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Juglans Regia - Skin symptoms - Clarke

Walnut, Jug-r.

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HPUS indication of Juglans Regia: Skin eruptions

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Juglans Regia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Eruption behind ears of children.

Itching eruption over the whole body.

Pimples on face; red pimples on face, neck, shoulders, and back, some containing thickish fluid; pimples on nape, discharging moisture when scratched (like acne).

Painful, large blood-boils on the shoulder and in the region of the liver.

Glandular swellings (scrofulous swellings).

Pustules as in eczema, with burning-itching, red, cracked skin, discharging a greenish fluid stiffening the linen.

Syphilitic, scrofulous and mercurial ulcers and herpes.

Itching in r. axilla, with burning, skin sore and cracked then red and scaly, it became moist, on margin of tetter burning vesicles, the tetter agg. after perspiring much, the perspiration, with the secretion from the eruption, stiffened the linen and stained it greenish-yellow, the pain sometimes so great that violent motion of the arms was impossible, there were always new vesicles and larger extent of redness after increased burning and itching, the same trouble in l. axilla, then a furuncle on shoulder, on coracoid process, then a painful furuncle over biceps, with circumscribed redness and induration, discharging bloody matter, then two red itching spots on r. elbow, upon which a yellow pustule formed, a furuncle, with induration and pain, between 9th and 10th ribs, with thick, bloody discharge, leaving an induration, about this time a red spot near seat of second furuncle, becoming like an indurated gland, at this time on l. instep, then on r. redness, with itching and vesicles, leaving hard scurf, whereby the whole place became elevated and painful, the scabs were pressed in by the boots and rubbed off so that the part was raw, after healing the spot was bluish red and swollen.

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