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Kali Carbonicum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Weakness of the chest,

Weakness and weariness of the chest, from rapid walking,

Anxiety in the chest, towards evening,

Rheumatic pains in chest, back, shoulders, and arms; worse on moving them,

Tension across the chest, on expiration, while walking,

Pinching in the pectoral muscles, several times,

Spasmodic pain in the chest, disappearing by eructations,

Boring deep into the left chest (ninth day),

Drawing pain across the chest (after four days),

Pressure and a sensation of drawing downward in the middle of the chest,

Oppression of the chest, with distended abdomen,

Cutting sensation in the lower portion of the chest, especially in the left side, extending into the upper abdomen, which leaves behind a sticking in the left side of the chest (twentieth day),

Cutting pain in the chest, in the morning, especially about the pit of the stomach, as from incarcerated flatulence,

Cutting pain in the chest, in the evening, after lying down; she does not know how she shall lie; worse when lying on the right side,

Biting in the chest, now here, now there, at intervals,

Burning sticking in the right chest, on rising from stooping (after one hour),

Stitch in the left chest,

Stitches in the left chest,

Stitches at times in the right chest,

Sticking in the left chest, at times during the cough,

Stitches beneath the last right ribs, on inspiration (first day),

Dull, painful stitches extending into the chest, below the left clavicle, only transiently removed by pressing upon it, in the evening,

Burning stitches in both costal regions, frequently returning, in the afternoon (after twelve days),

Some cutting stitches beneath the right clavicle, with pain as if a thorn were sticking in it,

Tearing in the bones of the chest, above the left side of the pit of the stomach, in the evening,

The chest becomes very sore, especially on talking,

Bruised pain in the chest,

Scraping in the chest from the wind,

Tearing scraping in the chest, during the cough,

The chest is affected by loud talking,


Trembling or twitching in the forepart of the chest,

Pressure in the forepart of the chest, especially in the right side, at intervals, aggravated by inspiration, relieved by eructations,

Pressure in the ensiform cartilage, on coughing, and also on deep inspiration (after sixteen hours),

Pressive pain in the morning on rising, in the right margin of the sternum, where it is also painful to touch,

Stitches in the sternum, in front of the right breast, also on inspiration, in the evening (first day),

Dull stitches suddenly in the sternum, during eructations and on swallowing liquids,


Tension in the right or left side, at night,

Pressure in the whole left side of the chest,

Frequent pressure in the left side of the chest and region of the heart (eighth day),

Pinching pressure in the right side of the chest (twenty-sixth day),

Sticking pressure in the right side of the chest, at times, for several days,

Burning-sticking in the left side of the chest, while sitting, disappearing after rising (seventh day),

Stitches in the right or left side, at night,

Stitches in the sides on inspiration,

Stitches in the right side of the chest, on inspiration,

Stitches between the middle ribs of the right side, while sitting (first day),

Dull, pinching stitches in the right side of the chest,

Dull stitches low down in the left side of the chest, beneath the short ribs,

Dull stitches in the right side, beneath the ribs, in the morning,

Tearing in the left side of the chest, on the last short ribs,

Throbbing in the left side, near the pit of the stomach,

Sticking throbbing in one rib of the right side, opposite the pit of the stomach,


When sitting still, a sudden very sharp shoot from a spot close to inner side of right breast, about the centre, from above downwards, going straight through to back, making her feel faint, and leaving a feeling of tenderness to touch at two spots about the size of a shilling, one where the pain began, and the other where it left off,

Stitches beneath the left mamma, at times extending upward from low down in the chest, also in the evening,

Violent stitch beneath both breasts, after lifting a heavy weight; afterwards griping in both sides of the upper abdomen, extending forward, in the afternoon,

Tearing stitches in the breasts,

Tearing in the left breast (seventeenth day),

Tearing pain in the right breast (ninth day),

Jerking pain externally in the left lowest ribs,

Bubbling-like muscular twitches in the upper part of the right breast (twenty-second day),

Tickling in the right breast (sixteenth day),



Pulse quick (second day),



Pressure in the chest, on breathing,

Oppression of the chest, with deep, moaning respiration,

Oppression of the chest, with difficult respiration, two or three times (after thirty days),

Stitches beneath the last right ribs, without affecting respiration, lasting four days,

Tearing stitches in the left costal region, taking away the breath,

Sore pain in the upper part of the chest, on breathing, touching, and lifting anything heavy,

Sharp pressive pain behind the sternum, on breathing, as also on swallowing liquids and on eructating, for several days,

Sticking pressure in the left side of the chest, on deep breathing,

Inclination to take a deep breath,

Tightness of the breath,

Shortness of the breath in the morning,

Breath very short, in the morning,

Arrest of breath wakes him at night,

Arrest of breath, waking him from sleep at night,

Dyspnoea, with shortness of the breath, while writing (third day),

Dyspnoea, as from an affected chest,

He felt as if there was no air in his chest, and he could not breathe (after five or six days),

Larynx and Trachea.

Rattling in the chest, at night, when lying upon the back,

Easy choking when eating,

Chokes easily while eating, because some of the food gets into the larynx,

Constriction of the larynx, in the evening on falling asleep, so that he woke in fright; followed by stitching dryness in the throat (twelfth day),

Sensation as if the larynx were constricted, in the open air,

Frequent drawing pain in the larynx, with raw sensation,

Raw pain in the larynx, on coughing,

Tickling, provoking a cough, after eating (after six days),

Tickling in the larynx, provoking cough, with great hoarseness,

Rattling and gurgling in the trachea, on breathing, preceding cough,


Voice rough,

Hoarseness, as if something were sticking in the throat, provoking a desire to hawk,

At first hoarseness, afternoon excessive fluent coryza,

Complete hoarseness, and loss of voice (after twenty-four hours),

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough from tickling in the throat (twentieth day),

She begins to cough as early as 3 A.M.; repeated every half hour,

Cough in the evening in bed,

Night cough,

He is awakened at night by cough,

She is obliged to cough every five minutes, from 9 P.M. till morning,

Cough that affects the chest, caused by tickling in the throat,

Cough, on playing the violin,

Cough, causing a sticking in the larynx, with fluent coryza,

Cough, which easily makes her vomit,

Frequent cough before midnight, but not during the day,

Violent cough, in the morning fasting, disappearing after breakfast,

Violent cough every evening, after lying some time in bed, for several weeks,

Cough so violent as to cause vomiting, in the morning,

Fatiguing cough, in the evening,

Racking cough, so severe that she loses her senses,

Suffocative and choking cought, at 5 A.M., as from dryness in the larynx; she is unable to speak on account of cramp in the chest, with redness in the face, and perspiration over the whole body,

Spasmodic and irritable cough in different violent paroxysms, even amounting to retching, causing sore pain in the upper part of the head, and followed by great exhaustion,

Scraping, scratching cough,

Tickling cough,

Frequent hacking in the afternoon and following forenoon (after six days),

Dry cough, suddenly coming and going,

Dry cough, almost only at night, with sticking in the larynx,

Dry cough at night, waking from sleep, with acute pain in the chest on coughing, with little cough during the day (first day),

Cough from tickling in the throat, without expectoration,

The cough loosens mucus, which, however, does not come into the mouth, and hence cannot be expectorated,

Much cough in the morning, with expectoration, though most in the evening,

Hacking cough, with some expectoration, mostly only at night and in the morning, together with coryza,

Cough, with much expectoration,

Cough, with expectoration of blood in the mucus, three times (seventeenth day),

At night she was obliged to expectorate much mucus, frequently for half an hour,

Expectoration of small round lumps from the throat,

Expectoration of a sourish taste,


Heart and pulse


She awoke about 2 A.M., with anxiety about the heart, and was unable to fall asleep again,

Burning in the region of the heart (after two days),

Pinching pain in or by the heart, as if the heart were hanging by tightly drawn bands; mostly noticed on deep inspiration or coughing, not on motion of the body (after a few hours),

Stitches in the praecordial region,

Heart's Action.

Palpitation when he becomes hungry (after ten days),

Frequent and violent palpitation, with anxiety,

Violent palpitation in the forenoon, with confusion of the head and nausea (after twenty-four hours),

Violent throbbing and palpitation of the heart on the least exertion (after five or six days),

Frequent intermissions of the beats of the heart,


He feels the pulse over the whole body, even to the tips of the toes,

Pulse slower than usual (twenty-ninth day),

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