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Hyoscyamus Niger - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Dull pains in the hepatic region.

Abdomen tight, inflated, painful when touched.

Shootings in the umbilical region, on walking and breathing.

Pain, as from excoriation in the abdominal muscles, on coughing.

Spasms and rumbling in the abdomen, with hiccough.


Loss of taste.

Bulimy, with violent thirst, with inability to swallow.

Thirst with drinking but little at a time.

Dread of drinking.

After drinking, convulsions.


Vomiting of aliments, immediately after a meal, and sometimes with violent pain at the pit of the stomach.

Hiccough, esp. after a meal (with spasms and rumbling in the abdomen).

After a meal, headache, intoxication, great anguish, and sadness.


Nausea, on pressing the epigastrium.


Cramp-like pains in the abdomen, and cuttings, sometimes accompanied by vomitings, pains in the head, and cries.

Retching and vomiting, with cutting pains which extort cries.

Vomiting and retching after coughing.

Aqueous vomiting, with vertigo.

Vomiting of mucus (sanguineous) and of blood, of a deep red, sometimes with convulsions, choking, pains in the pit of stomach, great exhaustion, and coldness in the limbs.

Cramps (colic) in the stomach in periodical attacks, and amel. by vomiting.


Bitter eructations.

Painful sensitiveness of the epigastrium to the touch.

Inflammation of the stomach, with burning pain.

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