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Graphites - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




A grain of the purest plumbago from an English lead pencil of the best quality is pulverized, and according to the direction for preparing antipsoric medicines, as given at the end of the first volume, it is first triturated up to the one millionth powder-attenuation. Then, according to the direction there given, the solution of one grain of this preparation in a mixture of fifty drops of water and fifty drops of alcohol, after being shaken up ten times, is further diluted in pure alcohol to the billionth (II.). quadrillionth (IV)., sextillionth (VI), octillionth (VIII), and decillionth (X) degree, and every time potentized with ten strokes of the arm. In these forms and degrees of potency, this medicine is then applied to its homoeopathic antipsoric use, taking one or two small pellets moistened with the medicine, for a dose.

The purest plumbago is a sort of mineral carbon, and the small contents of iron are probably to be viewed merely as an admixture not essential to the nature of plumbago, which is further confirmed by the fact, that has fully proved the actual transition of diamond into plumbago by treating the same with metallic potassium.

The first thought of the medicinal use of plumbago was given to by the fact, that during his journey in Italy he saw workmen in a mirror factory in Venice use it externally for driving away herpes.

He imitated them, and described the result in a little work.

(Plumbago as a remedy for herpes), (2d ed., Meissen, 1812). He prescribed its external application either with saliva or with some fat, or the rubbed in the ointment, or applied a plaster of plumbago. He also administered it in several cases internally, as a confection or in pills, not without success.

We go somewhat further, and administer graphites as a very serviceable antipsoric remedy, and this, whether herpes be present in the (non-venereal) chronic disease or not, provided that the present (and previous) symptoms of the patient are found to be homoeopathically as similar as possible to the pure symptoms below adduced, which are peculiar to graphites, and caused by it in the healthy body.

Graphites has a lengthy period of action.

Graphites has proved itself especially useful, in chronic diseases where it is otherwise appropriate, in curing the following symptoms

Feeling unhappy. apprehension in the morning.

anxiety. peevishness.

dislike of work. feels as if intoxicated on rising from bed.

chaotic feeling in the head.

fatigued by scientific work.

buzzing in the head. tearing pain in the side of the head the teeth and the glands of the neck.

itching on the head. scab head.

perspiration of the head when in the open air.

, as from a grain of sand.

pressing, shooting and lachrymation of the eyes, dry pus on the eyelids and eyelashes.

everything becomes black before the eyes on stooping.

the letters in reading run together.

. the eyes fear the daylight.

dryness of the internal ear.

flow of pus from the ear.

bad smell from the ear.

porrigo behind the ears.

. singing and ringing in the ears.

humming in the ears. thundering rumbling before the ears.

hissing in the ears. bad smell from the nose.

dry scabs in the nose.

swelling of the nose.

semi-lateral paralysis of the face.

freckles in the face. humid, in the face.

falling out of the hair of the beard.

ulcerated corners of the mouth.

ulcers on the inner side of the lips.

nocturnal toothache. shooting toothache after drinking something cold.

swelling of the gums. dryness of the mouth in the morning.

hawking up of mucus. sensitiveness of the throat, in the region of the larynx.

almost constant sore throat, during deglutition.

nocturnal pain in the throat, as if a plug were lodged in the throat, or as if the food filled the gullet all the way up.

painful lumps on the lower jaw.

repugnance to cooked food.

. nausea after every meal.

weakness of the stomach.

pressure in the stomach.

nocturnal pinching in the stomach and digging in the chest.

. hardness in the hypogastrium.

tapeworm. painfulness in the groin.

inflation of the abdomen.

inflation after meals.

. obstruction of flatus.

. chronic constipation.

with and hardness of the hepatic region.

insufficient stools. long-continued, excessive softness of stools.

discharge of mucus from the rectum.

. pains as from excoriation of the varices of the anus after stool.

burning, painful fissure between the varices of the anus.

large varices of the anus.

micturition at night. quiescent sexual desire.

uncontrollable sexual desire.

. too scanty voluptuous sensation in coitus.

excoriation between the lower limbs, on the pudenda.

delayed menses. , with severe colic.

and too pale. pains during the menses.

cramps in the abdomen, with the menses.

pain in the chest, with the menses.

weakness, during the menses.

, like water. profuse leucorrhoea, before and after the menses.

. flow of mucus from the nose.

daily coryza, when becoming cold.

the voice in singing is not clear.

scraping in the throat.

cough. nocturnal cough.

asthma. spasm of the chest.

pain in the sacrum as if it was bruised or broken.

contractive pains in the back.

. cramp in the hand. horny callosities in the palms.

knotty, arthritic fingers.

constant excoriation between the fingers.

pain as from a sprain, in the joint of the thumb.

excoriation between the legs.

restlessness in the lower limbs.

numbness of the thigh.

herpes on the thigh. herpes on the houghs.

stitches in the heel when treading.

. burning of the feet, swelling of the feet.

horny skin on the toes.

eroding blisters on the toes.

suppurating toes. thick, crippled toe-nails.

cramp in many places, on the nates, the calves, etc.

drawing in the limbs.

the outside of the chest, the arms and the legs.

chronic lack of bodily perspiration.

perspiration on slight exertion.

excoriation of the skin on the bodies of children.

the skin does not heal easily, is apt to ulcerate.

. difficulty in falling asleep.

when going to sleep, suffocating tightness of the chest.

light slumber at night.

starting from sleep. nocturnal pains, sensible while asleep.

. drowsy slumber in the morning.

anxious, frightful dreams.

anxiousness at night, forcing him to get up.


Where chronic constipation and menses, delaying several days cause trouble, graphites is often indispensable. It is not often repeated to advantage, even after intervening remedies. Smelling of Arsenicum Album Arsenicum X° seems to be an antidote, especially to desperate grief caused by graphites. A very small dose of Nux Vomica nux vomica antidotes several troublesome symptoms from graphites.

The symptoms marked were observed by , those marked by an anonymous observer in the pure of the ; , ; , .

A pathogenesis appeared in the first edition of this work, containing 590 symptoms of Hahnemann's own, obtained in the manner we have described. It was then proved by Nenning in his usual way, and by Hartlaub. The 200 symptoms thus obtained are incorporated here with the original stock (which has been largely augmented), and with a few from Rummel and Kretschmar, resulting from provings of the 30th dilution.


Incipient paralysis of the left side of the face, after there had been some swelling of it, with some toothache.

the muscles on the right side of the face are suddenly distorted, the mouth drawn to the right, and its motion, as well as speech, become difficult.

the left eye often closes involuntarily, while the right cannot be fully closed, but often remains open, even in the dazzling light, in wind, and dust (aft. 18 d.).

No desire for coitus at all, during the first thirty days after taking graphites.

also his fancy, which at other times was very active, was cold, and there was no tendency to erections at all.

but at the end of this time all these awakened in so high a degree, that on touching a woman, he felt a voluptuous thrill and trembled in all his limbs.

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