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Ignatia Amara - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

St. Ignatius Bean, Ignat, Ignatia, Iamara, Ign.

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HPUS indication of Ignatia Amara: Sadness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ignatia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Blind piles, with pain composed of pressure and soreness (in the anus and rectum); painful while sitting and standing, less while walking, though renewed and worse after taking the fresh air,

Itching pimple in the anus, which is not painful during stool, but causes a pressure while sitting,

Swelling of the margin of the anus all about, as from a distended vein,

Prolapsus of the rectum, from moderate exertion at stool,

(Discharge of blood from the anus, with itching of the perineum and anus),

Threadworms crawl out of the anus (after sixteen hours),


Spasmodic tension in the rectum the whole day,

Pain as from blind piles, a pressive and sore sensation, after exerting the mind in thought, soon after a stool (after thirty-six hours),

Pain in the rectum, as from haemorrhoids, constrictive and smarting, as from touching a sore spot (after three hours),

Pain in the rectum as from blind piles, consisting of contraction and soreness (lasting from one to two hours after a stool), (after two and thirty-six hours),

Pain in the anus, as from blind piles, with a feeling of sore pain, soon or immediately after a soft stool,

Contraction of the anus (in the evening); it returns the next day at the same hour, is painful when walking, but especially when standing, is not painful while sitting, with accumulation of stringy saliva in the mouth (after four, twelve, and thirty-six hours),

Painless contraction of the anus, a kind of stricture, for several days (after twelve hours),

Drawing downward toward the anus,

Sharp, pressive pain in the rectum (proctalgia), lasting two hours, in the evening after lying down, without relief in any position, which disappears of itself without emission of flatus (after thirty-six hours),

Sharp pressive pain deep in the rectum, after the stool, as from incarcerated flatus (such as follows a hurried evacuation, a kind of proctalgia), (after two hours),

Frequent cutting somewhat deep in the rectum (after twenty hours),

A coarse stitch extending from the anus deep into the rectum,

Coarse stitches in the anus (after two hours),

Haemorrhoidal symptoms, with soft stool (after five hours),

Sore pain in the anus, without reference to the stool (after one hour),

Crawling in the rectum as from threadworms,

Crawling and burning in the anus,

An unpleasant crawling low down in the rectum, near the anus, as from threadworms (after twenty-four hours),

Itching in the anus,

Violent itching in the rectum, in the evening, in bed,

Itching in the perineum, especially when walking,

Anxious desire for stool, with inactivity of the rectum; he is unable to evacuate the faeces without danger of eversion and prolapsus of the rectum,

Ineffectual desire for stool in the rectum, not in the anus (after one hour and a half),

Excessive desire for stool, more in the upper intestines and upper abdomen; it causes great urging, nevertheless the stool is insufficient, though soft; the urging continues long after the stool (after twenty hours),

Frequent, almost ineffectual desire for stool, with colic, tenesmus, and tendency to prolapsus of the rectum (after forty-eight hours),

Urging to stool, with a feeling in the abdomen generally as though he had taken a purgative; this sensation was followed by several natural evacuations during the day (sixth day),

Urging to stool, with evacuation of soft, thin faeces, preceded by cutting in the abdomen,

Ineffectual urging and desire for stool,

Ineffectual urging and desire for stool, and desire in the intestines of the upper abdomen, mostly soon after eating,

Great urgency and desire for stool, in the evening, felt mostly in the middle of the abdomen, but not stool follows, only the rectum protrudes,

Rectum and anus




Diarrhoea-like stool at 6 P.M. (second day); four times repeated (third day); the same symptom appeared in a subsequent proving,

Diarrhoea-like stool at 9 P.M. (after 4 drops),

Frequent evacuations from the bowels, small and rather thin,

Three evacuations from the bowels, during the afternoon and evening, with scanty discharge at times of rather soft faeces,

Three pasty evacuations (repeated in a subsequent proving), (fourth day),

Two evacuations from the bowels, in the evening (third day),

Two copious evacuations of the bowels, in the evening, quite unusual (fourth day),

Stool twice during the day, preceded by cutting pains in the abdomen; stool like diarrhoea (tenth day),

Thin faeces pass involuntarily with the flatus (after fifty hours),

Stool at first hard, and then afterwards thin,

Soft stool, immediately after eating,

Faeces soft and pasty (fifth day),

Slimy stool,

Acrid stool,

Yellowish-white stools (after three hours),


Stool whitish-yellow, very large, and difficult to pass through the rectum and anus,

Stool very large and difficult to pass (after twelve hours),

After sudden and great desire there is a difficult evacuation, not accomplished without great exertion of the abdominal muscles (almost as though the peristaltic motion of the intestines was wanting), of an insufficient quantity of tenacious, clay-colored, not hard faeces (after three days),


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