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Hyoscyamus Niger - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Excessive flatulent colic, in the morning after rising from bed, a griping pressing downward, like a weight in the lower abdomen, with qualmishness and pain in the back, as if beaten, without emission of flatus, during motion and rest (after twenty-four hours),


Aversion to food, with white coating on the tongue, pasty taste, and offensive odor from the mouth (after 4 3/4 to 5 1/4 grains),

Most excessive long-continuing hiccough, after dinner,

For several days he could only with difficulty retain food without vomiting,


Sensation as of incarcerated flatulence in the left hypochondrium (after two hours),

Griping as from flatulence in the umbilical region (fourth day),

Unusual flatulence, after a very moderate supper; frequent though difficult emission of flatus (after fourteen hours),

Discharge of flatus (two hours and a half after 18 3/4 grains),

Passage of large quantities of flatus (first day),

Passed a large quantity of flatus (after second dose),

Emission of very large quantities of flatus,

Feeling of warmth in the upper and middle abdomen, lasting a quarter of an hour, passing off with the discharge of flatulence,

Pinching drawing in the abdomen, with emission of much flatulence (after three hours),


Nausea, ; (Case 10), etc.

Nausea caused by external pressure on the pit of the throat, which afterwards continued to itself, but disappeared on stooping (after half an hour),

Nausea, qualmishness,

Nausea and vertigo, (Case 13).


Eructations and nasty taste, with inclination to vomit (two hours and a half after 18 3/4 grains),

Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea, amounting even to vomiting (after 1 grain),

Nausea, vomiting,

Nausea, and in one case vomiting,

Sick at stomach, but does not vomit (nausea),

Ineffectual efforts to vomit from time to time,

Vomiting, , (Cases 6 and 7),

The woman who had eaten the least soon began to vomit,

Frequent vomiting,

Vomited copiously after drinking coffee,

Profuse vomiting, consisting of white, very tenacious mucus, (Case 21).

Vomiting watery, with vertigo, (Case 28).

Vomiting of green bile and profuse perspiration, followed by mental quiet, (Case 12).


Some stitches in the hepatic region (after half an hour),


Movings in the umbilical region and slight griping,

Griping in the umbilical region,

Pressure in the umbilical region,

Violent pressure in the umbilical region, sometimes less on pressure,

Cutting and griping in the umbilical region, like that preceding diarrhoea; lasting two or three minutes,

Slight momentary cutting and griping in the umbilical region (after ten minutes),

A sticking in the umbilical region, during inspiration (after five hours),

Sticking pain beneath the umbilicus, when walking,

General Abdomen.

Abdomen distended, not sensitive,

Abdomen distended; epigastrium not tender,

Considerable swelling of the abdomen, with necessity to breathe deeply; sour eructations and diminished stools (seven hours after 4 grains),

Rumbling in the abdomen, with violent diarrhoea, (Case 31).

Rumbling in the abdomen, even during the diarrhoea,

Loud rumbling in the abdomen,

Spasmodic contraction of the abdominal muscles, as if something alive were within them (after three hours),

Feeling of hardness in the abdomen,

Pain in the abdomen, (Case 39), ,

Feeling of warmth in the abdomen, becoming after ten minutes a slight cutting and followed by rumbling and gurgling like that preceding diarrhoea,

Burning sensation in the right side of the abdomen, in a circumscribed spot (second morning),

He screams on account of pains, which seem as though they would burst the abdomen; he thrusts the fists into his sides,

Griping in the abdomen,

Slight griping, with soft stool (after 11 1/4 grains),

Pinching in the abdomen (after twenty-six hours),

Drawing pain in the intestines (after nine hours),

Pressive flatulent colic in the upper abdomen; it distends the abdomen in the evening after lying down,

Cutting in the whole abdomen,

Cutting pains in the intestines, accompanied by drawing in the small of the back,

Cutting colic,

Transient sticking in the left side of the abdomen,

Coliclike pain,

Painful sensitiveness of the abdominal walls,

Pains in the abdominal muscles, as if he had fallen upon them, while siting (after two hours),

Pain in the abdomen (abdominal muscles), as after excessive exertion or a strain (in the morning, immediately after waking),


Hypogastric region distended and sensitive,

Distension of the hypogastrium, which is painful to touch,

Cutting low down in the abdomen,

Transient attacks of cutting in a spot low down in the abdomen, beneath the pubes (after six hours),


Inflammation in the stomach,

Weakness of the stomach,

Pain in the stomach, (Case 21).

Feeling of warmth in the epigastric region, rising towards the chest,

Heat in the pit of the stomach,

Burning in the stomach,

Fulness in the epigastric region, with a distressing sensation of tension in the abdomen, in the evening,

Constriction about the pit of the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach after drinking water,

Frequent attacks of pressure in the pit of the stomach, which impedes respiration,

Paroxysmal pulsating pressure in the stomach; afterwards this pressure returned and extended up to the right side of the chest,

Gnawing pressure in the stomach (after a quarter of an hour),

Pressive pain in the stomach,

Oppression of the stomach (after 11 1/4 grains),

Weight in the stomach,

The epigastric region is sensitive to touch and painful,

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