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Illicium Anisatum - General symptoms - Clarke

Illicium Verum, Illicium, Ill.

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HPUS indication of Illicium Anisatum: Colic

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Illicium Anisatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Star Anisum Stellatum Anise. Chinese Anisum Stellatum Anise. N. O. Magnoliaceae. Tincture of seeds.

Illicium is a genus of Magnoliaceous shrubs or low trees with smooth entire leaves, exhaling when, bruised a strong odour of aniseed, owing to the volatile oil contained in minute pellucid dots, which may be seen by the aid of a lens. The fruit is used throughout China China, Japan, and India as a condiment, and is chewed in small quantities after a meal for sweetening the breath. It has also a local repute as a stomachic and carminative. Provings were made by Franz and Murex Mure. Both showed the action of the drug on the nose, mouth, and stomach. Franz had many symptoms on the face, especially lips, skin, and extremities. A very remarkable symptom of Franz' has been confirmed by Flora A. Waddell (H. P., vii. 427). A man suffering from rheumatism of two years' duration came limping into Dr. Waddell's office, asking if she could do anything for his limb. He complained that when he sat down he couldn't rest in that position at all. Asked why, he replied "Whenever I sit down my limb feels as if broken off right here," pointing to the middle of his thigh). He said he often got up to straighten himself in order to make sure. He also had some pain in his arm, and severe "sore pain" in his back. Illic. 30x cured all the symptoms. Murex Mure's symptoms were noted on head, abdomen, chest, and back. Tough white expectoration appears to be a characteristic.

and this symptom has been frequently confirmed Pain in region of third rib, about one or two inches from sternum (Junction of rib with its cartilage), generally on right side, but occasionally on left. Hering says it is useful for old asthmatics, and the stomach catarrh of old drunkards. Colic of babies. The pain in thigh is agg. sitting, amel. rising. Pains in the head are agg. in morning, amel. in evening.


Catarrh. Colic. Cough. Haemoptysis. Lungs, affections of. Stomach, catarrh of. Rheumatism. Thigh, pain in.

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