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Ignatia Amara - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

St. Ignatius Bean, Ignat, Ignatia, Iamara, Ign.

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HPUS indication of Ignatia Amara: Sadness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ignatia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Immediately after waking, pains renewed.

on waking, confusion, etc., of head.

on waking, heaviness of head.

in bed, on waking, aggravated after eating, pressive headache.

on waking, bruised headache.

in bed, while lying upon either side, headache at temples.

on waking, pressure in and above eyes.

on reading, biting on margins of lids.

on waking, mucus in mouth.

in bed, when lying upon side, pain in upper abdomen.

on waking, hollow cough.

while lying on back in bed.

pain in small of back.

pain in sacrum. pain in wrist.

while slumbering in bed.

pain in thumb-joint. on rising, stiffness of knee, etc.

very early, in bed, disappearing on stretching the limb out, or pressing against it, cramps in calves.

on waking, pain in ankle-bones.

while walking, pain in ankle.

stiffness of the feet.

very early, stitches in heel.

in bed, pain in ball of heel.

on waking, shuddering.

in bed, heat, etc. from 2 to 5 o'clock, heat.

about 2 o'clock, external heat.

on falling asleep a second time, perspiration.

(Evening), Before and after lying down, fixed ideas.

immediately after lying down, pains renewed.

pressure in the head. while lying in bed, pain in groin.

pressure in chest. in bed, while lying upon either side, pressure in long bones.

after lying down, jerking in muscles of forearm.

after lying down, motion in finger.

after lying down in bed, itching.

itching about the genitals, etc.

at sunset, chilly. in bed, orgasm of blood.

perspiration on the hands..

Confusion of the head, on waking in the morning (like that of the day previous), lasting till after dinner (fourth day).

on the next day it continued, and soon changed to a pressive pain seated in the forehead and affecting the eyes, so that movement of the lids and eyeballs was painful.

ascending steps or any violent exertion of the body aggravated the pain,.

Dull pressure in the forehead, extending into the nasal cavities, and every ten minutes a sensation as though violent coryza would develop.

when after ten minutes, the sensation in the nose was better it extended to other parts of the head, and so alternated for an hour, when it entirely disappeared, but returned again after an hour with great violence, lasting an hour and a half, when it entirely vanished (fifth day),.

A circle of white glittering, flickering zigzags about the point of vision.

therewith the letters to which one directs the eye became invisible, but those next to them were distinct (after sixteen hours), On reading, the letters to which the eyes were directed became invisible, but those in the immediate vicinity seemed more distinct than ever.

it seemed as if the middle of the word was marked with chalk, while the beginning and end of a long word, or the first and last letters of a monosyllabic word, had become more distinct, lasting about an hour,.

Pain in the spleen, extending from the stomach and thence to the vertebral column.

after an hour this sensation changed into stitches, which extended up into the thorax, but did not seem to affect the thoracic viscera.

an hour later there were again sticking and burning in the region of the spleen, and this was repeated several times during the day,.

Peculiar tensive pain, not in the stomach.

but in the upper abdomen.

it seemed as though the walls of the abdomen were pushed downward and the diaphragm upward.

this pain seemed worse in the region of the spleen, whence it extended backward towards the vertebral column.

it was alternately worse in different places.

this pain disappeared entirely for four hours but returned at 3 P.M., and became quite violent towards evening, when it extended upward into the chest, where it at times became an acute burning, which, however, was worse in the vertebral column in the region of the ganglion coeliacum.

during these attacks there were frequent eructations of air, always, followed by transient relief of the pain,.


He seemed as if in a doze; it is irksome to look with the eyes and to open the mouth for talking; with light slow respiration,


Trembling for several hours,

Trembling of the whole body,

Trembling of the whole body, for three hours, with itching and frightful convulsive jerkings, so that he was scarcely able to remain upon his legs; these were most violent in the jaws, so that the mouth was distorted as in laughing, immediately,

Seized with a trembling all over his body that continued three hours (immediately); together with twitching and spasms,

Constant motion (agitation) of the body,

Convulsive motions,

Spasmodic motions in the Spaniards, though it never has this effect with the Indians,


Terrible spasms, so violent that he was not able to stand upon his feet; they were most violent and troublesome in his jaws, so as to cause risus sardonicus; yet there was not alteration in his pulse, no vomiting, or any other symptoms attending them,

Jerkings and twitchings through the whole body, in the evening on falling asleep (after ninety-six hours),

Jerkings and twitchings in various parts of the muscles, here and there over the whole body (after lying down), (after two hours),

Unwillingness to move, dread of work,

So relaxed that he has no desire to make any exertion or to go out; he has no desire for anything, but prefers to lie down (after four hours),

Lassitude and weariness after dinner; he felt unable to perform his usual work, and very sleepy over it, contrary to his habit; this exhaustion and sleepiness were most marked from 2 to 4 P.M., though they continued late, and even on the next day he had not regained his usual activity (third day),

Great general weariness, from slight exertion,

Weakness on waking in the morning (second day),

(Weakness after the stool),

Debility, as from weakness about the pit of the stomach; he feels qualmish and is obliged to lie down,

Great weakness and weariness, it seemed as though he had walked a long distance, he was frequently obliged to yawn, though he did not sleep (seventh day),

Great weakness of the whole body; on waking it seems as though his breath would fail, he becomes qualmish in the pit of the stomach, and then coughs,

Exhaustion, lassitude, in the evening,

Peculiar exhaustion and lassitude during the afternoon, he was unable to perform his work, and about 2 P.M. was overpowered by sleepiness, and slept soundly for two hours, but was not refreshed thereby, on the contrary he felt much exhausted all the rest of the day (fourth day),



Frequently changes his position at night in bed, lies now here, now there,

Sensitiveness of the skin to drafts of air; there is a feeling in the abdomen as though he would take cold (after four hours),

Insensibility of the whole body,

In the morning at the moment of waking he feels a weight, accumulation, congestion, and orgasm of blood in the whole body, with melancholy,

A simple violent pain here and there in a small spot, as for example, on the ribs, only noticed on touch,

A deeply sticking, burning pain in various parts of the body (as for example, in the corner of the mouth, under the first joint of the thumb, etc.), without itching,

Tingling pain, and the like, especially in the head,

Crawling as if internally in the bones of the whole body,

General anxious heat, with slight perspiration about the nose, at night.

there is the most heat in the hands and feet, which however, he does not uncover, but constantly wishes to keep them covered, with cold thighs, palpitation, short breath, and lascivious dreams.

mostly when lying upon one or the other side, less when lying upon the back,.