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Guaiacum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Guajacum Officinale, Guaiacolum, Guaiac, Resin of Lignum Vitae, Guaiacum, Guai.

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HPUS indication of Guaiacum: Swollen eye

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Guaiacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Stretching of the upper limbs, with yawning,


Sharp stitch on the top of the right shoulder, frequently returning,


Weakness of the upper arm, as after hard labor,

Violent painful stitches in the right upper arm, mostly in the middle of it,


Frequent drawing-tearing stitches, extending from the left elbow to the wrist,

Tearing in the right forearm, extending into the wrist,

Painful drawing tearing in the left arm, extending from the upper arm to the fingers, but especially persistent in the wrist,


Persistent drawing-tearing in the left wrist (after two hours),

Pressive tearing in the left wrist,


Some violent stitches in the right thumb (after one hour),

Lower extremities

The limbs, especially the thighs, are weary, as after a long walk on the previous day,


Pain, like growing-pains, in the right thigh,

Tension in the thighs, especially in the right, as if the muscles were too short, with weakness, while walking; aggravated by touch; ameliorated while sitting,

Pressive drawing pain, extending from the middle of the right thigh to the knee, on stretching out the right leg; disappearing on drawing it up and bending it,

A crawling pressive pain in the bone of the right thigh, extending from the middle of it to the knee, while sitting still (after a quarter of an hour),

Some stitches in the left thigh above the knee, which meet on both sides (after three hours),

Dull stitches in the right thigh above the knee,

Needle-like stitches in the nates, when walking, though mostly when sitting still, as though she sat upon needles,

Drawing tearing from the middle of the left thigh to the knee,

Jerking tearing from the middle of the right thigh to the knee (after half an hour),

Bruised pain in the left thigh, when walking in the open air,


Drawing pain in the knee, which ends in a stitch,


Painless constriction in the right calf (after half an hour),

Drawing stitches in the right leg, extending from the ankle up to the middle of the tibia (after three hours),

Tearing-drawing stitches, extending from the middle of the right tibia to the knee (after fourteen hours),

Tearing stitches between the tibia and fibula, extending to the patella, so violent that he jumped up high,

Tearing dull stitches, extending from the middle of the left tibia to the toes,

Tearing long-drawn stitches in the right leg, extending from the dorsum of the foot to the knee,

Violent jerking stitches in the outer side of the calf,

The lower leg seemed bruised after walking, feeling as if brittle,


Some sharp stitches in the right ankle, while sitting,


Pain, ending in a sharp stitch, in a small spot on the back of the right foot, disappearing on motion,

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