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Graphites - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Unhealthy skin; every small injury suppurates,

Numerous red, itching spots over the whole body, especially on the calves, lasting seven days (twenty-fifth day),

The skin of the hands is hard and cracked in several places,

Spots here and there on the body, like fleabites,

Cracking of the lower lip,

Eruptions, Dry.

Small pimples without sensation break out over the whole body at night, and disappear in the morning,

Red spot on the thigh, without any pain,

A red, raw spot like a tetter on the upper part of the thigh, opposite the scrotum, usually itching somewhat in the morning,

Eruption on the lip,

Eruption in the corner of the mouth,

Chin covered with eruption,

Eruption on the penis,

Gritty eruption on the fingers,

Numerous red pimples on the thighs, which, however, only itch a little,

Small white pimples on the upper lip,

Hard white pimples on a red base, with some itching in both corners of the mouth under the lips,

Hard pimples painful to pressure behind the right ear, for many days,

Itching pimples on the face, becoming moist after scratching,

Papulous eruption on the upper lip, which first itches and then burns,

Papulous eruption in the left nostril, which at first itches and then burns,

Papulous eruption on the nates, painful to touch,

Papulous eruption on the pudenda, with some itching,

Eruptions, Moist.

Vesicular eruption on the prepuce,

Vesicular eruption beneath the malleoli,

A scattered eruption, consisting of deeply seated pimples, painful to pressure, which rapidly formed vesicles; these pimples appeared exclusively on the posterior surface of the thighs and legs (after one month),

A vesicle on the upper lip, with cutting pain,

A vesicle on the little finger itches, suppurates, and discharges much matter, with burning and sticking, which, like the suppuration, continued a long time,

A white blister on one toe,

Itching eruption full of corrosive water in many parts of the body, for twelve hours,

Much moist papulous eruption on the nose,

Itching and moist eruption on the scrotum,

Erysipelas of the hands,

Erysipelas of both sides of the face, burning-sticking pain, followed by catarrh, for one day, with sticking in the gum (seventh and fourteenth days),

A tetter becomes an inflamed swelling for four days,

(The tetter behind the ears desquamates and becomes better),

(A tetter on the leg disappears),

Numerous small red itching pimples tipped with pus, which burn after scratching, and disappear the next day,

Small pustules on the chin and chest,

Large pustules, with sticking pains on both little toes,

Suppuration of the margins of both great toes,

Several small boils on the neck, back, and arms,

A boil on the nates (after four days),

An ulcer on the fourth toe,

Scaly ulcer upon the tibia, with red inflamed border, and surrounded by swelling; it is so sensitive that at night the bed-covering cannot be endured,

Proud flesh in ulcers,

Offensive odor from an ulcer (after twenty days),

The scab of an ulcer smells like herring-brine,

Numerous boils on the neck, which disfigure it like a large goitre, disappearing after some days,


Itching of the whole body, and after scratching small pimples, which contain water (seventeenth day),

The itching becomes general and very violent, even on the face and genitals,

A momentary, corrosive itching here and there, which provokes scratching,

Burning pain in old scars from ulcers,

Pressure and sticking in an ulcer (third day),

Itching pressure in an ulcer (after fifth day),

Tearing in an ulcer (fifth day),

Painful soreness between the pudendum and thigh, covered with pimples, vesicles, and ulcers,

An ulcer becomes exceedingly sensitive,

Smarting of the limbs covered with tetter,

Painful smarting all over the hands; on moving the fingers the skin cracks,

Tingling of the feet towards the toes, like a slight tearing (after fifth day),

Formication on the back,

Itching of the right temple, very violent, with burning after scratching,

Itching of the lobules of the ears and of the cheeks; after scratching lymph exudes, which hardens on these places,

Itching behind the ears,

Itching of the back and arms, during the day,

Itching on the scrotum,

Itching of the balls of the left hand,

Itching on the leg where the veins were swollen,

Itching in the swollen varices of the limbs,

Itching of all the toes,

Violent itching on the coccyx, above the anus, with moisture and formation of a scurfy place,

Sticking itching on the thigh, as if an eruption would break out in the place of a previous boil,

Sticking itching in the right great toe,

Frequent sticking itching, like fleabites, transiently relieved by rubbing, in a mole,

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