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Graphites - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Beating beneath the short ribs at night, on waking,


Gnawing in the stomach, before dinner,

Great appetite for meat at supper-time, when he usually had no desire for animal food,

Little appetite for warm food,

Aversion to salt food,

Aversion to animal food, when thinking of it; though it tastes tolerable while eating, but bread tastes better,

Many eructations, tasting of the food (after four days),

Sour uprisings of the food,

Hiccough, in the morning after rising, and after dinner,

Hiccough, after every meal, whether warm or cold,

Hiccough, after a meal, with a dull, heavy head, or sleepiness,

Rancid heartburn, after a meal,

Rumbling in the abdomen during the midday meal,


Fermentation in the stomach, followed by emission of flatulence; then a dull pressure, drawing and sticking alternating in the body, followed by weakness of the eyes,

Flatulence suddenly appears and presses painfully awards the abdominal ring (after three hours),

Much accumulation of flatulence, with griping in the stomach and loud rumbling; wind passes with great force upward and downward, without relief,

Frequent emission of offensive flatus, with distension of the abdomen from time to time,

Passage of much offensive flatus, which constantly collects anew,

Full abdomen, as from accumulation and incarceration of flatulence; she cannot draw anything tight about the hypochondria,

Griping in the abdomen every time before the passage of flatus,

Hard tensive pressure in the abdomen, extending from the hypochondria deep into the lower abdomen, during rest and motion, and without trace of flatulence, the passage of which also gives no relief,

Colic after the emission of flatus,

Cramplike colic at night; a severe cramplike pain in all the intestines, intolerable alike during rest and motion, without trace of flatulence, together with absence of the urinary secretion,

Accumulation of flatulence in the lower abdomen, with rumbling, especially in the sides,

Fulness and hardness in the lower abdomen, with sensation of incarcerated flatus, especially in the evening and night,


Griping in the stomach, with nausea; she was constantly obliged to spit, as in waterbrash,

Ravenous hunger and after eating nausea and vertigo (third day),

Constant eructations, with nausea, the whole day, and loss of appetite (immediately),


Burning in the left hypochondrium while sitting, disappearing on motion; frequently repeated,

Tension, as of a tight band in the hypochondria, with oppression of the chest,

Pressive pain in the region of the spleen,

Such acute pain in the hepatic region, immediately after breakfast, that she was obliged to lie down,

Stitches in both hypochondria, obliging him to lie down (after three days),

Stitches in the right hypochondrium, extending to the back, like stitches in the spleen,

Stitches in the right hypochondrium in the morning, immediately after rising,

Stitches in the left hypochondrium on moving the body,

Acute stitches in the hepatic region, so that she had to bite the teeth together on account of the pain,


Constrictive griping and cutting about the umbilicus, soon followed by a natural stool (soon after taking),

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen, with rush of blood to the head, heaviness of the head, vertigo, and confusion (fourth day),

Distension of the abdomen on eating anything,

Distension of the abdomen, especially after eating, with painful sensitiveness to pressure,

Great distension of the abdomen, with dulness and heaviness of the head,

Tympanites, uneasiness, and griping in the abdomen after the stool,

Croaking in the abdomen, like frogs,

Gurgling in the right side of the abdomen, extending down into the limbs, as from softly falling drops,

Rumbling in the abdomen in the morning, in bed and for some time after rising,

Rumbling in the abdomen after drinking,

Rumbling in the intestines, and slight griping between the umbilicus and left hypochondrium (from 2 grains),

Incessant rumbling in the abdomen, as though diarrhoea would come on,

Loud rumbling in the abdomen,

During the excitement of the genitals, flatulent colic appears, which hinders coition,

Almost involuntary passage of wind; it could with difficulty be retained,

Fulness in the abdomen an hour after eating, as if he had eaten too much,

Fulness after eating, and for several hours a sourish, astringent taste, as from the stomach,

Fulness and heaviness in the abdomen,

Fulness in the abdomen and stomach, with loss of appetite and constipation for four days (after twelve days),

Abdomen tense (sixth day),

Abdomen tense, with diarrhoeic stool,

Cannot endure anything tight about the abdomen after eating,

Burning in (on) the left side of the abdomen,

Burning on a small spot in the left side of the abdomen,

Burning and cutting in the abdomen,

Griping in the abdomen, especially in the region of the caecum, immediately,

Griping in the bowels, by jerks, during rest and motion, with much thirst, without appetite,

Burrowing pain in the abdomen,

Drawing pain in the abdomen at night, with desire for stool, though without diarrhoea,

Violent pressive pain in the abdomen, together with heat in the abdomen, one day before and two days during menstruation,

Dull sticking in the left side of the abdomen,

Pain in the upper abdomen, as if everything would be torn to pieces during menstruation,

Colic, immediately after eating,

During menstruation, colic, dragging, and pressure, like labor pains, pain in the back, anxious pain in the small of the back, commencing with tickling; together with eructations, and then jerking-sticking toothache,

Colic disappearing on pressure,

Violent colic in the morning for several seconds; afterwards, first a diarrhoea-like, and following that, a consistent stool (sixth day),

Cutting colic in the morning, with several, though not diarrhoeic stools,

Cutting colic when walking in the open air,

Flatulent colic when walking,

Jerking in the abdomen (after one hour),

Jerking in the side of the abdomen,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Heaviness in the lower abdomen, with dragging,

Pain in the right side of the lower abdomen, aggravated by every step and inspiration,

Cramplike sticking in the lower abdomen (seventeenth day),

Dull sticking, very painful jerks in the muscles of the pelvis about the right hip-joint, while sitting,

Swollen glands in the right groin (after nine days),

Swelling and great sensitiveness of one inguinal gland,

An inflamed (gland) lump in the right groin,

Violent pain in the right inguinal region, a burning and pressure, as if the intestines would protrude, which seems to move itself; worse when stretching out the body, relieved by stooping,

The glands of the left groin are painful, as if swollen,

Swollen feeling of the left inguinal glands, so that he cannot step along well when walking; the glands, however, are neither swollen nor painful to touch,

Tension in the groins when walking,

Stitches in the groin,


Insipid and "spoiled" sensation in the stomach, though a good appetite,

Pain in the stomach, after eating, somewhat relieved by drinking,

Pains in the right side of the stomach, which are constantly relieved after frequent eructations,

Pain in the stomach, like a ravenous hunger, from morning till afternoon,

Pain in the stomach, with oppression and anxiety,

Burning in the stomach, fasting and before eating, which obliges him to eat,

Burning in the stomach, soon after eating, with heaviness of the body and ill-humor,

Burning in the stomach, followed by heat of the whole body and then by perspiration,

Feeling of coldness and sensation of great emptiness in the stomach,

Constrictive pain in the stomach (after six days),

Griping pain in the stomach, in the forenoon, disappearing during and after eating,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, at night and in the morning (ninth day),

Pressure after eating, like a cramp in the stomach, from the oesophagus to the umbilicus (after twenty-four days),

Pressure in the stomach the whole day, which was only relieved by lying and by the warmth of the bed, immediately returning on rising from bed,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, the whole forenoon, relieved by eructations,

Pressure in the stomach with slight eructations,

Sticking and throbbing in the pit of the stomach,

Frequent stitches in the stomach and bowels,

Gnawing in the stomach, after eating,

Hot things disagree with her stomach,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea for several hours immediately,

Nausea, with inclination to vomit, the whole day, immediately,

Nausea, in the morning, with weakness and trembling during the day, during menstruation,

Nausea, with inclination to vomit, in the stomach for two minutes in the morning immediately after rising, first eight days,

Nausea, with inclination to vomit, in the morning after rising, with dizziness as from obscuration of the eyes; he thinks he will fall while walking; with paleness of the face; for two weeks,

Nausea, at noon, with aversion to beef broth, for several days in succession,

Nausea, with inclination to vomit, in the afternoon, with running of water from the mouth (second day),

Food nauseates him,

Excessive nausea, with inclination to vomit, with tolerably good appetite, fasting, before, during, and after eating; afterwards vomiting of water (not of food), with much secretion of saliva (after a few days),

Faintlike nausea, as if from the left hypochondrium,

Faintlike nausea, in the evening in bed, which prevented sleep for two hours,

Qualmishness in the stomach, after the midday meal,

Qualmishness as from the abdomen, with contractive pain below the umbilicus, and much mucus in the throat, especially in the morning and for several hours after a meal,

Qualmishness in the lower abdomen,

Great qualmishness and nausea, before supper, without inclination to vomit,

Inclination to vomit at night, with faintlike weakness,

Vomiting of all the food taken, with nausea,

She immediately vomited the midday meal without nausea, wherewith she had a sickly, aching sensation in the pit of the stomach (after ten days),

Vomiting in the afternoon, after a walk of two hours, with great nausea, sudden weariness, and great chilliness, for some hours,

Vomiting from very slight nausea, with running of much water from the mouth,

Vomiting, with nausea and griping in the abdomen, the whole day, without diarrhoea,

Vomiting, with nausea and griping in the abdomen, two days in succession (after a few hours),

With the pressure in the stomach she was obliged to vomit,

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