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Helonias Dioica - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Unicorn-root, Helonias, Helon.

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HPUS indication of Helonias Dioica: Weakness
Common symptoms: Weakness, Drowsiness, Meloncholy.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Helonias Dioica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urine had a faintly alkaline reaction before the proving; neutral (after four hundred and eighty minutes, sixth day); strongly acid (seventh day),

The design of this whole experiment was, if possible, to induce saccharine or albuminous urine. From the specific gravity, it will be seen that there is little chance of finding either. The test by heat alone would have led to the supposition that albumen existed, from the flocky curdling of the phosphates, but Nitric Acid Nitric acid never gave an albuminous precipitate,

The sugar was sought for with Fehling's test, freshly prepared, and invariably with negative results,

The urine was carefully examined with the microscope throughout the whole research, and the results show that the action of Helonias upon the kidney is purely functional. There is no evidence of any epithelial desquamation, or degeneration, and Helonias, as a renal remedy, may be classed with Cantharides, but not with Arsenicum Album Arsenic or Phosphorus Phosphorus,

So far as my experiment is concerned, these three facts are sufficient to justify the job; the other fact, that Helonias can render a neutral or an alkaline urine acid is a clear grain,


A great deal of weariness, and feeling of weight in the region of the kidneys, and with much more general fatigue than usual, in the afternoon and evening (fourth day),

Pain in the kidneys, which is followed by albuminuria, indicating congestion, and large discharges of urine, with slight increased specific gravity,

A sensation as if my kidneys were two bags of hot water; this feeling was so distinct, that I felt certain I could have traced the area occupied by these organs by following the outlines of the burning (fifth day),

It seems as if the kidneys ache at 10 P.M. (eighth day),


(Urination was very painful, on account of the scalding sensation as the urine passed over the denuded mucous membrane),

Irritation of the urethra,


Kidneys somewhat stimulated, and a larger amount than usual of clear, light-colored urine has been voided during the past twelve hours, in the evening (second day),

Every time I urinate I seem to completely empty the bladder, yet when I have put the "indefinite article" back in my breeches, out spurts a quantity of urine; no matter how much I endeavor to contract the bladder, this extra leak happens every time I micturate (sixth day),

Since the proving, the presence of a deposit of the amorphous phosphates in the urine is the exception, and not, as previously, the rule of my life,

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