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Juniperus Virginiana - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Juniperus Virginianus, Red Cedar, Juni.

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HPUS indication of Juniperus Virginiana: Allergies

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Juniperus Virginiana in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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10, Wm. A. Hammond, Ranking's Abstract, vol. xxix, 1859, p. 355, a healthy man, aet. thirty-five years, took within twenty-four hours 16 ounces officinal infusion of the berries; 11, W. P. Bolles, M.D., Boston City Hosp. Report, 1870, p. 270, fatal poisoning of Mary H., aet. nineteen years, by 1 ounce of the oil.

The average condition of his urine for the three days immediately preceding the investigations was as follows Quantity 1237.5 cubic centimeters; sp. gr. 1022.50; total solids 61.23 grams, of which 23.12 were inorganic, and 38.11 organic matter. It was of ordinary color and odor, and of strong acid reaction. The first day after taking drug the quantity of urine amounted to 1732 cubic centimeters; sp. gr. 1016.38; the total solids 62.75 grams; of this amount 25.43 grams were inorganic, and 37.32 organic constituents. The urine was of a pale-straw color, and gave off the characteristic odor produced by Juniper. The reaction was feebly acid. The quantity of urine passed on the second day was 1885.2 cubic centimeters; sp. gr. 1014.15; and the total solids 58.49 grams, of which 22.17 were inorganic, and 36.22 organic matter. The physical characteristics were similar to those of the first day. The reaction was barely acid. On the third day the quantity of urine was 1672.5 cubic centimeters; sp. gr. 1018.41. The total solids 63.27, of which 27.50 were inorganic, and 35.73 organic matter. The physical characteristics and reaction were the same as on the previous day,

Insensible and almost pulseless, groaning with every breath, rigid and somewhat convulsed, with twitching of the eyeballs, and a strong odor of "oil of cedar" in the breath,


Juniperus Virginiana, Linn.

Natural order, Coniferae.

Common names, Red Cedar, Savin.

Preparation, Tincture from the twigs.



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