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Hamamelis Virginica - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Witch-hazel, Hammemelis, Hamamelis, Hemamellis, Hama, Hamam, Hamamelis Virginiana, Ham.

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HPUS indication of Hamamelis Virginica: Varicose veins

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hamamelis Virginica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great desire to urinate (twenty-first day),

Great desire to urinate, but pass but little water; it comes away in drops (third day),

Frequent inclination to urinate (seventh day),

Frequent urination during the day (nineteenth and twentieth days),


Increased urination; urine pale (first night and second day),

Urinates too often, with continual desire to pass water (second day),

Urine clear and copious (seventeenth day),

Flow of large quantities of urine, with frequent desire to urinate (second day),

Hamamelis Virginica acts upon the kidneys more when lying down, compelling her to rise fifteen to thirty minutes afterwards to pass urine in large quantities,

Profuse urination, but only little at a time; seems that bladder fills up very quickly; urine light-colored (fifth day),

Urine very profuse; notice also in vessel greasy deposit, which sinks to bottom of vessel, rising to top when shaken, looking like laudable pus; urine light in color (seventh day),

Urine clear, saltish (fourth day),

Sexual organs


Erections continue (fifteenth day),

Erection, but no emission (second and fifth nights),

Stitching in glans penis (twenty-seventh day),

Pulsations in glans penis felt several times in course of day (twentieth day),

Tingling in glans penis (seventeenth day),

Severe dull pains in the testicles a number of times through the day, with distress in the bowels (sixth day),

Frequent dull pains in the testicles all day (seventh day),

Dull aching pains in both testicles (after three hours, second day),

Severe drawing pains in both testicles (after three hours, second day),

Such excruciating pains in the testicles that I was compelled to stop the evening,

Some pain running down the spermatic cords into the testes (fifth night),

Great desire for an embrace (fifth day),

Sexual dream, with an emission (third night),

Sexual dream, with and involuntary emission, followed by great weariness and severe dull pain in the loins (first night),

Sexual dream, but no emission (first night),

An emission (fourth night),

Nocturnal emission and dreams; emission caused by dreams (second night),

Emission while dreaming (fourteenth night); at night (thirty-fifth, fortieth, forty-second, and forty-ninth days); lass frequently (after eighty days); when well would have had an emission every five or six weeks; during the proving oftener than once a week on an average,

Seminal emission without erection, with consciousness (twenty-seventh day),

Seminal emission without sensual dreams during night (fourth day),

Seminal emission, but not conscious of the fact at the time (first night),

Seminal emission during night, without being aware of it, or amorous dreams (sixth night),

Seminal emission without dreams (fourth and fifth nights), of which he was unconscious till morning,

Has an erection without desire, on retiring (twenty-ninth night); but on awakening in morning discovered he had an emission,

Two emissions, with an incessant desire for an embrace; erections quite frequent; continues off and on all day (twelfth night); an other emission (thirteenth night),

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