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Hyoscyamus Niger - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Henbane, Hyoscy, Hyos, Hyoscyamus, Hyos.

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HPUS indication of Hyoscyamus Niger: Twitching
Common symptoms: Twitching, Falls suddenly, Jerks, Spasms.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hyoscyamus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Mental exaltation, lasting twelve hours, with almost uninterrupted delirium,

At times the child became suddenly excited, and could scarcely be quieted; with a wild look,


Mental derangement, with occasional altercations,



Mania, he could scarcely be governed,

Madness, as if possessed by a devil,

He roves about senseless, naked, wrapped in fur during the heat of summer,


A thousand fancies hover before his imagination,

Thought he was in his own home, and desired to go out and make visits,


Delirium, with physical restlessness,

Delirium and restlessness; would not stay in bed,

Complete delirium,

Most lively delirium,

Wild delirium,

He is delirious, as in violent fever,

State of delirium bordering on insanity (in two); so violent that it required six persons to hold (in the third), (after two hours),

Busy delirium, with constant muttering or talking, and meddling with the hands (after one hour),

Singular union of delirium and coma, usually termed typhomania; one of them was exceedingly delirious, and attempted to escape,

At times the child made violent exertions to get out of bed, tried to bite, and raged, after which she began to weep aloud; while lying she turned the head right and left, at times raised it up, and snapped as if she would take hold of something,

Momentary listening to imaginary sounds, and eager clutching at visionary phantoms,

In his confused fancy he thinks men are swine,

Occasional catching at surrounding objects,


Carphologia and muttering,

He taps himself upon his head, face, and nose, and gropes about the bed in his carphologia,


Gesticulates like an actor,

He makes ridiculous gestures like a dancing clown,

Ridiculous gestures like one intoxicated,

Foolish actions,

Comical alienation of mind; they perform ludicrous actions like monkeys,

In his delirium he acts as though he were frightening away peacocks with his hands,

In his raving he acts as though he were cracking nuts,

He embraces the stove, and wishes to climb upon it as on a tree,

, (Case 15).

He dances,

Danced, ran about the room and attempted to take hold of different objects without being able to grasp them; she stared vacantly about her, and did not hear or reply to any questions; it required several men to hold her in bed (in the one who had eaten the least),

Laughed and said he was exceedingly well,

Joined the women in laughter,

Frequent breaking out into a loud laugh,

Foolish laughter,

Forced laughing, with confused ideas,

She Sanguinaria Canadensis sang constantly and talked hastily, but indistinctly; was very violent, and beat about her if she was spoken to strongly or taken hold of,

Very merry mood, completely delirious; singing and imitating with her hands the occupation of spinning,

He sings amorous and obscene songs,

He talks more than usual, and more animatedly and hurriedly,

He talks about incoherent things,

While awake he talks irrationally, as if a man was present (who was not),

He talks in an absurd way,

He lies naked in bed and prattles, (Case 7).

Chattering incessantly, and without any meaning in their words; they began to leap and dance as in chorea, and all the time they seemed not to know any of their family (after eight hours),

Constant unintelligible chattering,

He mutters and prattles to himself,

He mutters absurd things to himself,

In speaking, used very fine language, so that the usually quiet and indolent peasant was scarcely recognized,

Frequent moaning and groping about with outstretched fingers, as though something would be suddenly seized,

The child passed whole nights in frightful screams and tossing about,

Depressed, sad,

(He reproaches himself, and has conscientious scruples),

(He considers himself a criminal),


Anxiety, soon after dinner, as though a sad occurrence impended (after six hours),

The utmost anxiety,

Extreme fearfulness,

Chronic fear,

Excessive fear of death, becoming a monomania, and only disappearing after six months, leaving behind great nervous irritation,

Remarkable fear that he had been devoured by animals,

Dread of drinks,

Dread of water,

On being aroused, he muttered and became irritable; on attempting to make him drink, he resented it violently, and soon fell into a state of hallucination, in which his countenance assumed a menacing aspect, and he called on various absent persons by name, with whom he imagined himself to be in debate,

Impatient; he thought he should die, because he was obliged to wait for something very unimportant,

Morose, sad (second day),

He reproaches others, and complains of a supposed injury done him,



Quarrelsome and insulting,

Insulting, quarrelsome, disputing,

Part of a leaf of henbane will urge a man on to violence and to passion,

Under its influence the mildest and gentlest beings become highly irascible, and subject to uncontrollable fits of anger,

Rage; he quarrels with others, and tries to injure them,

Extreme rage; he attacks people with knives,

Indomitable rage,

Patients who have taken it, and not in large quantities, have been known, upon the slightest provocation, to fly into most violent passions, and to become perfectly, but fortunately momentarily, mad with rage,

He lays violent hands upon others,

He is violent, and beats people,

Strikes and tries to kill the bystanders,

They bit, scratched, and nipped every one who interfered with them (after eight hours),



He is quiet, reflective,

Disinclination to mental work,

Disinclination to think and work,

Disinclination to study, the whole afternoon (second day),

Aversion to reading,

Inability to fix the attention on any subject, which lasted two days; every attempt to overcome this was followed by confusion and headache,

Was unable to collect his thoughts while reading,

Incoherent thoughts, with extreme excitement,

Disconnected words,

While reading, he interpolates improper words and sentences,

At times the ideas stand still (second day),

Inability to think (second day),

The head is very much affected, like a loss of ideas; he is averse to everything and sleeps several hours in the afternoon (without dreams), frequently half awake (after nine hours),

Inclined to forget himself in his thoughtless gazing at objects (after half an hour),

The child answered in an unintelligible manner,

Confusion, dulness of sense,

Confusion of the sense, weakness of sight, and some difficulty in speaking; a by no means disagreeable state, like slight intoxication (seven hours after 1 3/4 grains),

Was obliged to cease reading on account of distraction of mind and sleepiness (though he has slept well through the night) at 6 A.M. (after one hour),

She was incapable of comprehending what was said to her,


Far more stupid, and sunk in constant sleep,

Mind extremely shattered,

Idiotic, senseless,


Remembrance of long-past events,

He remembers persons and occurrences which he does not try to recollect (after half an hour),

Weakness of memory,

Loss of memory,

Loss of memory; he remembers what he has thought and done in the last few days only as in a dream (after twenty-four hours),

Complete loss of memory,

He forgets everything which he has previously heard,

Inability to remember, even for a minute, a single sentence or word she may read (after some days),

Forgetfulness; he is uncertain whether he has really said what he wished to say (after a quarter of an hour),

He easily recalls circumstances which he does not care to, and recollects with difficulty occurrences which he tries to remember (after three hours),

He does not recognize the bystanders,

The child did not recognize his parents or sister; did not see or hear,


Want of consciousness on waking,

Loss of consciousness,

Complete loss of consciousness,

Apparent insensibility, though at short intervals apparent consciousness, when she spoke much, and very hastily but very disconnectedly,

Stupor manifested by words and actions,

Stupor as if drunk,


Complete stupefaction,

When left to himself he relapsed into a lethargic state,


Coma vigil,

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