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Helleborus Niger - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Snow-rose, Helleborus, helleb, Hell.

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HPUS indication of Helleborus Niger: Pale skin

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Helleborus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Emission of much offensive flatus, soon after dinner (after one hour and a quarter),


Colic early in the morning, consisting of a kind of twisting and cutting about the umbilicus, somewhat relieved by lying bent together, gradually relieved after the passage of flatulence (first day),

Movements of flatulence in the abdomen,

Movements in the abdomen as if bubbles rose up and burst, followed by emission of offensive flatus (after eight hours),

Flatulence rising up towards the short ribs, with empty eructations,

Emission of offensive flatulence in the morning, after the customary milk (after half an hour),

Emission of very offensive flatulence (second day),

Fulness and rumbling in the abdomen; emission of flatulence relieved for only a short time,


Twisting griping commencing in the hepatic region, and constantly extending downward and forward (after two hours and a half),


Audible painless rumbling beneath the umbilical region (after one hour),

Pain several times deep in the umbilical region (fifth day),

Heat deep in the umbilical region (tenth day),

Feeling of heat deep in the umbilical region, with dull pressure in it (eighth day),

Pressure deep in the umbilical region (twentieth day),

Sharp pressure transversely across the abdomen below the umbilicus from without inward, especially severe while sitting (after twenty-four hours),

Violent pressive pain deep in the umbilical region, lasting more than an hour (third day),

General Abdomen.

Excessive distension of the abdomen, in the evening (after five days),

Painful distension of the abdomen (first day),

Abdomen distended, but not very painful when touched (after two hours),

Fermentation in the abdomen (twelfth day),

Rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling and uneasiness in the bowels,

Excessive rumbling in the abdomen, and noises (immediately),

Discomfort in the abdomen, with sensation of coldness, as if diarrhoea would occur (one hour after dose, sixth day),

Discomfort in the abdomen, with some drawing pain, as if diarrhoea would occur, followed by urging to stool, and pasty stool (seventh day),

A disagreeable sensation of powerlessness in the abdomen, so that pressure was agreeable, in the morning (first day),

Feeling of coldness in the abdomen as if it would become a colic, but which passed off without (two hours after dose, second day),

Heaviness in the abdomen (after two hours),

Feeling of distension in the abdomen, constant need for stool, without being able to pass anything (second day),

The whole abdomen seems to be distended; on slight pressure it feels as if ulcerated (third day),

Griping in the abdomen, on ascending steps (after thirty-two hours),

Violent, dysentery-like griping transversely across the abdomen (after eating),

Burrowing pain in the abdomen (fifth day),

Violent cutting in the abdomen, continuing in the evening (first day),

A few stitches in the abdomen and tearing pain transversely across it (after half an hour),


Awoke at 5 A.M. with colic and great desire to urinate (it is true I have a desire to urinate every morning, but not such an irresistible desire), this time, however, I passed only a very small quantity (first day),

Coliclike pain in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea were imminent,

Pain as if bruised in the anterior and lateral portions of the walls of the abdomen (eighth day),

Bruised pain in the anterior and lateral portions of the walls of the abdomen (eighth day),

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Audible rumbling low down in the abdomen, as if in the spine,

Violent hard pressure on the middle of the pubis (after quarter of an hour),

Sticking in the hypogastric region, somewhat disturbing sleep (second day),

Pressure in the right inguinal region, becoming a stitch, a sensation as if a hernia would form,

Pressing pain in the right groin (soon),

Successive jerking cuttings extending from the right iliac region (beneath and outward to the umbilicus) to the outer portion of the left iliac region,

Pain in the outer surface of the os ilium, similar to sciatica, occurring at intervals, in the afternoon (seventh day),

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