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Ignatia Amara - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

St. Ignatius Bean, Ignat, Ignatia, Iamara, Ign.

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HPUS indication of Ignatia Amara: Sadness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ignatia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Dullness in forehead; bitter eructations; nausea, etc.

(Afternoon), Pressure, etc., in head; pain in occiput; towards evening, dry cough; heat of body; *fever.

(Night), Itching here and there; anxiety etc.; heat; anxious heat.

(Walking in open air), Submaxillary glands painful; colic in intestines; pinching in lower abdomen; pain in spine; anxiety.

(Taking fresh air), Pain in haemorrhoids.

(Ascending steps), Jerking pain in head; pain in forehead; stiffness in knee-joint.

(In bed), Stitches here and there.

(Breathing), Tearing in larynx.

(When not breathing), Stitches in side of chest; coarse stitches in side of chest, etc.

(Coffee), *The symptoms.

(Coughing), Tearing in larynx.

(After dinner), Immediately, pains renewed; palpitation.

(After eating), Immediately, only on standing; aggravated on waking, pinching tympanites in abdomen; fulness in abdomen; chilliness.

(After eating and drinking), Hiccough.

(Expiration), Sticking in praecordial region.

(Violent exertion), Pain in forehead.

(After fruit), Especially when standing or walking, pinching in abdomen.

(Inspiration), Pressure in sternum, etc.; stitches in nipple.

(Bright sunlight), Pain in frontal region.

(Lying on side), Tearing headache; pain in neck, etc.; general heat, etc.

(Motion), Dull headache; pain in tibial muscles.

(Unpleasant news), Condition aggravated.

(Raising eyes), Jerking headache.

(Reading), Pressure in brain; headache; pain in anterior molars.

(Rest), Sticking in scrotum; pain in shoulder-joint; itching pain in back of foot.

(Sitting), Pain in haemorrhoids; cramp in soles, etc.

(Sitting erect), Pains in occiput.

(After midday sleep), Immediately, headache; palpitation.

(Speaking), Confusion of head, etc.; headache.

(Speaking loud), Headache.

(Standing), Pain in haemorrhoids.

(Standing erect), Pain in small of back.

(Standing still), Cough; during a walk, pain in backs of legs.

(Stooping), Headache.

(Stooping low down), Headache above orbit.

(Swallowing), Tearing in larynx.

(When not swallowing), Constrictive sensation in middle of throat; sticking in throat; sensation of plug in throat; stitches in throat; sticking in parotid gland.

(Talking), While walking in open air, headache in half the brain.

(Thinking), Confusion of head, etc.; while walking in open air, headache in half the brain; deeply, palpitation.

(Thinking of it), Bruised headache.

(Tabacum Tobacco), *The symptoms.

(Walking), Pain in root of penis; knee drawn upward; pain in left leg; pain in tibia, cramp in calves; stiffness of soles of feet.

(Writing), Pressure in brain.


(Morning), On rising, headache disappears.

(Bending head forward while sitting), *Pains in occiput.

(Eating), Efforts to vomit.

(Lying on back), *Tearing headache; tearing headache in forehead; headache at temples; pains in occiput.

(Scratching), Itching.

(Sitting still), Reading or writing, headache; pinching tympanites in abdomen.

(Stooping), Headache in forehead.

(Swallowing), *Stitches in throat; sticking in throat.

(Walking), Pain in haemorrhoids.

(External warmth), *Febrile coldness.


Appetite somewhat increased (third day),

Appetite very good, but when he attempted to eat he felt satiated (seventh day),

Great appetite,

Great appetite about 11 A.M.,

The morning hunger was removed by doses taken before breakfast,

Great desire for eating about 11 A.M., but when the time for eating came, the appetite had diminished (second day),

Desire for acid things (after ten hours),

Desire for fruit, and it agrees (after three, ten, and twenty hours),

Appetite diminished,

Appetite much diminished after each dose,

Loss of appetite, ; (after one to seven hours), ; (sixth day),

Feeling of satiety (after a few minutes),

If he smokes in the afternoon it seems as though he had become so satisfied thereby that he could eat nothing in the evening,

Aversion to meat and desire for acid fruit, whortleberries (after twenty-four hours),

Aversion to fruit; it does not agree with him (after three hours),

Aversion to milk (previously his favorite drink); while drinking it goes against him, though it has a perfectly natural and not at all nauseous taste,

Aversion to acids (during the first hours),

Aversion to tobacco-smoking, as though he had been satisfied therewith, and had already smoked enough,

Aversion to tobacco-smoking, although it has not immediately an unpleasant taste (after two and five hours),

Extreme aversion to smoking tobacco (after six hours),


Thirst in the afternoon and evening,

Thirst, with a chill,

Unusual and violent thirst, which continued through the night,

Aversion to wine,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Empty eructations, simply of air (after two hours),

(Suppressed, ineffectual eructations, in the morning in bed, which cause pressive pain in the orifice of the stomach, and in the oesophagus as far up as the pharynx), (after forty-eight hours),

Moist, musty, mouldy eructations (in the evening),

Sour eructations,

Bitter eructations, in the forenoon (second day),

Eructations of bitter fluid (eructations and rising of bitter fluid into the mouth),

Hiccough, in the evening after drinking (after six hours),

Hiccough, after eating and drinking (after three and eight hours),

Hiccough from tobacco-smoking, in one accustomed to smoking,

Qualmishness from smoking (in an old smoker),