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Glonoin - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Nitro-glycerine, Spirits Glycerinus Nitrate, Glonoine, Glonoinum, Glon.

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HPUS indication of Glonoin: Throbbing
Common symptoms: Throbbing, Headache, Flushed, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Glonoin in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), When stooping, stitches in head; heaviness in eyelids.

(Afternoon), Headache.

(Evening), Pain in forehead; pain in vertex; headache.

(Open air), Vertigo; headache.

(Ascending stairs), Throbbing headache.

(Change of position), Headache.

(After dinner), Headache.

(After eructation), Headache.

(Holding breath in open air), Headache.

(Looking long in one direction), Pain in forehead.

(Motion), All symptoms; throbbing in temporal regions; pressure in vertex, etc.; after rising, pain under vertex; sensation in sides of head; headache; nausea, etc.

(Moving head), Symptoms of head, etc.; pressure in head; throbbing in head; headache; headache in temples.

(Pressure), Headache; pain behind ear.

(Reading), Headache.

(Rest), The symptoms.

(Rising), Blindness, etc.

(Rising suddenly), Headache, etc.

(Shaking head), Dizziness; pressure in head; soreness in head; headache, etc.; pain in forehead; pain in temple; pain in occiput; headache, etc.

(Shaking head lightly), Dullness of head.

(After shaking head), Fulness in occiput.

(Smoking), Headache.

(Standing), The symptoms; pain under vertex.

(Stepping), Soreness under vertex; headache.

(Stooping), Sensation in head; darting in head; stitches in head; soreness under vertex; headache; black spots before eyes, etc.; palpitation; pain in region of heart.

(Turning around), Vertigo; pain under vertex.

(Turning head), Undulating sensation; pain in occipital protuberance.

(Walking), Heat in head; pain under vertex; symptoms of head, etc.

(Wearing hat), Headache in forehead, etc.

(Writing), Headache.


(Night), Throbbing headache.

(Open air), Dullness of front of head; headache in temples; pressure in vertex, etc.; pain in occiput; headache; nausea; when driving urging to stool; when standing or walking, pains in head.

(River bathing), The symptoms.

(Brandy), Vomiting.

(Coffee), Headache; the symptoms; sensation in abdomen.

(Combing hair), Headache.

(After dinner), The symptoms.

(Driving), Spots before eyes, etc.

(Gentle exercise), Headache.

(Lying down), Headache.

(Oysters and stout), Nausea.

(Perspiration), Nausea.

(Pressure), Throbbing in head, etc.

(Rest), Pressure in vertex; headache.

(Sitting), The symptoms.

(Sleep), Headache.

(Smoking), Headache.

(Applying snow), Pain in temples.

(After normal stool), The symptoms.

(After supper), The symptoms.

(Tea), Headache.

(Throwing head back), Pain in head.

(Walking), Pain in limbs; all unpleasant feeling; sensation about heart.


Increased desire to smoke, and the smoking regulates the bowels,

One who took a cold (coryza), and could not smoke, but as soon as he had taken Glonoine had a great desire to smoke,

Entire loss of appetite, though strong five minutes before taking the drug,




Eructation, ; with taste of Glonoine (after ten minutes),

Eructation before the headache,

One or two heavy, long, but easy eructations,

Belching of wind from the stomach, ; with feeling of pressure at pit of stomach,