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Iridium - General symptoms

Iridium Metallicum, Iridium.

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HPUS indication of Iridium: Paleness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Iridium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Intestinal putrefaction and septicaemia. Anaemia, increases red corpuscles. Epilepsy; lupus. Rheumatism and gout. Uterine tumors. Spinal paresis. Exhaustion after disease. Children who are puny, weak-limbed, and grow too fast. Nephritis of pregnancy.

Titanium Metallicum The metal. Ir. (AM. 192.5). Trituration.

Iridium is a rare metal of the Platinum group found in platinum ore. It is one of the heaviest substances known. A. J. Tafel took gr. xx. of 3rd trituration. He experienced a number of symptoms, all within two hours of taking the dose. Prominent among them were A sensation of numbness.

in ears and throughout the body. A feeling as if the eyes were being affected from below upward. A feeling as of a triangle on face, the base formed by the two malar-bones, the apex in the vertex. The numbness, and a cramp-like contraction in right calf, show a resemblance to the action of Platinum Metallicum Plat. Irid. needs and deserves a fuller proving. The majority of symptoms appeared on the left side. In the Revue Hom. Fran├žaise of February, 1892 (translated New York Med. Times, November, 1892), M. Laboucher gave an account of Iridium and compared it with others. He does not mention how the symptoms were obtained. They will be found in the Schema marked with "(L)" after each. Those unmarked are Tafel's. Laboucher says it is "admirable in all cases of anaemia".

is better than China China for the aged and persons exhausted by disease.

for puny, weak-limbed children, and those who grow too fast. He mentions a peculiar alternation of symptoms or reaction. Painful weakness of lower limbs and renal region, followed by a favourable reaction.


Sixth and higher.


Anaemia. Axilla, abscess in. Bronchitis, chronic. Cramps. Gout. Hemiplegia (r.). Neuralgia. Numbness. Rheumatism. Spinal paresis.


self-confidence and facilitated mental labour. It shares with Osmium Osmium, Palladium Palladium, and Platinum a place in the treatment of rheumatism and gout. Laboucher gave Irid. in the 4th attenuation, Palladium Pallad. in the 3rd, Platinum Metallicum Plat. in 2nd, and Osmium Osm. in the 1st.

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