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Graphites - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleep and dreams


Frequent yawning (after one hour),

Inclined to stretch and yawn without being able to stretch enough (after two days),

Sleepiness during the day, with great weariness (after eleven days),

Sleepiness after the midday meal,

Great sleepiness during the day, so that he must lie down,

Very sleepy toward noon,

Falls asleep very early in the evening, with great weariness,


Restless nights, with heat (after twelve days),

Restless nights, with heat of the whole body (first week),

Restless at night, with anxious dreams,

Restless night; she lies awake up to midnight, and can only fall asleep about 2 o'clock,

She is unable to fall asleep before 2 A.M.,

Frequent waking at night,

Frequent waking at night, as in slumber (fifteenth day),

Frequent waking, as from fright,

Too early waking,

Waking at 2 A.M., for several nights, with great uneasiness,

She awoke about 3 A.M.; could not fall asleep again for two hours and awoke at 7, dizzy and tired,

Frequent starting up in sleep,

Anxious talking in sleep,


Constant dreamy nights,

Vivid dream, remembered for a long time,

Very vivid dreams,

Sleep disturbed by dreams,

Voluptuous dreams (third day),

She dreams only what she has seen and thought of during the day,

Numerous dreams, with distorted images, in relation to everything which had happened to her during the last two days,

Dreams fatiguing the head,

Dreams full of trouble,

Dreams of unpleasant things which had occurred during the day, on account of which she awoke with anxiety,

Anxious dreams, from which she awakes with anxiety or fright,

Anxious dreams, so that on waking she was quite beside herself,

Very vivid, anxious dreams,

Anxious dreams, which took away her breath; she cried out, and lay in perspiration,

Anxious dream, of numberless dogs and cats, with loud talking (twenty-second day),

Anxious dreams of lethargy and loss of consciousness; afterwards very difficult waking from deep sleep, with stiffness of the cervical muscles,

Peevish dreams,

Peevish dreams, with moaning and groaning in sleep,

Peevish, anxious dreams,

Frightful dreams (fifth day),

Anxious, frightful dreams,

Frightful dreams, with danger from water,

Dream of fire,

Dreams of dead people (second night), ; (twenty-ninth day),


Perspiration all over from an earnest conversation (after seven days),

Perspiration, even on slight motion, in a person who usually never perspired (after four days),

Perspiration, even after a short walk, which colors the linen yellow, with exhaustion,

Sweat some mornings in bed,

Night-sweat for several nights (removed by wine),

Perspiration while eating,

Profuse perspiration (thirty-fifth night); this perspiration seemed to occur without any cause, and although I was frequently awakened by cramps in the calves, it continued so great that in the morning not only the hair of the head, but the bed along the whole length of the body, was decidedly moist,

Sour-smelling perspiration,

She perspires much, a very sour, offensive sweat at night,

Very offensive exhalations from the body,

Sweat of the head while falling asleep,

Perspiration on the sternum every morning,

Sweat of the feet, most profuse in the afternoon and evening,

Sweat of the feet, in the evening, with tearing in the feet and hands (after twelve hours),

Profuse sweat on the feet; they begin to smell,

Profuse sweat of the feet; they become sore, especially between the toes, so that he frequently does not know what to do with himself on account of the pain,

Profuse sweat of the feet, when walking a little distance, which makes the toes sore,

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