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Graphites - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Redness and inflammation of the eyes, with drawing and pressive pain; followed by biting lachrymation,

Redness of the whites of the eyes, lachrymation, and photophobia,

Maturating of the eyes, with pressure in them, and a drawing pain extending into the head,

Much hardened mucus in the eyes,


Weakness of the eyes,

Weakness and red look to the eyes,

Pain in the eyes on opening them, as from exertion by reading,

Heat in the eyes; he could not see clearly,

Heat in the eyes, with some pus in the canthi,

Burning in the eyes,

Burning in the eyes, with the evening light (after thirty days),

Burning in the eyes and lachrymation in the open air,

Violent burning in the eyes, in the morning,

Drawing pain in the eyes,

Pressive pain in the eyes, every morning, and also in the evening,

If he looks intently at anything white or red, or at the sun, stitches extend from the temples through the eyes to the internal canthi,

Violent sticking into the right eye,

Biting in the eyes, as if something acrid got into them,

Biting pain in the eyes as from something acrid,

Biting in the eyes, with heat in them,


Things are seen as through a fog,

Shortsightedness; he is unable to recognize any one at ten paces (after thirteen days),

During menstruation the sight vanishes, it becomes black before the eyes; the left hand becomes numb and dead, with crawling in it extending up the arm, and also with crawling in the lips,

On looking at a white object he is blinded, and the eyes water,

Light blinds the eyes,

Intolerance of light; he cannot look at the bright light; with redness of the white of the eye,

Great sensitiveness of the eyes to the daylight, for several days,

The eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight; it causes lachrymation,

The eyes are only affected by daylight, not by candlelight; with the latter she can read easily and without difficulty,

Double vision of letters while writing, with burning in the eyes,

In the evening, with open eyes, he sees fiery zigzags around the border of the field of vision,

All sorts of images before the eyes, as soon as she closes them at night,

Brow and orbit

Coldness above the eyes,

Pressure in the right eyebrow, extending thence through the whole eye,

Twitchings beneath the eyes,


Swelling of the lids and lachrymal glands,

A stye on the lower lid, with drawing pain before the discharge of pus,

Dry mucus in the lashes,

Agglutination of the eyes, in the morning,

Red painful inflammation of the lower lid and inner canthus,

Very inflamed margins of the lids,

Inflammation of the external canthus,

Heaviness of the lids,

Inclination to draw the eyes together in the external canthi,

Paralytic pain in the lids,

Sensation of dryness in the lids, and pressure,

Heat about the lids,

Burning and dryness of the lids, in the evening while reading and in the morning,

Burning biting in the inner canthus,

Itching of the inner canthus,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation of the eyes frequently, and pressure,

Lachrymation and closing of the eyes, as from sleepiness, while walking in the open air,

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