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Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Hahnemann's Calcium Sulphide, Hepar, Hepar sulph, Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum, Hepar sulfur, Hepar Sulf, Hep Sulf, Hepar Sulph Calc, Hep.

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HPUS indication of Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum: Croupiness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hep Sulph Calc in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A mixture of equal parts of finely powdered, clean oyster shells and quite pure flowers of Sulphur sulphur is kept for ten minutes at a white heat in a hermetically closed crucible and afterwards stored up in a well-corked bottle. To develop its powers, it is treated like other dry drugs in order to potentize it to the higher degrees, according to the directions at the end of the first volume.

Besides Belladonna belladonna, Chamomilla chamomilla is an antidote to the colic and diarrhoea.

Hepar sulphuris has proved itself particularly useful, when having been selected according to the similarity of symptoms, there were besides present one or more of the following symptoms

Boring headache in the root of the nose, every morning from seven to twelve o'clock.

ulcerative pain just above the eye every evening.

shooting pains in the eyes.

photophobia. flow of fetid pus from the ear.

erysipelas in the face with prickling turgidity.

dryness of the throat.

scrapy sore throat, interfering with speaking, but not with deglutition.

a plug in the throat. voracious hunger.

eructation. fits of nausea, with coldness and paleness.

swelling and pressure in the gastric region.

frequent and too easy derangement of the stomach.

contractive pain in the abdomen.

stitches in the left side of the abdomen.

nocturnal passage of urine sleep.

flow of mucus from the urethra.

lack of sexual desire.

lack of erections. weak erections during coitus.

, during a hard stool and.

retarded menses. leucorrhoea, with excoriation on the pudenda.

cough. severe cough in the evening, when lying abed.

spasmodic contraction of the chest, after speaking.

tearing in the arm toward the ulcer in the chest.

drawing in the back between the scapulae.

fetid sweat of the axillae.

encysted tumor on the point of the elbow.

drying-off of the fingers.

drawing pain in the limbs, chiefly in the morning on awaking.

trembling weariness after smoking tobacco.

yawning. tendency to perspire by day.

flying heat, with perspiration.

The symptoms marked . are from ; those marked ., from Medical Counselor .

A pathogenesis of Hepar sulphuris appeared in Vol. IV. of the , containing 282 symptoms from Hahnemann, and 16 from the two fellow-observers mentioned above. The additional ones in the present work are all from himself and belong to his later manner.


Effect of large doses of H. s. given for whooping cough. See also S. 644.

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Together with S. 237.