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Helleborus Niger - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Snow-rose, Helleborus, helleb, Hell.

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HPUS indication of Helleborus Niger: Pale skin

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Helleborus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head,

Confusion in the head, with increased warmth; aggravated by stooping (twelfth day),

Head confused, heavy, lasting till evening (after two hours),

Reeling in the head,

Reeling in the head, especially when walking, the whole day,

General Head.

Emptiness of the head, as if distracted, with fluent coryza (after five hours),

Dulness of head, as befogged, mostly in the forehead (after three-quarters of an hour),

Dulness and heat of the head; burning in it,

Dull and heavy in the head,

Stupefaction in the head (immediately),

Stupefaction of the whole head, with fluent coryza (after five hours and a half),

Heaviness of the head,

Heaviness of the brain and sensation as if it were surrounded by a tight skin, with inability to think or retain anything in his memory,

Heaviness and internal heat in the head, with cold fingers and chilly feeling over the whole body, which were relieved by wrapping up the hands and keeping them warm (after one hour),

Warmth rises from the stomach into the head, like a qualmish nausea,

Heat in the head (fifteenth day),

Heat and heaviness in the head, soon,

Heat deep within the head (fifth day),

The symptoms of congestion of the brain became so marked that the drug had to be discontinued and cold applications made to the head,

Pressure in the brain, as if it would be pressed from both sides towards the middle and upward (after nine hours),

Tearing in various parts of the head (soon),

The head is painful, as if beaten,

Pulselike beating on the forehead and temples, with heat of the face (after six hours),


Confusion of the head, which makes it dull; a dull pain every afternoon from 4 to 8,

A dull painful confusion of the head, relieved by pressing the head with the palm of the hand,

Confusion, heaviness, and painfulness of the forehead all day,

Dull, painful confusion in left side of head, during which the fluent coryza changes to a stopped coryza,

Very painful heaviness in the head, with tension and pressure as from without inward in the temples, but especially in the forehead; with every pulse a pressing-drawing as if the blood forcibly pressed through the head (the whole day, especially during the fever), relieved in the open air,

Pain in the cranial bone (first day),

Pain and heaviness of the head, with pressive pain in the limbs, the whole day,

He does not know how to hold the head on account of violent pain in it; he changes its position every moment; it is most tolerable when he forces himself to lie quiet and forgets his pain in a half doze with the eyes closed,

Head very hot, heavy and painful, after a new dose,

During the dull painful confusion of the head a grabbing sensation here and there in the head, without pain,

Troublesome headache,

Violent headache (fourth day), ; (fourth and fifth days),

Stupefying headache, as from drunkenness, the whole afternoon (after seven hours),

Pressive pain deep within the head (fifth day),

Pain in the head, as though the whole brain were pressed inward, on every step in the open air (after one hour),

Constant headache the whole day, as if the head were compressed,

Violent pressive headache, with great heaviness, especially in the occiput, on waking (after forty-one hours),

Piercing headache, which on sitting upright becomes a burning in the brain,

Bruised pain, as if combined with dulness, now in one, now in another part of the brain; worse when stooping,

Drawing headache in the top of the head, in the morning in bed (after twenty-four hours),

One-sided headache, a tearing, with chilliness,

Heaviness and transient pain in the forehead (second day),

Pain in the forehead (after a quarter of an hour),

Pain in the forehead, as if the head would burst (fifth day),

Headache in the right side of the forehead, pressing from within outward,

Dull headache in the frontal region and foreparts of the head,

Dull headache in the forehead, in the evening, with pressure in the right temple,

Boring, drawing pain in the forehead, fingers, forearms, and knees (first day),

Pressure and pain in forehead (sixth day),

A painful pressure in the forehead, somewhat to the left side,

Pressive pain in the forehead, like a wild confusion,

Confused pressive pain in the head, over the eyes (tenth day),

Pressive headache in the right frontal eminence, aggravated on walking in the open air,

A pressing-asunder headache in the forehead (fourth day),

Very fine tearing, very acute pressive pain in the left frontal eminence, involving the left eye (ninth day),

Compressive pain in both temples,

Drawing pain in the upper part of the temple, towards the ear (immediately),

Pressing pain in the temples and cranial bones (first day),

Pressive headache in the right temple, after exerting the attention, aggravated by walking (after eight hours),

Pain in the occiput (after a quarter of an hour),

Headache extending from the nape of the neck to the vertex,

Uninterrupted pressive pain in the occiput, extending towards the nape of the neck,

Headache as if bruised in the occiput, especially on stooping (after forty-eight hours),


Sensation as if the scalp were drawn tight over the occiput (after forty-one hours),

Bruised pain externally in the vertex and occiput, especially during the febrile chill; on every motion, especially on stooping and ascending steps, the pain becomes a violent jerking in the scalp, relieved by external pressure (after forty-eight hours),


Constant, violent pressure upon the vertex (tenth day),

Pressure on the crown, as if with a point,

A sensation on the top of the head as if the skull were being pressed inward,

Dull pressive sensation on the top of the head, like a clavus,


Pressure in the left side of the head and afterwards in the right knee (fifth day),

Violent pressure several times in the left side of the head (third day),

Drawing pressure in the left hemisphere of the brain from behind to the forehead as if the brain-mass became accumulated there (immediately),

Stitches in the region of the coronal suture on the right side, as if rising up out of the brain,


Stupefaction and pressure in the forehead, and especially in the eyes; as though something would fall out at the forehead and eyes (first day),

Heaviness in the forehead (after half an hour), (first day),

Heaviness in the forehead, lasting nearly the whole day (twentieth day),

Forehead heavy, soon,

Heat and fulness in the forehead (after one hour),

Constant heat deep within the forehead (third day),

Boring in the forehead and along the coronal suture (second day),

Boring and sticking in the forehead and occiput,

Pressure in the forehead (soon), (fifteenth day),

Pressure and heaviness in the forehead (after a quarter of an hour),

Pressure in the forehead and forepart of the head, with heat and heaviness of the head (after half an hour),

Pressure, tearing and heat in the forehead, increasing in the evening (tenth day),

Constant pressure and heat in the forehead, the whole day (tenth day),

Violent pressure deep in the forehead (first day),

Boring stitches pass transversely across the forehead (after fourteen hours),

Several sharp stitches externally in the right, afterwards in the left side of the forehead (after three and four hours),

The frontal muscles are drawn in folds,

Dull drawing in the skin of the forehead, so that it is wrinkled,


Pulselike throbbing always ending in a stitch in the left temple (after three-quarters of an hour),


Pressure in the occiput (tenth day),

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