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Hyoscyamus Niger - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleep and dreams



Yawning and stretching (after one hour),

Yawning more and more frequently repeated, and becoming deeper and more disagreeable, relieved after sleepiness came on, followed by long sleep,

Frequent yawning,

The yawning is provoked and aggravated by reading aloud,

Sleepiness (after two hours), ; (after half an hour), ; (after 11 1/4 grains),

Sleepiness, during a very interesting lecture (soon),

Sleepiness, and inability to think (after ten minutes),

Great sleepiness, but after a short nap with closed eyes, was completely wide awake,

Sleepiness during the day, with restless sleep at night, not refreshing, interrupted by dreams,

Great sleepiness, from noon till 3 P.M., will inability to study, and weariness, which even troubled him when walking in the room (after two hours,)

Almost overpowering sleepiness, with yawning, at 5 P.M.,

Sleepy; inability to open the eyelids,

Excessive somnolency for three hours, with dreaming and occasional muttering; when aroused he rubbed his hands, gaped, and answered my questions readily, but so great was the tendency to sleep that he could not keep the eyelids open for many seconds, and he dozed off with a half-finished sentence on his lips,

Feeling as though he had not slept enough; frequent yawning in the forenoon (second day),

Great inclination to sleep, which after large doses amounted to coma vigil,

Irresistible desire to sleep,

Became drowsy (soon after first dose),

Drowsy and very restless (three hours after first dose),

Falling asleep against his will,

Fell asleep in her chair at the end of the meal and sank into a lethargic state (the second woman),

Long-continuing slumbering,

He sleeps late,

Can scarcely awake after a long sleep (second day),

Immoderate sleep,

Sleep for two days,

Sleep for three days,

Quiet sleep, with profuse perspiration, and frequent micturition, (Case 20).

Deep sleep,

Long-continued deep sleep,

Very deep slumber (after five hours),

Deep sound sleep, interrupted by frightful dreams,

In a state of profound sleep (soon),

Profound sleep, which continued two days and two nights (in one case),



Long-continued sleeplessness,

Complete sleeplessness,

Anxious sleeplessness,

Sleepless at night,

Sleepless, on account of quiet mental activity,

No sleep (first night),

He was unable to sleep the whole night; he tried lying upon one side and the other, yet he was unable to get quiet; only shortly before daybreak did he sleep somewhat from time to time; always during the short naps perspiration all over, especially about the neck (after five hours),

He passed the night without sleep, and was seized alternately with tremors and convulsive startings,

Complete insomnia for forty-eight hours, night and day (in spite of 2 half-grain doses of morphia),

Was unable to fall asleep for along time; had many dreams,

He first fell asleep long after midnight, yet he awoke unusually early and felt very lively, and inclined to fantasies, active and strong,

Restless sleep (after 2 grains),

Sleep restless (after 18 3/4 grains),

Sleep restless, with frequent waking and tossing about,

Sleep disturbed (after 10 grains); slept more (after 14 grains); disturbed by dreams (after 18 grains),

Uneasy sleep; he wakes often with thoughts about the business of the preceding day,

He awoke himself from sleep with a cry,

Frequent waking from sleep at night, as though he had been disturbed or had already slept enough, two nights in succession,

Starts up in sleep from affright,

Sleep interrupted by gnashing of the teeth, (Case 26).

In the morning, great hyperaesthesia, like an exhausted wakefulness; in the afternoon sleepy, prostrated and irresolute, alternates in Hyoscyamus with sleepiness and sleep; still excessive wakefulness seems to be the primary action. -Hahnemann.


Dreams at night,

Heavy dreams,

Very labored dreams at night,

Lascivious dreams, the first two nights, without emissions, though with excitement of the genitals,

Anxious dreams,

In the evening, shortly after falling asleep, he had very anxious dreams of furious cats springing at him (after forty-six hours),

Frightful dreams,

Talks of war in his sleep,

Great flow of ideas through the mind during partial sleep,


Profuse sweat, (Cases 8, 10).

Extremely violent sweat, (Case 20).

Body covered with profuse clammy sweat (after six hours),

The skin was sweaty and warm,


Increased perspiration,

General perspiration, especially on the thighs and legs; for two days (after twenty-four hours),

Perspiration during the menses, (Case 20).

Perspiration during sleep, (Case 40).

Perspiration constantly more profuse, (Case 40).

Profuse perspiration, following great thirst,

Excessive perspiration,

Cool perspiration,

(Sour perspiration), (Case 37).

Increased transpiration (after two or three days),

Sweat on the back and pit of the stomach,

Viscid perspiration on the arms, after the prickling sensation in them (after 11 1/4 grains),

Palms of hands bedewed with clammy moisture and exceedingly cold (after two hours),

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