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Kali Bichromicum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bichromate Of Potash, Kali Bich, Kal Bich, Kali-bich, Kalium Bichromicum, Kali Chromicum, Kali. Bich., Kali-bi.

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HPUS indication of Kali Bichromicum: Sinuses

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Bich in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




If there be the smallest wound (when applied to the skin) it acts as a Causticum caustic, setting up violent inflammation and destroying all the tissues down to the bone,

Several brown spots on the forepart of the neck looking like freckles, which I had never seen before, and which would scarcely be expected in a skin as dark as mine (seventy-seventh day),

Elevated painless induration, where an ulcer was four months before,

Hands completely covered with depressed cicatrices, which look as if they had been punched out with a wadding-cutter,

Two of the characteristic elevated cicatrices on the right thumb,

Roughness and slight burning of the whole skin of the forehead (fourth day),

Eruptions, Dry.

Eruption generally comes on in the first fourteen days,

Had eruptions, at first,

Solid eruption, like measles, over the body,

Rash commencing in hot weather,

Rash lasted only three days,

Papular rash lasting three months (after three months),

Was attacked with a papular rash, chiefly affecting the arms, which, however, lasted for two or three days only (after one week),

An eruption broke out on the eyelids and adjacent parts of the face, lasting two days (second day),

Eruption on the upper and lower lip (sixty-fourth day),

Pimples on the right half of the face (thirty-ninth day),

Appearance of a red pimple on back of hand (seventh day),

Inflamed pimple on the forehead (fourth day),

Inflamed pimples on the back, in the evening (twenty-sixth day),

Several inflamed pimples on the right side of the forehead (sixty-first day),

Several small inflamed pimples on the forehead, drying up and disappearing in a few hours (sixth day); small red points on the forehead where the pimples had been (seventh day),

Painful inflamed pimple in the right side of the nose, towards the dorsum (eighty-ninth day),

Papular eruptions on forearms, lasting a few days, recurring frequently,

Itching papular eruption on the forearm and legs, which lasted a fortnight, disappearing after he gave up the occupation,

Heat and itching of the skin, at night, in the warmth of the bed, followed by eruption on the thighs and legs, of reddish hard knots, from the size of a pin's head to that of a split pea, with a depressed dark scurf in the centre, surrounded with an inflamed base, declining in two or three days; similar attacks recurred frequently,

There appears (without any abrasion) a small, red elevation with a dark centre and elevated circumference, itching and slightly painful,

Psoriasis diffusa of the hands, which after some time, degenerated into impetigo, although during the interval he had been little exposed to the action of the bichromate solution,

Eruptions, Moist.

Vesicular eruption on a red and elevated base (itching and burning much, especially when exposed to steam), in a few days becoming pustular, and in some presenting a dark point in the centre, invading hands, arms, face, back, and belly (after seven days),

Vesicular eruption on the upper lip (one hundred and thirty-seventh day),

Some vesicles on the right side of the lower lip (fifty-fourth day),

Vesicles filled with lymph in the right eyebrow (seventy-fifth day),

A large vesicle filled with serum on the sole of the right foot (nineteenth day),

Itching vesicles on the margins of the lips, in the forenoon; in the evening they itched and burned violently (sixty-fourth day),

On the belly, near the umbilicus, some spots, evidently of abraded vesicles, presenting a deep hollowed appearance, which remains after they are healed (after seven days),

Eruption over the whole body of pustules the size of peas, with a small black slough in the centre on an inflamed base,

Small pustules all over the body, like the small-pox, which disappear without bursting,

Violent itching of the skin all over the body, then eruption of small pustules forming scabs, most on the arms and legs; the scabs are then painful, smarting, and burning (two cases),

Eruptions, Pustular.

A profuse yellow scabby eruption formed over the upper lip,

Suppurating, painful pimples on the back (nineteenth and thirty-fourth day).

The painful pimples which have been noticed on the back for two weeks have enlarged, and one has already discharged bloody matter, is still existence and is more painful than ever; the pimples continue to pain for several days, and after partly discharging become again filled with matter (thirty-ninth day),

Redness, swelling, and itching in a spot on the wrist, then great pain; after some time, matter formed and broke the skin, and continued to ooze out for two or three months, then healed, leaving a cicatrix, depressed, as if scooped out (after some months),

Itching in the legs, followed next day by breaking out of a red eruption, which run together and formed scabs, discharging their matter with aching-smarting pains; it has lasted above a year, and is in large pustules on the front of the leg; better in cold weather,

Face covered with a profuse eruption like acne (other parts equally exposed are not so affected),

Eruption on the face like small-pox, for some weeks, on first entering the works,

Pustules appear on the hands (second day); (after merely passing through the works during the boiling),

An eruption of red round spots broke out on the back, arms, and belly; the spots then formed pustules the size of a pea, covered with a scab, which came off in a few days and left a small dry ulcer, which mostly healed up in about a fortnight leaving a colorless depressed cicatrix (after a few days),

Pustules on the arm, the size of a split pea, with a hair in the centre,

Small yellow pustules on the calf of the leg, about the size of a split pea, not unlike small-pox pustules,

Boil on the right thigh (thirty-seventh day),

A furuncle appeared on the right side of the back near the last rib, which was very painful to the slightest touch, and lasted five days (after one day),


When the workmen are too lightly clad they are attacked with violent itchings, followed by suppuration and ulceration of the moist surface of the penis, around the glans; this condition may progress until a disorder not unlike syphilitic ulceration may be presented,

There still remained an irregular ulcer, twice the size of a bean, with a scab, on the left scapula, quite out of the reach of contact of the solution; it is dry and superficial,

Wrists and arms affected with deep ulcers,

Ulcers on the hand,

Some had ulcers on the hands and body,

Without his being aware of having any scratch on the arm or hand, ulcers formed; the arm swelled as high as the axilla, and became very painful, before the boil-like elevation formed, which afterwards turned into a large ulcer, with a dark centre, and white overhanging edges,

Ulceration of forefinger to such an extent, that the two last phalanges had to be cut off,

After swelling and redness of the finger, with severe throbbing pain, an ulcer formed over the point of the forefinger with white overhanging edges, and dark gangrenous central point; the skin and cellular tissue movable as if separated from their attachments,

Painful ulcer under the thumb-nail,

Inflammation of the feet, and in twenty-four hours breaking out of numerous ulcers (fourteen on one foot, and nineteen on the other), of the characteristic form; they healed in a fortnight (after standing for half an hour in a weak solution, with shoes not water tight),

Peculiar ulceration of the face,

Itchiness of the forearms and hands, then intolerable pain and formation of numerous ulcers, from which above a dozen nearly solid masses of matter fell on striking the arm firmly. The ulcers were left clean dry cavities, which gradually filled up and healed in about a month, leaving a white cicatrix (after four days' exposure to ch. sol.),

Sloughs on the fingers and glans penis,


Stinging in the skin (twenty-first day),

Heaviness and burning in the skin of the right leg, in the afternoon (thirtieth day),

Burning in the skin of the forehead (seventy-sixth day),

Burning in the skin of the forehead, especially in the glabella, in the morning (one hundredth day),

Burning in the skin in the middle of the forehead, in the nose and right lower leg, after coming into the house in the evening (ninety-third day),

Burning over the skin of the face and head, but without redness (ninety-fifth day),

Burning in the skin of the face, especially in the eyes (sixty-eighth day),

Burning in the skin on both sides of the nose, near the lower margin of the orbit (fifty-third day),

Burning in the skin on the inner surface of the right lower leg (sixty-sixth day),

Burning in the skin of the outer portion of the left lower leg, late in the evening (one hundred and second day),

Violent burning of the skin of the forehead, without anything to be seen; later in the evening this burning and itching became very violent, so that I was constantly obliged to rub the forehead (fifty-seventh day),

Violent burning in the skin of the face, beneath the eyes, and a feeling in the sides of the nose as if he were going to have erysipelas, in the open air in the forenoon (ninety-third day),

Pricking and stinging pains in the skin in several parts of the body (fifteenth day),

Ulcer painful on touch,

Itching on the right cheek (ninety-ninth day),

Itching in the beard (one hundred and twentieth day),

Itching and burning in the skin in various parts of the body at different times, lasting into the night,

Itching and burning in the skin of the forehead (fifty-sixth day),

Itching and burning in the skin of the forearm and hands, a short time after lying down, soon disappearing,

Violent itching of the eruption on the lips, though it had begun to dry (sixty-fifth day),

The ulcers were painful in cold weather,

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