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Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum - Mouth symptoms - Hahnemann

Hahnemann's Calcium Sulphide, Hepar, Hepar sulph, Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum, Hepar sulfur, Hepar Sulf, Hep Sulf, Hepar Sulph Calc, Hep.

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HPUS indication of Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum: Croupiness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hep Sulph Calc in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Itching about the mouth.

Eruption in the corner of the mouth, with sensation of heat therein.

A severe scurfy eruption without sensation, below the left corner of the mouth.

An ulcer in the corner of the mouth (removed by Belladonna Belladonna).

Itching pimples on the chin (2d d.).

On swallowing a feeling in the throat, as if there were a swelling, over which he has to swallow.

Bruised pain of the external cervical muscles, with pain in the throat on swallowing, as from an internal swelling.

Pressure below the larynx, immediately after supper, as if something was lodged in the throat.

Severe pressure in the throat, so that she imagined it as quite constricted, and she would suffocate, toward evening.

Deglutition of food difficult, requiring great effort, without any soreness of the throat.

Scratching and roughness as if from excoriation in the throat, most severe when swallowing solid food.

Scrapy and choking sensation in the throat as from burned lard, in the morning.

Scraping in the throat for three days.

Stitches in the throat, when taking a deep breath.

Stitches in the throat as from a splinter, when swallowing; on yawning, the stitches extend to the ear.

Shooting pain in the throat, extending to the ear, when turning the head.


Pain of the lips, tension in the middle of the upper lip.

Chapped lips and pimples in the red of the lower lip, with a burning pain.

The lower lip is cracked in the middle.

Great swelling of the upper lip which is very painful when touched, but at other times is only tense; for three days.

Twitching and trembling on the left side of the upper lip.

A red itching spot below the lower lip; this spot is soon covered with a number of yellow vesicles, which pass into scabs.

A pimple, paining as if excoriated, in the red of the upper lip.

Eruption of pimples on the chin, above and below the lips, and on the neck; they are like wheals, and pain as if excoriated when touched, but not when let alone.

On the right side of the chin, toward the lower lip, vesicles and ulcers with sensation of burning.

Gums and teeth


Toothache, particularly while eating.

Drawing toothache, in the evening, in a hollow tooth, as if too much blood pressed upon the nerve.

After drinking anything cold, and after opening the mouth, toothache at once in all the teeth.

Drawing toothache in a tooth, which begins to waggle, worse in the warm room, relieved by the open air, and only aggravated by biting, when there is jerking in the tooth; in the evening.

Jerking pains in the teeth, extending into the ears.

Stitches in the teeth.

Looseness of the teeth.

A hollow tooth becomes loose, attended with pain when biting on it.

The hollow tooth is toot long and is painful.

The gums bleed easily.

Jerking in the gums.

Inflammation and swelling of the inner side of the gums in front.

Swelling of the gums at the back molars, with a pain pressing outward, as if a new tooth were about to come there; the pain is worse when touching or biting on the teeth.

Ulcer on the gums.


Sensation in the neck as from a plug of mucus, or from an internal swelling in the pharynx, in the morning.

Scraping in the throat; it is always so full of water that she has to spit continually.

Water gathers in the mouth.

Shooting pain and dryness in the throat, every morning, for several hours.

The mucus hawked up is mixed with blood.

Much hawking up of mucus from the throat, in the evening, after eating.

Much mucus in the mouth.

Salivation (collection of saliva) on the right side of the mouth.


Burning pain on the tip of the tongue, even waking him up at night.

The tip of the tongue is very sensitive, as if excoriated.


Doughy taste in the mouth, in the morning (5th d.).

Bad smell in the mouth, as from a spoiled stomach; this he perceives himself.

Loss of the sense of taste.

Bitter, slimy taste in the mouth, in the morning.

Bitter taste in the mouth, and also of the food.

Bitter taste in the posterior part of the throat, while food tastes normally.

Earthy taste in the throat, while food tastes all right.

Putrid taste and like that of rotten eggs in the mouth.

Metallic taste in the mouth.

Sourish metallic taste in the mouth.

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