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Graphites - General symptoms - Boger

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



LUMPY, THICK OR HARD (Chin Thuja Thu); skin, glands, tarsi, nails, scars, callosities, stools, crusts, etc


EXCORIATIONS, CRACKS OR FISSURES; in angles; at margins of mucous membranes; of eyes, nostrils, mouth, finger-tips, nipples, anus, etc

Emaciation; of affected part

Scanty, foul, thin, sticky, corrosive secretions Watery haemorrhages

Sense of burning, numbness or deadness

Pains go to part not lain on

Fat, relaxed, chilly and costive

Impulse to groan

Sad, fearsome and irresolute Music brings tears

Brain feels numb

Burning spot on vertex

Heavy occiput


Matted, brittle or falling hair; worse vertex and sides

Milk crust

Sore or cracked outer canthi

Scrophula of eyes

Pale tarsi

Ingrown lashes

Photophobia Inflamed or dry, scaly tarsi

Scales from ears

Briny otorrhoea


Hears better in a noise

Moist eruption behind ears Dryness in ears and nose

Nose; stuffed coryza; bleeding, worse before menses

Acute smell

Sensation as of a cobweb on face

Acne before menses


Lumpy goitre

Rotten taste

Dots of thick, white fur on tongue Choking; on swallowing, from goitre, etc

Sour taste, eructation, blood about teeth, stool, urine, odor from mouth, sweat, etc


Averse to meats and sweets

Alternate digestive and skin symptoms

Gastric pains -burning- necessitate eating

Symphoricarpus Racemosus Morning sickness during menses

Can't bear pressure about waist

Foul belching

Flatulence Stomach better heat, hot food, eating and lying

Abdomen distended, as from incarcerated flatus

Intestinal torpor Large, knotty, difficult, stringy, slimy coated stools; or loose, brown, lienteric and very foul

Constipation; for days (Sep)

Fissures of anus bleed and ulcerate

Stool of masses of mucus

Slender stool and urinary stream


Sexual exhaustion

Itching of anus and pudendum; before menses

Averse to coition

Swelled [left] ovary

Cramps in various places or burning

Indurations; ovaries, mammae, etc

Menses irregular; late, scanty, painful, etc

; cold taking, Symphoricarpus Racemosus morning sickness or sweats during

Gushes of irritating, white leucorrhoea; instead of menses

Suffocation, after mid-night, better eating

Voice lacks control, better using it

Circulation irregular


Rushes of blood to head

Bunions, worse fire heat, better pressure

Can't stretch enough

Paralysed feeling in limbs

Arms and legs go to sleep

Rawness in folds of skin

Eruptions, cracked, moist and bleed easily; worse on head and behing ears

Foul, acrid foot-sweat; chafes toes Crippled, crumbling nails

IRRITABLE, DRY, rough skin, that breaks easily and exudes A GLUEY MOISTURE; worse in folds - and is slow to heal


Eczema; anal, crural, palmar, etc

Wandering or recurrent erysipelas (Hyds)

Eruptions, worse from heat

Supersensitive to cold; it worse bone-pains, coryza and stomach

Cold, wet feet

Burning coldness




SKIN Folds Behind ears Angles Flexures Orifices



Mucous membranes