copious; pain relieved after stool, but returned soon again, especially when moving about or sitting erect; soreness on pressure on left iliac region; shuddering and heat in the anus (third day),

Awoke from his sleep three or four times with headache,

Headache the following day from morning till 2 o'clock, ; till evening,

Slept very well, but the next morning on waking, felt the same headache, which continued all day,

Walks his room all night, on account of headache,

Headache from taking the medicine, from afternoon till ten o'clock in the evening,

The headache passed off half an hour after the first dose, but was renewed at night, leaving the next morning a sensation of giddiness, as after a dissipated night,

The headache extends through the whole head, with a sensation of heaviness (after four minutes),

Headache, with nausea, ; headache and nausea continued three days, gradually diminishing,

Headache all day, with constant nausea, so that he took Nux Vomica Nux vom. 200 in the evening, after which he improved,

Headache and nausea, with diarrhoea,

Headache and accelerated pulse (in five persons),

Headache without acceleration of the pulse, with dull heaviness in the head,

The following morning, headache, and much general heat, and expulsion of fetid flatus (a most unusual symptom),

Evenings, continual headache,

Slight headache all the afternoon,

The fulness in the head lasted some time, and was followed by a slight headache,

Slight headache, and dull heavy pain in the stomach, with a decided feeling of sickness, though without any apprehension that it would amount to vomiting,

Severe headache which seems to impede the breathing (after fifteen minutes),

Intense headache (after four hours),

Violent headache after nausea, then repeated violent vomiting of yellow mucus,

Headache so violent that he cannot even think to take an antidote,

The effect ended with a dull headache, which ceased during sleep,

Lessening and increasing of the headache without cause, etc.

Headache and pulse increase and diminish simultaneously, ,

The headache returned after one minute, ; after ten to twenty minutes, lasted about thirty minutes, ; headache returned directly after a renewed dose,

Headache lasted several hours; three hours, ; six hours, ; seven and a half hours, ; seventeen hours, ; fourteen hours,

Drawing pain in the head extending to the occiput (after second dose),

Headache (pressure) most intense after ten minutes,

When rising, pain and pressure in the head so severe he could not stand; obliged to lie down again for a few minutes,

Dull pressive pain in head, especially in occiput and in the region of the ears; severe dull pressive pain in the nape of the neck, as it were in the medulla oblongata; pain much increased by moving the head or twisting the neck; neck feels stiff; fulness, dulness, and pressure in the whole head, with throbbing sensations,

He described his headache as if the brain were pressed in towards the centre, from three different points, viz., both temples and the occiput; these symptoms lasted from morning till night,

Darting pain in the head, when stooping, next morning,

Sudden piercing pains in the head,

Painful twitching here and there in the head,

Sensation of soreness, and as if laced together in the head, with increasing pain if he shakes the head sideways,

Sore sensation in the head when shaking it, but no pain,

He has no headache, but cannot bear shaking the head,

Headache and sensation of soreness in the head, which increases when rising suddenly or when shaking the head (noon of second day),

Some headache next day, with slight nausea, and a sensation of soreness in head,

After twenty minutes the pulsation in the head changes to a slight, throbbing headache; the same during exercise in the open air,

Headache becomes throbbing when stooping, ,

At 5 P.M., a slight throbbing headache commenced, and continued with intermissions for about three hours; occasional spells of nausea, with slight but continued congestion of brain till midnight (after one hour),

Immediately, a violent throbbing in the head, especially in the temples; the pain is mostly in the front part of the head, and from temple to temple,

Violent throbbing in the head, with a sensation of fulness, ; no pain, after two minutes, ; as if the head were stuffed full of something,

Five hours after inhaling the vapors, at 11 o'clock at night, terrible throbbing headache, which lasted all night, until he drank coffee in the morning,

Dull throbbing headache (after two minutes); headache changing from back to front (after five minutes); lasting about a quarter of an hour,

His chronic throbbing headache, increased by every motion, was excessively aggravated after X, especially when going upstairs; it seemed at every step as if his forehead would burst, so that he was obliged to support himself against the balusters,

Painful throbbing, etc.

Painless throbbing in the head, ; extending under the frontal bone to the temples,

Headache began in the glabella, and spread upward and backward, first, worse in front, right, then behind, left, at last worse quite in the occiput; the throbbing extends from below upward, and from the front backward,

Headache appeared less quickly during Glonoine water, was neither so violent nor so throbbing; occupied whole head, worst occiput; increased in afternoon; not relieved by coffee,

The throbbing headache after motion, especially after shaking the head, does not diminish after a walk; it only ceases during the night,

After smelling Camphora Camphor the throbbing headache ceased, also toothache, and the feeling as if something were moving in the head,

Undulating dull pain in the middle of the brain,

The pains are exactly in the median line of the head,

When drinking Glonoine, immediate headache, but when inhaled headache comes much later,

When the pulse suddenly fell to 80, four minutes after the second dose, the headache increased,

Mornings and forenoons, without renewed influences or cause, a steady increase of the headache; the same, one afternoon when it had once set in,

Headache worse evenings,

Headache worse in the open air,

On going quickly upstairs the headache became insupportable,

Return of headache after drinking coffee, at 1 P.M. (second day), ; did not cease after chewing kernels, but after drinking coffee; in one unused to coffee (after repeated smelling of Glonoine),

Headache usually worse after dinner,

Headache after eructation,

The headache is not much increased when holding the breath after a long inhalation, but after expelling it, when, after exhaling the breath, he waits before inhaling, the headache is decidedly worse; no aggravation when inhaling or exhaling,

Headache worse when he leans forward,

Headache aggravated by movement, ; (after two minutes),

Headache worse from every motion of the head,

Headache increased by every motion, especially when shaking the head, better during gentle exercise, especially in the open air,

Headache at every motion, when rising; head full and heavy; shaking it is without effect,

Pressure aggravates the headache, ,

Headache when rising suddenly, ; from every change of position,

Shaking the head increases the headache,

During headache continuing with equal violence, he again remarked that every motion of the head from side to side increased the pain, but the motion backward and forward did not (after five minutes),

Shaking increases headache, pain in the back of the neck, and throbbing (in two provings),

The slightest shaking of the head influence the general headache; actual shaking would have increased it to a violent headache,

No headache except when shaking the head, later (after fifteen minutes), ; continues the following day,

Headache in the front of the head, right, in the occiput, left; worse when shaking (seventh minute),

The headache is much aggravated by shaking the head; after about fifteen minutes it is felt no more behind the ears, except when the head is shaken, and then it is felt disagreeably in the temples,

Steeping increased headache,

The headache was worse when stooping, ; and became throbbing,

If several glasses of wine have been taken before the Glonoine the headache continues several days; neither Nux Vomica Nux, Belladonna Bell., Aconite Aconite, nor Coffee relieve,

Headache worse when writing, reading, and smoking,

The headache ceases over night, ; during sleep,

Headache better in the open air,

After five drops of Glycerin the headache ceased in five minutes, which with the same dose had lasted seven hours the day before,

Lying down lessens headache,

Headache better during repose,

Was obliged to sit down during headache, ; abated while sitting still,

Smoking alleviated the headache,

Drinking tea relieved headache,

When throwing back the head he had no pain (after fourteen minutes),

Headache ceases when going to walk, ,

Cold bathing does not lessen the headache,

Pain in the vertex, extending to the back of the neck,

Pain in the vertex, in the evening,

When awaking at night, pain in the vertex,

A slight pain, beginning and increasing on the vertex, then diminishing, and again increasing, during which the mind became confused,

Burning pain in the crown,

In the evening at a concert, he found that he had a headache, from which he never suffers; he feels a fulness in the vertex, and throbbing in the temples; ceased during the walk home,

Pain and fulness in the vertex in the region of the first fontanelle,

Headache in the vertex and temples, as if they were pressed together (soon after second dose),

Immediate pain in vertex and sides of head, as if pressed together; pressure in forehead and eyes, causing winking; drawing pain towards occiput; pulse 100, 125, 140 (authority missing).

Dull pain in the vertex in the region of the first fontanelle,

Dull confusing pain in the vertex, and languor, ceasing after fourteen minutes,

Dull headache over the whole top of the head, and especially in the occiput,

Headache in the vertex and forehead (after second dose); increasing (after third dose); disappearing (after ten minutes),

Headache began in the left malar bone, rose from there, and extended over the entire front of the crown for half an hour,

Headache; pressure up in the vertex, as if there were not room enough, also some across the eyes; feels every pulsation in the head at the same time; worse when moving, especially the head; better during rest; ceasing in the open air,

Pressing headache in the vertex (three minutes after first dose); increased (after second dose),

Sudden pressive pain pressing from without inward on the vertex, together with rush of blood (after one minute),

Bruised pain in the organ of Firmness, right, followed by pulsation in the same spot (after three minutes),

Throbbing in the vertex, and pain extending to the back of the neck,

Throbbing pain near vertex, ; and across in region of coronal suture,

Throbbing and pain in the crown; it seems to rise from the base of the skull to the crown with every throb of the carotids (after three minutes),

Painful pulsation from the forehead to the vertex (after two minutes and a half),

Sometimes painful pulsation in the vertex, ; and painful twitching here and there in the head; forenoon of second day,

Pulsating headache in the vertex and in the temples,

Pain in right side (of head) in front, left side behind,

Pain, coming and going, in left parietal region,

Pain in the left half of the head, worse in the crown,

Pain in the region of the left coronal suture,

He soon felt pain on both sides of the sinciput,

Her headache ceased in the left side and went to the right, excessively, without diminishing afterwards,

Pain in the front part of the head, pressing ache in both temples, especially the left, as if pressed out, also towards both eyes; pain in the sacrum, better after returning home, after supper, worse after going to bed, with nausea and thin stool,

Pain in forehead,

Pain in the forehead, left, then right,

Pain in the forehead, then in the vertex, and soon in the whole head, so that he jumps up, two minutes after taking the medicine, and runs about,

Pain in the forehead, next morning when waking,

While driving, frontal pain in head,

Pain in the forehead, if he looks long in one direction,

Pain in the forehead, worse when shaking the head, worse evenings; ceases after night sleep, returns after forty-eight hours,

Pain in "Wonder," more to the right, later left; in "Benevolence,"

Slight pain, left, in Gall's organs of wit; when pressing with the fingers the spot seemed sensitive; with continued pressing, however, the pain subsided,

Headache in the forehead and forepart of the head,

Headache beginning at the root of the nose,

Immediately, headache in forehead and temples on both sides, neither throbbing nor piercing, a constant ache,

Headache in forepart of head, with nausea,

Headache of the nature of migraine, concentrating over the right eye, with dulness about the eyes and some heat (in nine persons),

Headache, painful dulness in the left upper forepart of head; shaking has no effect,

Dull pain in the forehead,

Dull pain in the forehead over the eyes,

Dull pain in the forehead and occiput, as after intoxication,

Dull pain in the forehead increased by shaking,

Dull feeling of pain in the forehead over the right superciliary ridge (after twenty-three minutes); ceases after three minutes,

Dull pain across the forehead, with throbbing in the temples,

Dull sensation of pain across the forehead and in the temples (after eleven minutes),

Very soon after taking the medicine, a dull ache in the forepart of the head, and a few minutes later a pressing pain from within outward in both temples; these pains increased to a violent degree; in front of the head they seemed to be throbbing, for several seconds,

Pain in the frontal region very violent, with a sensation as if the eyeballs were being pressed forward and out, and protruded,

Piercing pain from within outward towards the middle of the forehead, more upward,

A very sharp pain near middle line of forehead, not very deep, more towards the outside; a tearing sensation as if something were being tugged at,

Sensation of being bruised where the pain in the forehead had been,

Throbbing in the front of the head, , ; painful throbbing, especially in the forehead, ; (after three minutes), ; for two minutes (after six minutes), ; very soon, throbbing in the temples, and a throbbing headache across the forehead, ; all the afternoon, ,

Violent throbbing pain in the forehead, that extends downward to the nose, and contracts the eyelids (in healthy persons),

Afternoon and evening, violent throbbing, frontal, and temporal headache; next morning her head was better, and the remainder of the globules seemed to produce no sensation whatever; patient usually very sensitive to the action of medicine,

Dull throbbing pain in the forehead, root of nose, and temples,

Painless throbbing in the forehead, ,

Undulating pain from the front of the head, right, moving to the left front, and then over the whole of the head,

The pain in the forehead becomes more violent after thirty minutes,

During the headache in the forehead and forepart of the head, he was obliged to take off his hat in the open air, it was too heavy for him,

Pain through both temples, ; remains of previous pains (after five minutes),

Pain extends from one temple to the other,

Pain from right to left temple,

Pain in right temple, ; when shaking the head (after five minutes),

Pain in right temple, then in both, and behind the ears,

Intense pain in the right temple,

On cessation of the headache, a rushing sensation like fulness remained behind in the temple (after five minutes),

Dull pain in the temples,

Very soon, headache to the left of the temple, extending inwardly to the nose; after four minutes nothing remained but a dull feeling in the head,

Pressure, pain from within outwardly in both temples, ; lasting five or six minutes (after two and three minutes),

Sensation of pressure in the temples, which moved more towards the middle of the brain, causing a dull pain that moved in waves; at the same time a bursting upward, with a fine piercing pain on the outer skull over the left temple,

Violent pressing pain in the temples, which went undulating and ranging through the whole head, especially at last in the region of the sagittal suture,

Violent pressing headache on both temples, relieved by the open air, but felt again during the night in bed,

Painful oppression at the temporal region and in the occiput (fifth day),

Cutting pain in both temples; it seems to have a tendency to move downwards or towards both ears (after eight minutes),

Pain in both temples, worse left, even to piercing, after flushes of rising heat,

Fine piercing pain externally on the skull over the left temple,

With the irregular pulse, slight shooting pain in the head was perceived, at first in the right temple, and then also in the left one, the pain increasing to such intensity that a kind of giddiness appeared, accompanied with a sick feeling,

After a quarter of an hour she felt severe shooting pain through the temples from right to left, attended with sensation of great weakness, and inability to walk or stand without giddiness,

Twitching pains in the temples,

Throbbing in the temples, and a dull pain across the forehead, mostly right,

Throbbing in both temples, and a pain that extended from one temple to the other,

Throbbing and sharp pain in the right temple, then in both and behind the ears (after one hour and a half). Pain steadily increased, and for three hours was almost intolerable,

As long as I remained quietly sitting headache was very mild, but as soon as I attempted to walk I felt, with each step, an intense throbbing headache in both the temples, which obliged me to press as much as possible on the temporal arteries,

Violent throbbing pain in the temples, a worse pain than he had ever experienced,

Pressure on both the temporal arteries lessened the violent throbbing pain,

Headache, painful throbbing in the temples, disappearing within an hour (after five minutes),

Dull throbbing pain in temples,

In about half a minute perceived a throbbing of the temporal arteries, soon accompanied by a rather severe throbbing pain in both temples; in a few seconds more the pulse was found increased from 60 to 100, and the heart throbbed most violently and rapidly,

Pain in the occiput,

Pain came from behind, rising from the back of the neck to the occiput, and then spread upward,

First pain in the occiput, then in the vertex (two provers),

Pain in the occiput, after two minutes, that extended towards the crown; this pain increases when shaking the head sideways, and only a little when shaking it backward or forward; lasted about five minutes,

Pain in the occiput, gradually extending forward and upward, in the forenoon (second day),

Next day pains in the occiput, and slight pain in the forehead, when moving the head,

After fulness in the occiput, a pain that extends to the forehead and grows more violent,

Pain in the lower occipital protuberance, mostly right, increased when turning the head,

Severe pain in the occiput, extending to the eyes and temples (after one minute),

On shaking the head he felt great pain in the spot where he habitually suffered from headache (a small spot in right occiput),

Pain in the occiput, fulness, heat, and thumping,

Pain in the occiput, as from congestion,

Violent tensive pain in the occiput extends upwards and downwards and towards both ears; from time to time also slight tension above the right eye,

Relief in the open air, but tensive pain in the occiput returns from time to time,

Headache worse in the occiput, ,

Twitching pains in the occiput,

Sore pain in the occiput,

Pain in the occiput is unchanged throughout the day; no relief from open air, wine, or coffee; after sleep next morning head quite clear,


Pulsations in the brain, both heard and felt; at each pulsation, a sensation (not amounting to pain) in the scalp, just above the ears; a temperature of about 180° F., in a Turkish bath, had no perceptible influence on the headache; after running upstairs, at 8.15 P.M.,

Shedding of the hair, a fortnight after smelling the medicine (in a pregnant woman),

Sensation of numbness in the scalp,

Pain in several wens, of the size of a nut, on the scalp, as if pressed together by a ring, or as if a thimble were firmly pressed upon them,

After preparing it the first time, all day there was a stinging burning in small spots on head, and particularly on neck, less on the body, the spots having a fine, sharp, and burning itching, like that caused by the caterpillar's hairs,

Outer head

During the day the prominent symptoms were a cataleptic state of the occipito-frontalis muscle, and a degree of obtuseness of the brain,

Dulness externally in the head,

Sensation of soreness about the head,

On taking five or six drops of the solution the head symptoms came on sooner, and were accompanied by a gnawing sensation in the masseter muscles,

Motion, especially walking, increased symptoms of head and abdomen,

As soon as the pulse became normal the usual head symptoms subsided also,

Drinking coffee lessened it, but only after several hours (strong tea lessened effect of watery solution Glonoine better than coffee, ),

Combing relieves the head,

Holds the head with both hands,

Sitting with head in hands and elbows on knees,

Pressing upon it relieves the head, ; (three cases),

Is obliged to rest his head,


Colleagues affected in a similar manner after two to three minutes; both felt as if something rose from occiput and forehead to the vertex,

In five minutes she experienced a sensation of fulness in the vertex and forehead, and throughout the body, chest, and abdomen,

Constant sensation of fulness in the vertex, increasing all the time, as if something were pumped in,

Pressing in the vertex, ,

Pressure in vertex and occiput,

Sore feeling, as if the brain had been bruised at the vertex and in the region of the first fontanelle; it grows less and then increases when moving the head,

Soreness just below (under) the vertex, aggravated by stooping or stepping; invariably better when quiet and lying down,

Throbbing upward in vertex, ,

Throbbing and fulness in the vertex (after two minutes),

Sensation of throbbing and fulness in the vertex,


About 12 o'clock at noon of the second day, first twitching in the right side of the head and right orbit, then in the left side of the head, and ringing in the left ear,

In about two minutes I experienced a throbbing-hammering sensation on each side of the head near the vertex, and across in the region of the coronal suture, aggravated by motion and by looking up,


He feels as if ice-water were being poured over his forehead in neighborhood of eyebrows, for two minutes,

As if warm water were trickling down inside the forehead,

Dulness of the front of the head, which ceases in the open air,

Dulness in left frontal region as well as both sides, and heat in the face,

Fulness in the forehead all day; small violent,

Fulness and throbbing occupied the whole forepart of the head, and seemed to be deepseated,

Sensation of fulness in the forehead, right,

Disagreeable sensation of fulness in the forepart of the head, ,

She felt as if the forehead were stuffed full of something, with throbbing,

After the third dose, tension in the forehead much increased, with pressure at the roots of the nose,

Tensive sensation in the head, just over the frontal sinus and across the nose, also a feeling of fulness above and in front of the ears,

Dull and heavy feeling in the forehead (after second dose),

Pressure in the forehead (after one minute),

Pressure in the forehead and eyes, inducing winking of the lids (after second dose),

Pressure in the forehead from below upward, in forehead so severe that he is obliged to support his head for five minutes (after twenty minutes),

Pressure and fulness in forehead and over the orbits,

Violent pressure in the forehead, especially in the right occiput and towards the ears,

Dull pressure from below upward in forehead and vertex; forenoon (second day),

Crushing weight on the forehead, particularly between the brows and across the nose (after one hour and a half),

Stitch in the forehead, right, from laughing,

Soreness and bruised feeling (in forehead), ,

Feeling of contusion in the organ of Form, left, later on both sides (after eight minutes),

Throbbing in the forehead,

Throbbing in "Wonder,"

Violent throbbing in the forehead and strong pulsation; the sensation moves from temple to temple,

The brain seemed to move in the right frontal region,

She felt worse when moving the head, which caused a sensation as if something were loose in front of the head,


A marked enlargement of the temporal veins, with flushed face (this I have noticed in many provers),

He feels as if something were running through his temples,

A rushing sensation, as of fulness, in the temples,

Only a slight sensation of fulness in the temporal region, with throbbing (after three minutes); confined to the temples (after ten minutes); quite light (after fifteen minutes),

Tension in the right temple, with occasional prickling in the right eye,

Ache in one temple, ; in both, and when pressing them, haze before the eyes,

Drawing in right temple,

Pressure in the temples,

Pressure in the right temple, ; the left temple (after twenty minutes),

Sensation as of a strong pressure in the temporal region from within outward (after one minute, first day); increased (fourth day),

Violent pressure in the right temple; sense of fulness in head and ears,

Stitch in the temples,

Stitch in the right temple,

In both temples, tearing stitches from time to time, extending towards the masseter muscles,

Throbbing in the temples, , , ,

After ten to twenty minutes a throbbing in the temples set in, and congestion to the head, which constantly increased until the arteries of the temples were visible, and perceptible to the touch, throbbing violently,

Throbbing in both temporal regions, increased perceptibly by motion,

Throbbing in the temple,

Throbbing in right temple,

Throbbing in the right temple, very soon, ; in the left one,

Throbbing in the temporal arteries,

Throbbing in the temporal arteries, which were raised and felt like whipcords (after two minutes),

Almost immediately experienced the throbbing in temporal arteries, and tight feeling about throat; these soon subsided,

In one minute I began to perceive the throbbing in the temporal arteries, and the sense of constriction about the neck,

Pulsation in the temples,

Pulsation from temple to temple,


Affects occiput and neck more than any other part,

A subdued sensation, as if something were moving in the nerves from the back of the neck upward to the head (after thirty seconds),

Dulness in occiput,

Fulness in the occiput,

Pressive fulness in the occiput, more on outside; continues after several hours,

When sitting down, thumping fulness in the occiput; not worse when shaking the head, but after shaking it,

Congestion in the occiput, like pressure; it seems as if he must lose his reason,

Such excessive determination to the occiput that it seems as if he would lose his reason,

Aching in the occiput, and afterwards in the forehead,

Constant gnawing in the occiput,

Pressure in occiput, ; with fulness,

Pressure from occiput to crown,

Oppression at the occiput (fourth day),

Stitches in occiput,

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