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Hyoscyamus Niger - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eyes appear inflamed,

Eyes look red, wild, sparkling,

Red sparkling eyes,

The albugineae were red, and the pupils so widely dilated that the irides seemed like a narrow circle; they were also insensible to light,

Brilliant lustre to the eyes,

Brilliant eyes, widely dilated pupils; the dilatation continued for several days,

Eyes sparkling and constantly rolling about (after eight hours),

Fiery-like, glistening eyes,

The eyes had a peculiar look; they seemed dim and watery, the pupil large, with strange, staring expression; later they looked very wild and staring, pupils dilated very much (first and second days),

Staring look,

He gazes at those present with staring look,

Eyes staring and larger than usual,

Eyes staring, distorted,

The eyes, which were rather staring, appeared larger than usual (after several hours),

Eyes prominent, very red,

Eyes sunken, staring, and rather glistening,


Weakness of the eyes,

Eyes feel dry on reading,

Sensation as of a foreign body in the eye (three-quarters of an hour after 18 3/4 grains),

Heaviness of the eyes,

Burning in the eyes,

The eyes felt larger than usual,

Pressure in the eyes as though sand were in them (after twelve hours),

Twitching in the eye (after eight hours),

Eyes feel as though he had been awake all night (after one hour),


Increased sensitiveness of the eyes to the light,

Photophobia (with lachrymation in the open air), (first day),

Photophobia; lids closed against the light,

Slight photophobia,

The sight for a long time was very acute,

Farsighted, with great clearness of vision and dilated pupils; the farsightedness lasts several days, and goes off gradually (after three hours),

Impaired vision,

Diminished vision,

Vision uncertain,

Weakness of vision,

Weakness of vision, so that letters cannot be distinguished,

Vision became weak, the conjunctiva somewhat injected (after 4 3/4 to 5 1/4 grains),

Vision for a distance worse than usual (it was always bad), (first day),

Shortsighted for four days,

Shortsighted; he is scarcely able to recognize anything at the distance of three paces,

Troubled vision (after three hours),

Obscuration of vision, ,

Obscuration of the eyes,

Obscuration of vision; objects seem indistinct; he is nearsighted, and is obliged to hold the book nearer than usual when reading (after one hour),

Dimness of sight,

Dimness of vision, as if a veil were before the eyes,

Sensation as though a veil were drawn before the right eye (after three hours),

It seems as though a veil were before the eyes; he could see scarcely three steps,

Cloudiness and weakness of vision, with a normal state of the pupils (seven hours after 3 1/4 and 4 grains),

They run against all objects which stand in their way, with open, wild eyes,

They drank freely and without difficulty, but one always carried the jug upside down to her mouth (after eight hours),

They lost in succession sight, hearing, and speech,

She wanders about the town blind and senseless,

Transient amaurosis,

Double vision,

The vision seems as if objects were reversed, dim, and without lustre, and the brain seems obscured,

Illusions of vision; when sewing, sticks the needle in the wrong place,

They cry out that near objects will fall, and grasp at them,

Objects seemed larger and brighter than usual, for three days,

Deceptive vision; the flame of one light seemed smaller, that of another larger, though both were of equal size (after ten hours),

Illusions of vision

nine persons saw all objects in a scarlet-red light (after eating the root),

objects seem fiery red,

everything seems like Aurum Metallicum gold,

small objects seem very large,

Illusion of vision; while reading the letters seemed to move, and looked like ants running together,

Flickering before the eyes,

Flickering before the eyes; dark points rapidly move to and fro (after one hour),

Visions of stars and sparks; also all objects seemed to be cut into teeth or covered with points; all white objects seemed surrounded by colored rings,

Brow and orbit

Pressive sensations in the right eyebrow (after three hours),

Pressive sensation in the superciliary ridge (after one hour),

Gnawing pressure in the upper margin of the orbit, which disappears on touching the spot (after half an hour),

Feeling of weight over the eyes, and headache (after half an hour),


The eyelids seem swollen, the whites reddish here and there; the eyes look as though he had been crying,

Eyes always half open,

Inability to open the eyelids,

Accumulation of mucus in the inner canthus, in the morning (second day),

Heaviness of the upper lids (after ten minutes),

The upper lids felt heavy from sleepiness (three-quarters of an hour after 18 3/4 grains),

Biting in the outer surface of the left lower lid, and soon afterwards in the right lid (second day),

Itching tearing in both canthi, more in the external; disappearing on rubbing (after eight hours),

(Constant itching in the left inner canthus), (first day),

(Violent itching at the left inner canthus, causing scratching), (after one hour),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation and sensitiveness of the right eye, in the open air (first day),


Conjunctiva red, ,

Conjunctiva injected (three-quarters of an hour after 18 3/4 grains),

Conjunctiva of the right eye injected, with slight burning, and some lachrymation (after twenty minutes),


Eyes open, turned in various directions,

Eyes protruded, moving convulsively,

Distortion of the eyes,


Eyes so insensible that the eyelids did not wink when the cornea was touched,

Aching in the eyeballs, especially on moving them outward and upward (after one hour),

Sensation of pressure upon the eyeballs, which were very sensitive to hard pressure,

Sensation of pressure on the right eyeball, the upper and outer part of which is sensitive to touch (first day),

Pressive sensation in the eyeball, with heaviness in the upper lids,

Pressive sensation in the right eyeball, especially on turning it outward and upward (second day),

Slight pressive sensation in the eyeballs (first day),

Right eyeball somewhat sensitive and the pupil smaller than usual,


Pupils dilated, etc.; (one case, after 18 3/4 grains),

Pupils dilated, insensible,

Both eyes dilated and immovable, with photophobia,

Dilatation of the pupils gradually increasing,

Pupils slightly dilated (about five hours after first dose),

Pupil of left eye much dilated, and insensible of the influence of light, but there was no photophobia,

Pupils much dilated, but they contracted under the influence of light, though more slowly than usual (after several hours); movable, but still somewhat dilated (second morning),

Pupils widely dilated and immovable; she complained of intolerance of light, and shaded her eyes with her hands, not by closing the lids (after several hours),

Pupils greatly dilated, , (after half an hour), etc.

Pupils greatly dilated, and almost insensible to light,

Pupils excessively dilated, ,

Extreme dilatation of the pupils,

Pupils so dilated that the Irisappeared as a mere threadlike rim (after four hours),

Pupils dilated to such a degree that the Iriswas completely hid behind the cornea (in the man),

Pupils at first dilated, then contracted,

After large doses it causes dilatation of the pupil, though sometimes, after very large doses, this is preceded by a transient contraction,

Pupils contracted, (one hour after 15 drops),

Pupils, especially the right, smaller than usual (after one hour and a half),

The pupils smaller, the right more so than the left; neither completely round (after one hour),

Pupil of the right eye smaller and angular (after three hours), with some sensitiveness of the eyeballs, as from pressure (after three hours),

Right pupil smaller than the left; the left is even smaller than usual (four after 12 drops),

Pupils smaller after ten hours than after one hour,

The pupils become smaller as the headache becomes worse (second day),

The pupils are not quite round (first day),

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