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Graphites - Mouth symptoms - Hahnemann

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Eruption in the corner of the mouth.

The left corner of the mouth is ulcerated.

Scurfy, painless ulcers on both corners of the mouth.

Chin, full of eruption.

In the lower jaw on the left side, shooting tearing.

In the sub-maxillary glands, pressive pain.

Inflammation and swelling of the right sub-maxillary gland, which after some days becomes indurated and scales off.

Swelling of the sub-maxillary glands.

Swelling of the sub-maxillary glands, painful when touched, with stiffness of the neck.

Swelling of the parotid gland, with tensive pain.

Gnawing in the sockets.

Acidity in the mouth, after breakfast.

Acidity in the stomach, with voracious hunger.


Chapped lower lip.

Eruption on the lip.

Eruptive pimple on the upper lip, which first itches and then burns.

Small, white tubercles on the upper lip.

Thick-set, whitish pimples on a red base, and itching somewhat, on both corners of the mouth, below the lips.

A blister on the upper lip, with cutting pain.

Gums and teeth

Toothache of the right molars, when biting firmly.

Shooting pain, darting about in the teeth.

Pain, as of soreness of the teeth, while eating, increased after eating.

Pressive pain in all the teeth and in the jaws, at night, for two hours, and renewed in daytime by chewing and biting.

Painful pressure in all the teeth, aggravated by touching them.

Drawing toothache.

Drawing pain in a hollow tooth.

Drawing pain in the molars, when walking in the wind.

Tearing in the root of the tooth.

Tearing pain in all the teeth, aggravated by warmth, renewed on lying down in bed, and thus destroying the night's rest before midnight.

Shooting toothache (aft. 6 d.).

Dull, jerking stitches in a tooth.

Dull, jerking stitches in a hollow molar, on taking a walk (aft. 4 h.).

Single, burning stitches in a left upper molar, after a meal.

Tingling toothache, and when she takes cold water in her mouth, stitches in the tooth.

Burning toothache, as from looseness of the teeth, now in one tooth, now in another, mostly at night in bed, or in the evening, when sitting and leaning back, with collection of saliva in the mouth; pain aggravated by chewing.

Pain of the lower teeth, as from looseness, when masticating.

Black, sour blood often flows from the hollow teeth.

Pain, as from excoriation of the gums, on the inner side of the teeth, as after eating hot things (aft. 10 d.).

Pain, as from excoriation of the gums of the upper incisors, on touching them with the tongue.

Ulcerative pain of the gums.

Itching gnawing in the gums.

Rush of blood to the gums, so that she feels like cutting into them.

Swelling of the gums and dryness in the mouth.

Swelling of the gums, in the evening.

Acutely painful swelling of the gums.

Painful swelling of the gums, with swelling of the cheeks and lassitude in the whole body.

Painful swelling of the gums on the teeth of the upper jaw, as if excoriated, even while touching the cheek, with pain in the molar belonging to it, as if a swollen cheek would ensue.

The gums bleed easily on being touched.

The tongue after a meal feels raw, rough and scrapy, and the papulae are too sensitive, as if they rubbed against the teeth.


Pain on the left side of the tongue, as from excoriation, when moving and stretching the tongue.

White tongue.

Burning vesicles on the lower surface and the tip of the tongue.

Painful nodules and blisters posteriorly on the tongue, which are most painful while eating and spitting, and sometimes bleed.

Whitish, painful ulcer on the lower surface of the tongue.


Putrid smell from the gums and the mouth.

Sourish putrid smell from the mouth.

Urinous smell and breath from the mouth ad through the nose.

Bad smell from the mouth.

Bitter taste of food.

Sour taste frequently, especially after eating and drinking.

Sour taste in the mouth, and no appetite for drinking.

Taste of rotten eggs in the mouth, in the morning, after rising.


Toothache, especially at night, with heat in the face, or in the evening, with pain as of excoriation on the palate and on the swelling of the cheeks.

The gums are painful, with a sensation of excoriation on the palate and flow of water from the mouth.

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