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Kali Bichromicum - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bichromate Of Potash, Kali Bich, Kal Bich, Kali-bich, Kalium Bichromicum, Kali Chromicum, Kali. Bich., Kali-bi.

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HPUS indication of Kali Bichromicum: Sinuses

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Bich in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Painful retraction of the anus, especially violent on the days when there were no stools, lasting several months,

Burning in the anus after a normal evacuation,

Burning in the anus after a pasty stool (one hundred and twenty-seventh day),

Burning in the anus after the second rather thin stool (fifth day),

Burning in the anus for a long time after a scanty evacuation in the morning (sixty-ninth day),

Burning and pressure in the anus for a short time in the forenoon (thirty-fourth day),

Burning pain in the anus,

Fulness in the haemorrhoidal vessels (thirty-fourth day),

Sensation of a plug in the anus while sitting in the afternoon (ninety-third day),

Dragging in the anus,

Dragging and biting in the anus at noon (ninety-first day),

Dragging in the anus and tenesmus of the sphincter at noon (seventy-first day),

Dragging and burning in the haemorrhoidal vessels after active exercise (thirty-sixth day),

Much dragging in the anus after a somewhat hard stool, afterwards great pressure in the haemorrhoidal vessels, still later, at times, dragging and pressure in the anus, which even amounted to acute pain; during dinner the pain was so violent that he could scarcely sit (ninety-fourth day),

Great dragging in the haemorrhoidal vessels, with a feeling of soreness in the anus (ninety-second day),

Indescribable sensation of twinging and pressure in the anus, as though violent diarrhoea would ensue, and sudden relief after the emission of flatulence (seventeenth day),

Pressure in the anus at noon (ninety-third day),

Pressure in the anus after a normal stool (twenty-third day),

Pressure in the haemorrhoidal vessels, while sitting after active exercise, in the evening (ninety-sixth day),

Great pressure and burning in the anus, with desire for stool, in the forenoon, but only emission of flatulence; while still at stool, sudden outbreak of perspiration over the skin, especially on the face, where it ran down in streams, disappearing as suddenly as it came on (ninety-fifth day),

Stitches in the anus (one hundred and twenty-sixth day),

Feeling of soreness in the anus (seventy-fourth day),

Sore pain in the anus, preventing walking, towards evening,

Sore pain in the anus after prolonged motion,

Itching in the anus,

Violent itching in the anus while walking (fifteenth day),

Desire for stool towards noon,

Violent, ineffectual urging to stool after dinner (seventy-first day),



A little diarrhoea,

Diarrhoea constant, and the evacuations passed away involuntarily; the bed was perfectly swamped,

Very profuse diarrhoea-like stools at times (thirtieth to thirty-fifth day),

Stool in the evening, with some griping in the abdomen, tolerably consistent, followed by a diarrhoea-like stool, after which there was a feeling of tenesmus for some time (seventeenth day),

Evacuation towards evening somewhat formed, afterwards like diarrhoea (thirty-first day),


In a small dose, a few centigrammes, it acts as a purgative,

Slightly purged, the evacuations being of a greenish-yellow color,

Violent purging, almost incessant, of mucus and blood; bowels evacuated as he lay in bed,

Stools bloody and extremely painful,

Dysenteric attacks for several successive years, lasting about three weeks; frequent bloody motions, with gnawing pain at the navel, followed by ineffectual straining,

Involuntary liquid stools had passed as she lay dressed on the bed (after one hour and a half),

Frequent dejections of dark coffee-colored stools,

Several stools natural color and consistence (second day),

Two liquid stools in quick succession, in the morning, followed after some minutes by burning in the anus (eighteenth day),

For a long time after the proving there were two daily evacuations of the bowels, the first normal and the second diarrhoea-like,

Stool twice during the day, in the morning and also after dinner, very unusual; the evacuation was scanty and not thin (fifty-fifth day),

Pasty stools, followed by a sensation as if too little had been passed (thirty-sixth day),

Pale, slate-colored stools,

Scanty, pale, clay-colored stools, sometimes twice a day,

Violently urgent desire for stool woke her at 6 A.M.; she was unable to reach the closet soon enough; the watery contents of the intestines spurted from her; such violent tenesmus followed that she was unable to rise from the stool (second day),

Semiliquid stool, after rising in the morning, followed by some griping in the intestines (one hundred and second day),

Urging to stool for the third time, only a scanty evacuation, at most a spoonful of liquid, which, however, seemed to relieve the discomfort in the abdomen, in the forenoon (ninety-fifth day),

A profuse evacuation, whereby the abdomen was very much relieved, was followed after an hour by complete disappearance of the pain, which, however, returned after dinner (one hundred and sixteenth day),

Copious loose stool,

Copious thin stool, without griping, tenesmus, or other painful sensation, about 11 A.M.; some time after the stool an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen, with distension and slight pressure in the anus; after dinner renewed desire for stool, but only emission of flatulence (sixty-ninth day),

Copious dark-colored evacuation, with tenesmus (fifth day),

One loose passage (eighth day),

Soft stool, followed by burning in the anus (fifty-third day),

Pasty stool (sixth day),

Stool immediately after rising in the morning (an unusual time), followed by a feeling of soreness in the anus (fifty-ninth day),

Hard evacuation, followed by burning and pressure in the anus, in the morning (ninety-first day),

Stool very hard, lumpy (twenty-second day),

Stool scanty, lumpy, followed by burning in the anus (eighth day),


Disposition to constipation, and then symptoms aggravated,

Constipation; no stool (seventh and eighth days); hard, unsatisfactory evacuation (ninth day),

Constipation, with pain across the loins,

Periodic constipation occurring every three months,

Generally costive,

Bowels habitually costive (reaction?),

Bowels always costive,

Evacuation of the bowels difficult and painful; faeces extremely hard,

Evacuation of the bowels hard and infrequent, accompanied by protrusion of the rectum, lasting fourteen days after the proving,

Evacuation from the bowels scanty and hard (thirty-seventh day),

Scanty, hard stool, followed by burning in the anus (thirty-fourth day),

Hard, unsatisfactory stool in the morning (ninety-second day),

Evacuation of the bowels towards noon extremely difficult, hard, and unsatisfactory (fifth day),

Evacuation of the bowels suppressed (fourth day),

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