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Ignatia Amara - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

St. Ignatius Bean, Ignat, Ignatia, Iamara, Ign.

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HPUS indication of Ignatia Amara: Sadness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ignatia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Jerkings and isolated twitchings in the limbs (after ten and twelve hours),

Single jerkings of the limbs, on falling asleep (after three hours),

Weakness of the limbs (soon),


Feeling of weakness and exhaustion in the arms and feet,

Weariness in the arms and feet,

Clonic cramp of all the limbs, like a stiffness,

A transient pressure as with a hard substance, painful as a bruise, here and there in the periosteum of the middle of the long bones (not in the joints), during the day, but especially while lying upon either side, in the evening in bed, disappearing on lying upon the back (after twenty and thirty-six hours),

Pain as from a sprain or dislocation of the shoulder, hip, and knee-joints (after eight hours),

Crawling, asleep sensation in the limbs, several times (after four hours),

Constant sticking pain about the joints or somewhat above them,

Burning-sticking pain, together with itching, in the external prominent portions of the joints (after one hour),

Upper extremities

The arm of the side upon which he lies falls asleep (after eight hours),

Intolerable (indescribable) pain in the bones and joints of the arm upon which he lies, in the morning in bed; it only disappears on lying on the other painless side (after twenty hours),

Intolerable (indescribable) pain in the bones and joints of the arm upon which he is not lying, in the evening in bed; it only disappears on lying upon the painful arm (after twelve hours),

Pulsating drawing, extending from the upper arm to the wrist and fingers,


Twitching jerking in the deltoid muscle (after twenty-four hours),

Rheumatic pain in the shoulder-joint, or a feeling as if bruised, while walking in the open air (after ten hours),

Griping, pulling, kneading, in part drawing pain in the shoulder-joint, during rest (on motion it becomes a sticking),

(Some stitches in the tip of the shoulder-blade, in the morning),

Pain in the shoulder, as if dislocated (after ten hours),

Pain in the shoulder-joint, as if dislocated, on moving the arm,

Pain in the shoulder-joint on bending the arm back, as after violent exertion, or as if bruised,


Simple pain in the biceps, on turning the arm inwards (after two hours),

Drawing pain in the arms,

Tearing in the right arm and right side of the head, from the cold air (taking cold?), (after twelve hours),

Pain, as if bruised, in the muscles of the humerus, if the arm hangs down or if it is raised,

Pain, as if bruised, in the head of the humerus of the side upon which he lies, in the morning in bed; it disappears on lying upon the other side or upon the back (after twenty-four hours),

Pain, as if bruised, in the head of the left humerus, when lying upon the right side in the evening in bed; the pain disappears if he lies upon the painful arm (after twelve hours),


Painful drawing just above the right elbow (after thirty-six hours),


Jerking, as if a mouse were crawling under the skin, in one part of the muscles of the forearm, in the evening after lying down (after thirty-six hours),


Stiffness of the right wrist and a feeling as if asleep,

Paralytic pain in the styloid process of the left wrist, as if the hand had been injured or sprained,

Tearing pain in the styloid process of the wrist, in the morning after waking,


Transient yellowness of the hands, as in jaundice,

Drawing in the carpal bones of the right hand (after thirty-six hours),

Piercing fine stitch, as from as splinter, on touching a hair on the hand,

Tearing pain in the styloid process of the hands and in the fingers,


Spasmodic motion of the index finger back and forth, in the evening after lying down,

Cramp, extending to the middle finger, while exerting the fingers (it can be relieved by shooting it),

Pain in the metacarpal phalanx of the index finger, as if it had been sprained, on motion,

Some stitches in the last joint of the thumb (after ten hours),

Tearing pain in the joint of the thumb, as if it had been sprained, in the morning while slumbering in bed,


Lower extremities


Totters while walking, falls easily, and stumbles over the slightest objects that are in his way,

Paralytic stiffness of the lower limbs, with involuntary jerking in them,

Almost paralytic immobility of the lower limbs, with some jerkings in them,


Painful drawing in the whole left leg, in bed before falling asleep; it disappears after awhile but returns with increased violence,


Intermitting deep internal pressure above the left hip,

Sticking in the hip-joint (after twenty-four hours),

Sticking pain in the hip-joint and in the knee, when walking, on moving the foot, from 4 to 8 A.M. (after eight hours),


The thigh and leg fall asleep, while sitting after eating (after five hours),

Tension of the lower leg, extending above the knee, with heaviness of the limbs,

Deep violent pressure in the middle of the left thigh,

Pain in the posterior muscles of the thigh, as if bruised, while sitting (after five hours),


Cracking and creaking in the knees (after two hours),

He was unable to walk, but was obliged to remain sitting, because when walking the knee was involuntarily drawn upward (after half an hour),

The knees give way from weakness,

Stiffness of the knee and ankle, of the thigh and small of the back, in the morning on rising from bed (after thirty-eight hours),

Stiffness of the knees and loins, moving causes pain,

Stiffness of the knee-joint, after ascending steps, it impedes her movements,

Violent sticking on the inner side beneath the left knee,


The lower leg falls asleep while sitting at the midday meal (after six hours),

The leg falls asleep as far up as above the knee, in the evening while sitting,

Paralytic pain in the whole left leg, caused by walking, and continuing after sitting,

Pressive pain in the tibia, while walking (after two hours),

An undulating, like a grasping and kneading, tearing-pressing pain in the anterior tibial muscles, especially on motion,

Tension in the calves, on stretching out the legs or on walking,

Cramp in the calves, very early in the morning in bed on bending the leg; it disappears on stretching it out or on pressing against it (after eight hours),

Cramp in the calves, while walking, disappearing while standing and during rest (after four hours),

Attacks of cramp in the calves, while sitting during dinner,

Tearing pain in the backs of both legs, especially in the tendo Achillis and calf, as though the parts would be cut off; it becomes especially violent when he remains standing or walking (also when he exerts the muscles),


Tearing-burning pain in the bones of the heel, in the morning on waking (after eight hours),

Pressure in the left ankle (with an internal tickling), which obliges him to make a tremulous motion of the left foot in order to relieve it,

Intermitting pressure above the external malleolus of the right foot,

Sticking pain beneath the malleoli, on motion,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the ankle, while walking in the morning (not a sticking pain),


Weariness of the feet at twilight, as after a long walk; with quiet mood,

Weakness of the feet,

He is unable to carry the feet forward, as if he had walked a very long distance,

(Stiffness of the metatarsal joints),

Feeling of stiffness in the feet, in the morning (after twenty-four and ninety-six hours),

Heaviness of the feet,

Heaviness of the feet, with anxiety, on walking in the open air, which disappears in the room, but gives place to ill-humor,

Heaviness of one foot,

Intermitting sticking on the inner margin of the foot (after five hours),

Burning-sticking or a burning-cutting pain on the side of the foot,

Crawling, as if in the bones of the feet, not like a going to sleep (after ten hours),

Tearing pain on the back of the foot (after twenty hours),

Painful stiffness of the soles of the feet, when walking (after four hours),

Attacks of cramps in the muscles of the soles and under the toes, while sitting,

Several stitches in the heel, very early in the morning (after twenty hours),

Numb deadness (as if asleep) of the ball of the heel, while walking,

An itching burning (as from chilblains) in the heel another parts of the foot (after eight hours),

Violent drawing in the sole of the right foot,

Pain while walking, as from internal soreness of the ball of the heel, or rather in the periosteum of the os calcis (after four hours),

In the ball of the heel, or rather in the periosteum of the astragalus, a pain as if bruised, or as after jumping from a great height (after three hours),

Itching-jerking pain internally in the ball of the heel, especially in the morning in bed,


Burning pain in a corn, while sitting,

Burning pain on pressure upon a corn hitherto painless,

The pressure of the shoe upon the upper part of the toes is painful; the corns being to burn and pain,


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