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Kali Bichromicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bichromate Of Potash, Kali Bich, Kal Bich, Kali-bich, Kalium Bichromicum, Kali Chromicum, Kali. Bich., Kali-bi.

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HPUS indication of Kali Bichromicum: Sinuses

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Bich in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), "Maziness" in head.

on waking, vertigo. giddiness.

on rising, heaviness, etc.

on waking at 5 o'clock, heavy pain in head.

on waking, headache. on waking, pain in circumference of skull.

pressive headache. lightness across forehead.

on waking, pain in left side of forehead.

pain in frontal bone.

soon after rising, pain over left eye.

burning in eyes.

on waking, swelling of lids.

dryness, etc., in lids.

on waking, heaviness of upper lids.

burning in margins of lids.

lachrymation. sneezing.

discharge from nose etc.

after waking, dryness of nose.

obstruction of nose. bitter taste.

on waking, pressive pain in throat.

on waking, sore throat.

feebleness of stomach.

pain in stomach. griping in intestines, etc.

after waking, sensation in penis.

on waking, soreness in larynx.

after rising, roughness in larynx.

irritation in larynx. on waking, hoarseness, etc.

hacking cough. dyspnoea.

pain in side of chest.

drawing in muscles of neck, etc.

pain in small of back.

pain in sacrum, etc. on waking, pain in coccyx.

rheumatic pains. pain in limbs.

on waking, pains in legs, etc.

on waking, pain in ulna.

on waking, sticking in metacarpal joints.

soon after rising, drawing in fingers, etc.

general discomfort, etc.

pains in various parts.

on waking, tearing here and there.

Feeling as though the bones of the skull would separate.

as though the brain were too large for the skull and the bones were forced asunder.

I could not call this sensation a pain.

but it was very distressing and especially affected the temporal bones towards the ears and the parietal bones.

the external meatus, especially of the left side, was also sensitive and stopped (fifty-sixth day),.

Seized with violent pain in left parietal region above and behind the temple in a spot the size of a crown-piece.

the pain was felt chiefly at night and subsided during the day, and came on violently again at the same hour in the evening about sunset.

a swelling soon formed at the seat of the pain.

it grew worse in the night, and went down a little in the day.

in a week it got to its height, and was then about the size of an egg.

it was then quite hard and not sore to the touch.

the pain was confined to the lump, and was of a stabbing character, and as if the head were opening.

it lasted in all about two months, and then the pains and swelling gradually went away without any suppuration of softening,.

The pain in the frontal bone, which lasted during the most of the proving, became gradually less and appeared later and later each day.

during the later days a second paroxysm of the same pain occurred in the evening, which was of equal severity but of shorter duration than the one in the afternoon.

this also regularly postponed in time till it disappeared,.

White of the eye dirty yellow, discolored, congested, dotted here and there with yellowish-brown spots, of the size of a pin's head, especially in the left eye, which also showed a pale brown spot near the inner margin of the cornea, which looked like a resolving ecchymosis.

the eyes were hot and he was frequently obliged to rub them (seventh day),.

Lachrymation, itching, and burning in the eyes, especially on the margins of the upper lids.

the conjunctiva of the ball and lid was red and injected with large red vessels.

in the left eye, which was affected more than the right, during the whole proving, there was a sensation for a quarter of an hour as though something had got into it, which gradually disappeared (thirty-second day),.

A sudden feeling as though a black plate were placed before both eyes at the distance of about ten paces, so that I was unable to recognize any object at that distance.

as I was looking through a closed window I thought that might be the cause of the difficulty, but on turning around and speaking with a person standing about two paces from me, I was unable to recognize him, the vision was so obscured.

this lasted about ten minutes, when the obscuration gave way to a sensation as though a veil were hanging before the eyes and were drawn upwards and downwards.

this, however, soon disappeared and the former condition returned.

I washed the eyes in cool water, hoping thereby to find relief, especially as the eyes had already begun to be painful, but it was of no avail.

it lasted about a quarter of an hour, when the obscuration disappeared and a kind of vertigo set in (quite similar to that which follows too large an amount of alcoholic stimulants).

this lasted two or three minutes, when it disappeared giving place to a violent headache, especially in the frontal and orbital regions, at times associated with sticking pains in the eyes and tearing in the ears.

the whole attack lasted till 9 P.M. (after six daily doses),.

Photophobia (eighteenth day).

with lachrymation and itching in the eyes, and redness and burning in the margins of the lids (twenty-third day).

increasing in the afternoon to such a degree that he was only able to open the eyes and endure the sunlight, with twisting and jerking of the lids, associated with profuse lachrymation and burning in the eyes.

this excessive photophobia disappeared towards evening, and the eyes became quite insensible to the light (twenty-fourth day),.

Violent pricking in the nose and irresistible sneezing.

in time the membrane begins to be thrown off, and portions of it are carried into the handkerchief used in blowing the nose.

this process goes on, when once started, so rapidly, that after a period of six or eight days the septum becomes thin, permeated with openings, and is ultimately detached altogether.

this process of ulceration occurs in every workman, excepting those who take snuff,.

Fine particles entering the nose cause extreme irritation and incessant sneezing (after five or six days).

some portions of the mucous membrane covering the septum become detached, and are found in the handkerchief, and after six or eight days the septum itself becomes thin, and at last it destroyed.

a hole is formed, and as soon as this is the case, all symptoms cease,.

Unpleasant sensation in my nose, as if water had been drawn up violently.

it grew gradually worse, and lasted about forty-eight hours.

on the third, fourth, and fifth days, I had to blow my nose more frequently than usual, about ten or twelve times a day, and discharged each time natural-looking mucus, considerably streaked with light-colored blood.

(I never had nosebleed in my life).

after this, for several days, a sensation in the middle of the left ala nasi as if there was a very dry spot, or as if it was denuded of the mucous membrane,.

Burrowing and beating inside the root of the nose (in the ethmoid bone?), therewith in the corresponding portion of the nose there were externally felt heat and distinct throbbing rhythmical with the pulse.

the nose became swollen at the root and hot without being red.

the nose itself seemed thick and full, and she spoke "through it".

was frequently inclined to blow the nose on account of a sensation as of a thick substance in it, but nothing was expelled.

the nose remained dry.

it felt as heavy as if a weight were hanging from it (first day),.

On blowing nose, violent sticking in right side of nose, as though two loose bones rubbed against each other.

this pain in nose on blowing continued (thirty-ninth day), with frequent violent sticking pains.

there were frequently discharged greenish-colored masses of an offensive odor.

every portion which passed through the posterior nares had a very disagreeable taste.

on the seventh day the pain in the nose, both when blowing and when not blowing it, continues as violent as yesterday.

on the eighth day, the feeling as though the bones rubbed against each other ceased.

the right nostril was still filled with hard masses.

small ulcers on the external borders of the nostrils continued.

the ulcers on the right side had not entirely healed before they also appeared in the left nostril, where they burned still more than in the right.

at last the tip of the nose, especially towards the right side, became very sensitive.

the scars formed by the healing of these ulcers remained for a long time, .

A carious tooth that had been filled, and upon which I accidentally bit at dinner, and which pained for a few minutes afterwards as usual, began to pain violently about 3 P.M.

the pain gradually increased, so that I was obliged to leave off work.

at 6 P.M. it was drawn, after which it bled through the night and till the next noon, with very great swelling of the gum, so that no medicine was taken for the next three days (tenth day),.

Sudden drawing-tearing pain in all the teeth of the left side, starting from no particular tooth, relieved by neither cold nor warmth, but only for a moment by pressure upon the lower jaw.

lasting till towards midnight (seventh day).

the next morning there was no pain in the teeth, but a decided swelling of the gum, which was painful in the vicinity of a last left lower hollow back tooth.

at noon there was dull drawing-tearing toothache on the same side, with extremely acute stitches in the upper and lower jaws, extending to the ear, temple, and neck of the same side, lasting the whole day.

the portion of the neck involved was sensitive to touch, the cervical glands swollen.

wandering tearing pains in various parts of the upper and lower extremities.

tongue coated yellow. in the evening there set in intolerable tearing-sticking headache through the whole head, at times cutting, as though it were cut to pieces with knives.

chilliness and flushes of heat in the left side of the head and face, pulse accelerated (80 instead 70 as usual).

on the next day the gum was less swollen, but towards noon there was a transient tearing pain in the teeth of the left lower jaw, accompanied by extremely acute, transient, sticking-tearing pain in the left ear, temple, and side of the neck, lasting, with intervals of freedom from pain, till evening.

sleep that night was disturbed by pain in the teeth and head.

after this the trouble in the teeth entirely disappeared, (I had been subject twice a year, but especially in the spring and fall, to a similar rheumatic toothache, which seemed to be caused by taking cold, or a draft of air, characterized by violent tearing-digging pain involving now the right, now the left side of the lower jaw, relieved by neither cold nor warmth, especially violent at night, completely preventing sleep, and afterwards becoming worse for three or four days, suddenly ending with swelling of the gum, but this attack was quite different from the former ones.).

Slight irritation of the gum of the left upper jaw.

the pain in the gum extended through the upper lip to the wings of the nose (upon examination the gum was found to be inflamed).

on the next day the inflammation had increased so that the whole upper lip and both wings of the nose were involved and very painful.

there appeared between the upper lip and gum, above the eye tooth, an oblong and very painful abscess, which opened after three days, and gradually disappeared,.

Burning vesicle on the mucous membrane of the inside of the left corner of the mouth.

next day this vesicle had become a small painful ulcer surrounded by hard swelling.

in the afternoon there was burning of the mouth, especially of the inner surface of the lips.

on the third day the ulcer diminished in size, and on the fourth healed (one hundred and thirty-seventh to one hundred and fortieth day),.

If the skin is torn or abraded, however slightly, a sharp pain is felt.

and if the salt is left in contact with the wound the cutaneous tissue is decomposed and violent inflammation established.

these symptoms are accompanied with intense pain, especially in winter, when the cold is severe.

the action of the salt does not cease until cauterization has penetrated to the bone,.

Eruption of papillae, these after a little time become pustular, and at length, provided the exposure be continued, deep sloughs form under the pustules.

the sloughs are of a peculiarly penetrating character.

an instance has even occurred in which a complete perforation through the muscular substance of the hand has in this way been produced,.

Small pustules made their appearance at the roots of the nails on both hands, but chiefly on the left.

they extended soon over the whole back of the hand to the wrist, and also, though not to the same extent, on the palm.

the back of the hand was one mass of suppuration. The pustule on the hand was small and round, and secreted a limpid, watery matter, when the head of it was broken off.

but if left alone, the secretion consolidated into a yellow viscid mass (after three days).

since then, more than once, after being in contact with the liquor, has had breaking out of pustules the following day,.

Decided itching on the hairy portion of the genitals, which increased to an inflammation of the skin and the formation of about twenty pustules as large as the head of a pin, which were collected in a spot about an inch in diameter (second day).

the itching, almost a biting, continued during the next day, so that I was obliged to scratch in order to get relief, but the night was restless.

on the fourth and fifth days the pustules continued to suppurate and were painful.

in the evening of the fifth day all the small pustules had united into one large ulcer, in which violent paroxysmal stitches woke me at night.

on the seventh day the ulcers began to heal, after which I slowly recovered,.

In the seat of a scratch, exposed to ch. sol., swelling and irregular ulcer, covered with a scab, painful on pressure, dry.

this continued for months, and a hard movable knot is felt under the skin, with an ulcerated spot like a corn. This gradually hardens, and is covered with a white skin, and remains so for months,.

Violent itching and burning in the skin of the nape of the neck, after awhile disappearing from that place and appearing on the left shoulder, afterwards in the left upper arm and left side of the chest, and at last on the back, lasting from 6 to 10 A.M.

in the afternoon suddenly a similar itching in the skin on the loins, quickly disappearing,.

The pains in the thorax become so severe that he is scarcely able to turn over in bed or take a few steps on account of the aggravation of the pains in the muscles and bones, all the latter of which seem to be broken.

the next day these pains extend over the whole cervical region, and he is unable to turn the head or move the arm upward without greatly increasing the pains.

respiration was very much impeded.

these symptoms decreased very much from day to day (fifth day after last dose),.

Sudden attack of violent burning pain as from a deep knife-cut in the centre of the chest, so severe that it compels him to throw away everything and to compress the chest firmly with both hands. After remaining quiet for two minutes the pain gradually diminishes, but returns with increased violence on every attempt to go on with his work. It begins on both sides under the clavicle, and extends over the whole chest down to the region of the lower ribs, but is most severe in the centre of the chest.

the pain is somewhat like the burning felt when walking against a cold wind, but is not only burning but sharply cutting. Deep breathing increases the pain slightly, although the pain forces him to respire deeply. Warmth relieves the pain, without removing it. These pains in the chest keep on till noon, sometimes lasting for a quarter of an hour, then decreasing steadily on taking some warm soup,.

Dry tickling cough day and night.

during the cough, pressure in the middle of the sternum extending up into the larynx and as far as the hyoid bone.

when she coughed violently there was a taste of blood in the mouth.

the paroxysms of cough were repeated very frequently, often every ten minutes.

during the cough she frequently complained of pressive pain in the middle of the sternum and in the throat above the larynx in the region of the hyoid bone (sixth day).

the cough continued several days, and was at last accompanied by expectoration coming from deep in the lungs, and having a sweetish, purulent taste and yellow color,.

The tickling cough reappeared (eighteenth day), and was followed by expectoration of bright-red blood in six or seven paroxysms.

I was unable to tell from the sensation whence the blood came.

the lungs were free on deep inspiration, and the pulse not feverish.

on account of this I took Phosphorus Phosphorus, and the spitting of blood did not return that day,.

A feeling of anxiety and warmth in the praecordial region woke me at 11 P.M., soon after which I expectorated rather a large amount of blood, with short paroxysms of cough and rattling in the air-passages.

this cough and expectoration of blood were repeated regularly every two hours during the next twenty-four hours.

the whole amount of blood was half a pound.

it was always bright red, never mixed with mucus, and always expectorated easily and without exertion.

next day the posterior wall of the pharynx was dark-red, glistening, swollen, injected with small bright-red vessels, and in the middle, somewhat to the left, a small fissure from which much blood issued (on account of this I took Hyoscyamus Niger Hyoscyamus, which with a generous use of milk completely restored me).

during this time, however, there was frequently felt on swallowing a sensation as though a morsel of dry food were sticking in the throat.

also I frequently became suddenly hoarse, and then felt a scraping on the posterior wall of the curtain of the palate and in the choanae.

frequently tenacious mucus was drawn from these parts.

it was difficult to loosen, and when loosened had a metallic taste.

also I experienced boring, drawing pains in the bones of the upper and lower extremities (as often and these appeared the troubles in the throat were relieved, and vice versâ),.

Pain in the small of the back, in the forenoon while walking, recurring by paroxysms with considerable violence, so that for a moment walking was difficult, then it would disappear.

afterwards it was felt at the moment of sitting down, but was less felt while sitting.

in the afternoon it disappeared entirely and gave place to drawing pains in the lower leg, which also disappeared in the evening.

late in the evening there was again pain in the small of the back (one hundred and fifteenth day),.

Severe pain in lumbar region, extending into the sacrum and down the thigh.

at first, an aching pain, increased to a numbed sensation.

the pain increased to such a degree that he could hardly rise from his chair.

it continued for three days, and gradually decreased in severity (in about six or eight hours after 10, 20, and then 60 gtts., in the same day),.

Was seized with pain like a knife through the loins, suddenly, so that he could scarcely walk in the afternoon.

was with difficulty helped home, and had great pain all night, and could not sleep all night more than an hour for the pain, that continued even when still, but greatly worse on moving or turning.

got some nitre and was somewhat relieved, so that he could go back to work next day, but remained with pain in back and scanty urine for a fortnight,.

Woke in about two hours with great uneasiness in the stomach, and soreness and tenderness in region of same, particularly in a small spot towards the left of xiphoid cartilage.

the pains continued for some time, with dryness of mouth, nausea, restlessness, and wakefulness, heat of hands and feet, then perspiration of the hands, feet, and legs, followed by subsidence of the symptoms for about two hours, when they occurred again as before,.

Discomfort in the epigastric region, which while walking in the open air increased to nausea, and at last to faintness, with a feeling as though vomiting would relieve, but without efforts to vomit.

the nausea afterwards became less, but a large amount of saliva accumulated in the mouth, with sour eructations, which gradually disappeared after an hour,.

Very violent, but quite painless, wavelike contraction in the pit of the stomach, which afterwards changed to the thorax, and there ceased.

this was repeated within five minutes, then entirely disappeared.

from the sensation, the pain seemed to be seated in the stomach and oesophagus, and not in the diaphragm, at 4 P.M. (seventh day),.

Pressive pain in the stomach and nausea, lasting the whole day, so that I could scarcely eat.

indeed in the evening, after taking a cup of black coffee, I was obliged to vomit, with great effort, as in the forenoon.

this was accompanied by vertigo, violent burning pain in the stomach, anxious sweat over the whole upper part of the body, and chilliness to such a degree that it amounted to shivering.

the ejecta in the forenoon consisted of food, but in the evening of a bilious fluid (first day),.

Disagreeable sensation in the epigastric region, to be compared only to the last stage of seasickness.

it is not exactly a constant inclination to vomit, but rather the trouble which frequently follows repeated vomiting, a peculiar, almost indescribable sensation of twisting and constriction in the epigastric region, with intervals of rush of blood to the head, like electric shocks.

also as in seasickness there were great exhaustion and the characteristic indifference.

after about two hours was obliged to lie down on account partly of great weariness and partly of the distressing sensation in the epigastric region, which was aggravated by every step and only relieved by rest.

this feeling of constriction in the stomach was felt frequently through the day (first and twenty-sixth day),.

Ravenous hunger on seeing food.

after eating the ill-humor disappeared.

half an hour afterwards there was shivering with chilliness, especially in the extremities, alternating with flushes of heat and general perspiration.

eructations tasting of the food, nausea, accumulation of water in the mouth, and qualmishness with desire to vomit, which did not take place,.

Violent sticking pain in the right flank, extending up into the left chest as far as the clavicular region and acromion process, and into the side of the neck, causing a sensation as though these parts were tense or stretched.

these stitches were not at all affected by breathing or motion, only aggravated on stooping.

the whole attack was very violent, and lasted and hour, accompanied by restlessness and depression of spirits (first day),.

Diarrhoea-like stool, consisting of brown frothy water, with excessively painful pressure, urging, and tenesmus in the anus (following a normal evacuation).

these stools were repeated seven or eight times, accompanied by constant pain in abdomen and by nausea and inclination to vomit, after which there followed sudden complete rest (tenth day),.

Pain in the right shoulder-joint on moving it, and at other times also a sensation as though the joint were separating from its attachments (though without any tearing here or in other parts), (fourth day).

the disagreeable sensation in the arm increased, after prolonged inactivity of the extremity, to a stiffness, which was painful even if no attempt was made to move the arm, but it was increased to a high degree on raising the arm (eighth and ninth days).

the pain in the arm was much worse, especially if the arm was bent at the elbow and drawn somewhat backward and outward, as for example, when putting on the clothes (fourteenth day),.

Violent pain in the thumb, so that I was scarcely able to hold a pen.

every motion of the arm or hand increased the pain.

externally there was neither redness nor swelling to be seen.

this pain lasted during the whole forenoon, and was frequently so violent that I was unable to take my handkerchief out of my coat pocket.

it extended to the elbow, without the least external appearance.

in the evening the pain was less, the joint still remained sensitive to touch.

it almost entirely disappeared the next day (seventy-seventh day),.

Painful tension in the extensor surface of the right thumb.

this tension diminished towards noon, and was felt only on violent motion of the hand.

on pressing on the place where the radius articulates with the metacarpal bone of the thumb the pain was still felt.

this spot was sensitive to pressure and on motion throughout the day (seventy-sixth day),.

Great painfulness of the forepart of the left foot while walking, as well in a corn as in the hard skin of the great toe, so that I had to limp, and I was sometimes obliged to stand still because of the pain.

afterwards while sitting the pain disappeared.

in the afternoon, after a long walk, it returned in the foot, but was not so violent as in the forenoon (one hundred and seventeenth day),.

Swelling and pain in the left tendo Achillis.

stepping upon the toes is very difficult (this symptom of the foot frequently alternates with that of the arm, see S. 1349).

the pain in the foot always diminished after a somewhat prolonged walk, and was less during rest, but afterwards it was always more severe (fifth and eighth days).

the pain extended to the right tendo Achillis, so that walking was exceedingly difficult (twelfth day).

the left foot was somewhat better, but the right more painful (thirteenth day).

the pain disappeared from the left foot, but continued in the right as before (fourteenth day).

disappeared entirely (seventeenth day),.



General emaciation (twenty-second day),

Considerable emaciation,

Blood buffed and cupped,

Quite stiff, and could hardly rise in the morning,

Very languid (eighth day),

Weariness and exhaustion (eighth day),

Weariness, in evening,

Great weariness towards evening,

Unusual weariness while walking in the open air.

the limbs feel as heavy as lead, with prostration, indifference, fretful mood, aversion to the usual business, and desire for rest. I experience exhausting warmth, as after great physical exertion.

the shortest walk overcomes me, and I always seek a seat, very exhausted, indifferent, and taciturn, am not able to collect my thoughts, distracted, and as far able I cut short conversation to avoid showing the fact.

I seek to be alone and feel better in the open air,.

Such weakness in the morning that he was obliged to lie down again (second day).

very much weaker in morning.

could scarcely rise, and trembled greatly in making the attempt, but without any increase of pain (third day).

the debility increased to such a degree that the patient died sleeping calmly, as if from pure exhaustion (after forty-five hours),.

Violent, persistent, tearing pains in the bones.

these are concentrated in both little toes, and associated with very distressing-crawling pains.

they become so violent that it seems as though both toes would by forcibly torn off.

after a few hours these pains gradually diminished, but continued through the night and following forenoon.

there now set in slight pains in the thighs and sacrum, which, however, disappeared after a few hours.

next day he notices the same pains in the thorax, which, however, may be ascribed to gymnastic exercises,.

Very disagreeable sensation at 4 A.M.

it is best described as nightmare.

I dreamed that some one was lying across my chest and abdomen, which arrested the breathing, so that I was in danger of suffocation.

I groaned aloud, and after waking was covered with sweat.

my blood was in a tumult.

after rising I felt very weak (eighty-ninth day),.

Shivering extending from the lower legs over the whole body, with a sensation in the pericranium as if it were being tightly constricted about the head, in frequent paroxysms.

an hour after the chill there followed heat with dryness of the mouth and lips, so that she was constantly obliged to moisten them.

the next morning she first had great thirst but no perspiration (third day),.

Nausea immediately after a dose, lasting an hour, and even after breakfast, associated with heaviness and tension in the lower abdomen, in the region of the symphysis pubis, and a general feeling of discomfort, of malaise.

the nausea gradually disappeared, but towards evening while smoking there were frequent spitting and slight attacks of nausea (sixty-seventh day),.

Vomiting, preceded by frequent ineffectual efforts.

this occurred six times.

the ejecta had a slightly yellow color, a somewhat sweetish taste, reminding one of the drug. During the fifth and sixth repetition of the vomiting there was a bruised pain in the upper abdomen, and the ejection, with great exhaustion, of a very dark-brown extremely bitter substance (much more bitter than ordinary bile), (one hour after 30 drops), (thirty-fifth day),.

Vomiting of all the contents of the stomach, with very painful contractions of the stomach, and persistent retching, even after the stomach had been emptied.

this was followed by relief, and all the symptoms disappeared.

this antiperistaltic action was confined wholly to the stomach.

there was no bile vomited, not even a trace of a bitter taste, only the taste of the food (one hundred and twenty-first day),.

Vertigo while sitting writing, so that the pen trembled in the hand.

I tried to hurry to the window in order to get fresh air, but suddenly there followed the most violent vomiting of white mucous acid fluid accompanied by the most frightful nausea, violent pressure, and burning pain in the stomach, followed by relief.

after about five minutes the vertigo again increased and the nausea returned with the most violent and painful vomiting of a similar fluid, only less in quantity (immediately after 80 drops),.

I had hardly time to reach my bed when vomiting began.

my sensations, if I remember rightly, were precisely like those of seasickness.

it seemed as though my stomach turned a complete somerset, and as if every muscle in my body was at work to eject the offending substance.

my sense of smell and taste seemed tenfold keen.

the Ipecacuanha Ipecac, as soon as I took a teaspoonful, seemed all alcohol, and so increased my nausea that I could take no more.

the color of the liquid vomited was a pea-green, and so intensely bitter that it reminded me of the tansy I used to chew when a boy for worms.

the bitter taste did not remain, however, in my mouth afterwards. I felt chilly and shivered all over.

mixed some Camphora Camphor and tried to take it by teaspoonful doses.

again the vomiting commenced.

same in appearance as before and same distress.

no food was ejected and I trembled as before.

had cramps in my stomach. In my last vomiting, the sensation in my throat and mouth was so much like the peculiar one of the Podophyllum Peltatum Podophyllum, that I directed the 2d to be prepared immediately, and after a third act of vomiting, I began taking it rapidly in teaspoonful doses, also ordered a mustard plaster to the pit of my stomach.

the taste of the Podophyllum Peltatum Podophyllum was grateful rather than otherwise.

drank freely of hot black tea, not strong, with no milk, and a little sugar.

after this I vomited no more, and rested, warmly covered up, for two hours (after two hours).

felt sore, with dull ache at the pit of the stomach, and slight occasional nausea (second day),.

Repeated attacks of violent vomiting of yellow, bitter, bilious matter, in such violent and rapid succession that I could scarcely get my breath.

the head was very painful, the whole face covered with a fine scorbutic eruption from the exertion of vomiting.

the taste was greasy, bitter, and salty.

thirst very violent, with external flushes of heat and internal chilliness,.