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Kali Arsenicosum - General symptoms - Clarke

Fowler's Solution, Kalium Arsenicosum, Kali Arsenicum, Kali Ars, Kali-ar.

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HPUS indication of Kali Arsenicosum: Dry skin

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Arsenicosum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Kali Arsenicosum Kali arseniatum. Potassium arsenite. KH2 ASO3. "Fowler's Solution," the form in which Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. has been tested, consists of Arsenicum Album Arsenious acid 1 part, Carbonate of potash 1 part. Compound tincture of lavender 3 parts, distilled water 95 parts. Dilutions should be made from this.

It is not possible to separate entirely the pathogenesis of Arsenicum Album Ars. alb. and Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. is the favourite form in which Arsenicum Album Arsenic is prescribed by the allopaths, consequently the bulk of observations from over-dosing are due to this preparation.

and as it is named Liquor arsenicalis it is considered as Arsenicum Album Arsenic and nothing else. However, a sufficient number of pure observations have been made to warrant a separate consideration. The cases of poisoning with massive doses present nothing to distinguish them from cases poisoned with other arsenical preparations. But Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. has had a short proving, and a number of cases of medicinal provings in allopathic hands are on record. Jonathan Hutchinson has recorded a number of cases of right-side herpes. One of his patients observed that whilst taking Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. her sclerotics became thick and yellow instead of clear and bluish. The Iriswhich was blue became more grey. Her skin instead of being fair and florid became muddy and older looking. This was a mystery to Hutchinson seeing that he usually gave Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. to make the skin clearer, but he was compelled to record the homoeopathic fact, though, he did not apparently perceive the homoeopathic solution of the mystery. The same authority has put on record cases of epithelioma developing after prolonged medication with Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. for psoriasis. The skin symptoms of Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. are exceedingly well marked. In one case an attack of measles was almost exactly depicted. Itching was agg. at night.

and agg. on undressing, agg. by warmth. Among the peculiar symptoms of Kali Arsenicosum Kali ars. are "Head feels larger." "Protrusion of eyeballs." "Burning and numbness of tongue.

tongue feels too large." "Sensation of a ball rising from pit of stomach to larynx causing suffocation." "As if a red-hot iron were in anus." Periodicity was marked as with Arsenicum Album Ars.

symptoms were agg. every other day in the morning.

mind symptoms agg. every third day. The right-sidedness of Arsenicum Album Ars. was reproduced in the right-sided herpes, repeatedly noticed by Hutchinson, but there was a left-sided headache. A case of deafness of years' standing was cured with Fowler's Solution (gr. 1/60 of the salt), the accompaniment being constant sickness.

nothing could be kept down.

Eruption covering entire body except scalp, comes out in red papulae, varying in diameter from size of pin's head to that of a three cent. piece.

vesicles form on summit, suppurate, crusts form and fall off, leaving a sore which heals.

the places occupied by these sores are marked by a dark-coloured cicatrix, and the skin generally has a dusky look.

intolerable itching, stinging, and burning, esp. on undressing at night.

it is agg. on trunk, leg., and forearms.

mind much depressed.

Usnea Barbata Lichen confluens over whole body except face, palms, and soles, and part of chest.

the rest studded with papulae, particularly distinct about outer sides of thighs, arms, and back.

they are covered with very minute, flimsy, whitish scabs, causing a powdery appearance of skin.

head very scurfy. hair crisp and dry.

often irritation in skin, which becomes reddened and cracked, particularly about bend of arms and knees.

After taking it for three weeks, suddenly, after feeling ill for a few hours, a copious rash made its appearance on face, hands, and chest, like measles.

accompanied by catarrhal symptoms swelling of face, lips, eyelids, yellow-furred tongue, gastro-intestinal irritation, intense lameness of feet, standing giving great pain.

complete aphonia followed in a few days, desquamation commenced in tenth day.

redness lasted some weeks.

Dry chronic eczema. skin of arms thicker and rougher than natural, covered with flimsy exfoliations of epidermis.

very irritable, itching and tingling when she gets warm.

intensely fissured about bends of elbows and wrists.

occasional exacerbation, with eruption of distinct vesicles.

languor and lassitude.

pale, sallow complexion.

catamenia irregular.