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Graphites - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pressure, extending from the forehead deep into the head (aft. 30 d.).

Pressure outward at the forehead, for two hours after the meal.

Dull pressure in the forehead, in the morning, after rising, worse on moving.

Much pressure in the occiput and nape.

Sensation as if all within the head was screwed in a vice and filled up.

Sharply drawing tension of the nerves of the brain.

Drawing in the forehead, for half an hour, recurring for several days successively.

Drawing, first in the sinciput, then in the occiput, in the evening.

Tearing in the forehead, with internal sensation of heat, in the afternoon.

Violent tearing in the right side of the head, in the evening (1st d.).

Flying stitches in the left temple (aft. 11 d.).

Ebullition of blood and sensation of heat in the head, repeatedly during the day, with sweat.

Throbbing in the forehead.

Throbbing in the right side of the head, in the afternoon; recurring for several days.

Sensation of looseness of the whole brain.

Disagreeable warmth in the whole head (after dinner).

Burning on the crown, in a small spot.

Rushing sound in the head (aft. 3 d.).

Weakness of the head, extending down to the neck.

Coldness and cramp-like contraction of the skin of the head.

Sensation as if the forehead was wrinkling.

Tearing on the head, as from Rheum rheum, in the morning.

Humid eruption on the head, which does not itch, but only aches when touched, as if festering underneath.


Headache, early on awaking, every morning, for half an hour.

Headache in the morning, as if she had not done sleeping (aft. 9 d.).

Semilateral headache, in the morning in bed, with inclination to vomit; this goes off on rising.

Severe headache in the morning, on awaking, with nausea, diarrhoea and icy cold sweat, even to fainting; then she had to keep her bed for two days, with constant alternation of chill and heat.

Dull headache in the forehead and the crown, early in bed, while still half asleep; when fully awake, it was gone (aft. 9 d.).

Headache, at night, in that side of the head on which he was not lying.

Headache, on turning the head, for two days.

Headache on moving the head; she is afraid to move it.

Headache, while out driving.

Headache, during and after the meal.

Headache, with nausea, as if rising from the abdomen, a very disagreeable sensation.

Pain, as if the head was numb and turgid.

Pain, as if bruised in the head, with general ill-feeling, in the evening.

Pain, as if the sinciput was torn to pieces, from the morning after rising till toward noon.

Pressive headache, now here, now there, in the brain, lastly behind the left ear (aft. 24 h.).

Pressive pain in the left temple, for one minute.

Sharp pressive pain in the temple, on which he was not lying, in the morning in bed.

Pressive pain on the head (aft. 24 d.).

Pressive headache in the occiput.

Headache, as if the forehead would burst, after a meal.

Pain as if constricted, especially in the occiput toward the nape, which on looking upwards, pains as if broken, at noon; later the pain draws down the back and forward into the chest.

Tensive, severe headache, on awaking from sleep; this occupies the whole head, more on the surface of the brain and most in the occiput, without impeding thought, with painful stiffness of the nape; the more he tries to sleep more soundly, the worse the pain becomes (aft. 24 h.).

Drawing headache in the forehead, with pain in the nape of the neck, as if still.

Drawing pain on (in) the head, down the face, extending to the neck.

Twitching pain in the right side of the head.

Tearing headache in the forehead, in the morning on awaking, for one hour.

Shooting pains, from both sides of the crown toward the middle, as if the head would burst, from the morning till 3 P.M., when the pain went off, during a profuse sweat in the heat of the sun.

Ebullition in the head, with compressive pain in the crown, in the afternoon.

Painful blows on the right side of the head.

Pain in the forehead as if excoriated, when touched.

Pain on the head, as if from excoriation.

Eruption on the crown, which pains and becomes moist when touched.

Scurfy spot on the crown, with violent pain as from excoriation, when touched.

Painfulness and moistness under the scurfy spots on the head.


Itching on the hairy scalp.

Much dandruff on the head, causing a very troublesome itching, and causing scabs, which go off when the head is washed, and leaved the parts humid.

The old scurfs on the hairy scalp become detached and begin to emit a fetid smell.

Single hairs turn gray.

Falling out of the hair of the head (aft. 36 h. and aft. 16 d.).

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