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Hyoscyamus Niger - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Trembling of the limbs,

Twitchings of the limbs, with flexions and tensions of the fingers,

Frequent twitchings of the hands and feet,

At intervals twitchings in his arms and legs; the fingers alternately extended and contracted (after several hours); still had twitching especially in legs (second morning),

Slight convulsions of the extremities,

Slight convulsive motions, now in the upper, now in the lower extremities,

Violent convulsions of the extremities, with bending of the shoulders backwards and the body forward (opisthotonos),

Stiffness of limbs, as in an apoplectic attack,

Tetanic rigidity of all the limbs,

Chronic weakness of all the extremities,


Inclination to stretch the limbs,

The limbs fall asleep,

Paralyzed feeling in the limbs, especially the lower (second day),

Pains in the limbs,

Pains in the limbs and loins, (Case 23 and 39).

Hot burning, prickling sensation in the hands, feet, and legs (after ten minutes); some time after, in attempting to get out of bed, found her legs powerless; it was six days before she regained the use of her legs, and could not then stand without being supported on both sides,

Drawing and tearing pain in the limbs,

Dull drawing pain in the joints, still more in the muscles near the joints,

Tearing-drawing pain in the joints, still more in the muscles near the joints,

Tearing-drawing pains in the limbs,

Sharp constant stitches in the joints of the arms and feet (after one hour),

Cutting tearing in almost all the joints, especially on motion (after three hours),

The knees, feet, and joints of the upper extremities feel bruised and weary (second day),

Upper extremities


(In the evening after a movement of the bowels, a trembling of the arms),

Twitching of the muscles of the arm, at night in bed,

Arms convulsed,


The arms felt as if warm air were breathed on them (three-quarters of an hour after 18 3/4 grains),

Transient aching in the left upper and forearm, as if in the bone, especially in the posterior end of the humerus,

Tearing in the flesh on the posterior surface of the left upper and forearm,

Transient rheumatic (tearing, jerking, gnawing) pains in the outer and posterior surface of the left upper arm, and in the lower end of the left forearm bones and in the shoulder-blades (after half an hour),

Prickling sensation in the arms (after the giddiness, reticulated vision and frontal headache), (after 11 3/4 grains),


Tension in the pectoral and dorsal muscles, at the shoulder-joint, especially on raising the arm, as if they were too short (after six hours),


A transient gout-like pain in the left elbow (first day),

Pressure in the bend of the elbow if he holds the arm bent (after three-quarters of an hour),


Constant stitches, as with needles, on the flexor surface of the forearm (after five hours),

Itching stitches in the flexor surface of the forearm (after one hour),


Dull pain in the wrists and elbow-joints, which also spreads, and is relieved on motion,

Drawing pressive pain about the wrists and knuckles (after a quarter of an hour),


Swelling of the hands,

Trembling of the right hand, with which he is writing (second day),

The hands were in constant motion, even while sitting quietly; she carried first one and then the other to the mouth, as though she had something in them which she would bite and chew,

Rigidity of the hands,

Painful stupor of the hands,

Crawling in the left hand, as if asleep,


She closes the thumb into the fist during the convulsion,

Pressive drawing on the inner margins of the fingers, on motion (after an hour and a half),

Fine stitches come out of the tips of the fingers and out of all parts of the body (after a few minutes),

Sensitiveness of the second joint of the right index finger; swelling of the joints; sensitive to slight external pressure (first day after 40 drops),


Lower extremities

Gait insecure, but the patient had perfect command over her limbs (after several hours),

Gait unsteady,

Walking is unsteady for a moment (after one hour),

Staggering gait,


Excessive weariness in the legs, especially after eating (fourth day),

Weakness of the legs, ; (after half an hour),

Weakness and weariness of the feet and legs, (Case 8),

Felt weak in the legs (after half an hour); she fell on attempting to go to her bed, but was able to rise and reach the bed,

Was scarcely able to stand upon his feet; it seemed as though he would fall every moment,

Paralysis of the lower extremities,

Uneasiness in his legs (after 14 grains),


Transient stitches in the region of the left hip (second day),


Redness of the nates and feet,

Tensive pain transversely across the middle of the thigh, as if it were too short, when ascending steps,

Cramp and pain in the right ischiatic nerve, and could not put the muscles on the stretch without their becoming cramped (after two hours),

Sticking drawing in the thighs, worse during rest (after one hour),

Sharp stitches with cramplike pain in the left gluteal muscles (after five hours),


Stiffness and weariness in the knee-joints, when walking in the open air (after three hours),

Weariness of the knees, when ascending steps (soon),

Weariness of the knees, especially of the left, while walking,

Weariness in the knees and a paralyzed feeling in the lower limbs (second day),

Great weariness in the knees, on ascending steps (third day),

Bruised sensation and a feeling of warmth in the knee and ankle-joint,


Pinching in the calves (after one hour),

Sticking pinching on the tibiae (after five hours),

Pain in the calves like a cramp, on moving in the afternoon,

Paralytic drawing in the legs, especially when walking,

(When walking, pain in the left tibia, as if bruised, especially in the evening, while the side of the calf is hot, swollen, and covered with red rash, though without pain or itching), (after seventy-two hours),


Cutting pain in the tarsal joints, when walking,

The ankle is painful, as if bruised, in the afternoon,


Swelling of the feet, (Case 16).

In the convulsions he stamps one foot after the other on the ground,

He howls about jerking (pinching) pain in the feet, (Case 29).

Sensitiveness of the right metatarsus, aggravated by walking over an uneven pavement, a feeling of tension and pressure, as if too full of blood; this sensation, which was especially troublesome on walking in the street, continued nine days, and frequently so severe that it made him lame, like a real gout,

Pain in the soles of the feet,

Drawing tearing in the soles of the feet, mostly during rest; disappearing when walking and returning on sitting (after thirty-six hours),


The toes become spasmodically flexed, as from cramp, when walking or carrying the foot forward, and on ascending,

Since the first proving of the drug (ten months) there has been pain in a corn on the right little toe, from which I had never suffered before,


Slight attacks of epilepsy alternate with paroxysms of apoplexy,

She is rigid all over, as in tetanus,

Excessive activity; he thought himself more active and vigorous than he really was (after two, four and eight hours),

Disinclination for mental and physical labor,

Aversion to and dread of motion and work,

Quiet lying down,

Some weariness,

Weariness, weakness of the whole body,

Unusual sinking of strength (after four hours),

Weakness, (Case 21), ,

Weakness; he is scarcely able to stand upon his feet, and it constantly seems as though he would fall,


General exhaustion until faintness was imminent, with trembling of the whole body and extraordinary coldness of the surface of the limbs,

When he became quiet, he seemed very much exhausted and snored deeply until the convulsions recommenced,

Prostration and heaviness of the limbs,

Prostration, stupor, and overpowering sleepiness,

Prostration amounting to such a degree that it caused an unsteady gait, as from vertigo,

General prostration and discomfort,

The ground seemed to give way under their feet,

The child was unable to stand, and lost all power of holding up the body,

Inability to maintain the erect posture, and reeling when an attempt was made to stand,

The child began to reel and fell to the ground (soon),

The man staggered to the bed, whereon he fell and remained completely immovable,

He wants to get away, but cannot stand alone; he attempts to walk and falls upon his face; repeats the effort, and invariably falls upon his face; when raised upon his feet can hardly stand; limbs seem weak, almost paralyzed; acts as if intoxicated,

She soon fell from her seat and lay immovable, and slept, with the head sunk upon the chest, the face very red, deep respiration, warm skin, small rapid pulse, eyes, closed and much injected,

He suddenly falls to the earth,

He falls suddenly to the ground, with cries and convulsions (after a few minutes),


Attacks of faintness,

Repeated faintness,

He is in danger of becoming senseless,

She became senseless and lost her speech,

Completely insensible (after five hours),


Restlessness and confusedness in their speech and conduct,

Restlessness and violent tossing, amounting almost to convulsions,

Very restless (soon after half an hour),

Excessive animation, restless, hurry,


Extreme uneasiness; he cannot be restrained,

They constantly move from place to place, for two days,

Constantly changing his position (five hours after first dose),

They were unable to remain in one position,

Tosses about the bed and screams incessantly,

He was throwing himself about in bed, incessantly screaming, and constantly rubbing his hot head with both hands (after several hours),


Loss of sensation; he is insensible to pinching,

Loss of sense of touch (after two hours),

Blunted sensibility, insensible sluggishness,

Sensibility was extinct,

He is bereft of all his senses; he sits immovable in bed like a statue,

A very peculiar sensation of lightness and mobility,

Hysterical pain previous to the appearance of the menses, (Case 39).

Rheumatic pains, (Case 21).

General oppression of the whole system,

The most numerous and severe symptoms occur after eating,

Symptoms ceased the day after the medicine was omitted,

Fell asleep soon, but before and hour his sleep became very much disturbed, and he was awakened by a continual fluttering and agitation about the centre of the body,


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