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Kali Carbonicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Trembling of the hands and legs, and easily fatigued from walking,

Stiffness of the limbs (after ten days),

Laxity and weakness of the limbs,

Loss of power in the limbs, they give way,

Tickling weakness in all the limbs,

So great uneasiness in the limbs, in the evening in bed, that she could find no place where she could lie easily,


The parts upon which she lies fall asleep (the arms and legs),

The left leg and right arm go to sleep, at night,

Such heaviness in the limbs that she is scarcely able to lift the feet,

Limbs feel heavy, especially legs,

Uneasiness in the limbs, in the evening

she is obliged to move them about,

is frequently obliged to stretch them out,

Burning pain in the limbs, at night in bed,

Drawing pain in all the limbs, with a feeling as if he had been long sick, with great paleness of the face and emaciation,

Pressure in the limbs as if in the bones, now here, now there,

Pressive pain in the joints, with drawing pain in the long bones,

Pressive pain in the joints of the knees, feet, and hands, only during rest,

Sticking in the joints and tendons,

Transient tearing in the fingers and at the same time in the toes,

The limbs pain when he rests them upon any object (after four days),

Jerkings in the limbs (eighth day),

Crawling in the limbs, especially in the legs, while sitting, with drawing in the lower legs, which makes him restless,

Throbbing and beating in the left knee frequently during the day,


Upper extremities


The arms easily become tired on writing (after three days),

Weakness and loss of power in both arms,

Weakness of the arm, with swelling of the upper arm and hand,

Arms powerless, especially the right arm, with which she can hold nothing,


Both arms feel paralyzed (first day),

Both arms fall asleep and become stiff in the cold; even after violent exercise they fall asleep,

The arms fall asleep in the morning in bed, with a sensation of internal pressure, as if stiff and lame, they and the hands are without sensation for half an hour,

The arm upon which he is lying at night falls asleep,

In the cold air the arms lose their warmth, the sensation becomes blunted and they feel almost asleep,

Rheumatic pains in arms, especially the right, also in back, chest, and shoulders; worse on moving them,

If she wakes at night, the arms, shoulders, and neck feel more stiff than at any other time,

Violent tensive pain in the arm for eight days, so that he could not raise it up straight on account of the pain; he can, however, bend it backwards, lie upon it, or take hold of the joint without pain,

Drawing pain in the left arm (after twenty-one hours),

Tearing in the left arm, extending from above down to the wrist,

Violent tearing in the whole left arm (seventh day),

Jerking in the arm, on falling asleep, in the evening,

Frequent jerking of the left arm,


Cracking of the shoulder-joint, on moving it or raising the arm high up,

Shoulders feel heavy,

On sitting, feels a weight on shoulders as if she could not raise them, or as if tied down,

The left shoulder is painful on moving the arm violently, and on making a strong pressure with it,

Tension and pressive drawing in the right shoulder, with paralyzed feeling in the right arm,

Violent tensive pain in the left shoulder, in the morning, so that he is unable to raise the arm,

Drawing pain in the right shoulder (seventeenth day),

Pinching pressure in the right shoulder-joint, more painful on inspiration,

Fine stitches in the shoulders, during rest and motion,

Fine stitches in the left shoulder and afterwards in the tendons on the left side of the neck,

Tearing in the right shoulder, while knitting; disappearing while moving it,

Tearing in the left shoulder-joint,

Tearing pain in the left shoulder, during rest and motion,

Pinching tearing in the right shoulder,

Bruised pain beneath the right shoulder-joint, especially on moving and touching it,

Swelling of the axillary glands,

The axillary glands become swollen and painful to touch, as if suppurating (second day),

Dull cutting and tearing in the right axilla (twenty-fourth day),

Violent sticking in the left axilla,

Dull stitches, pressure and tearing below the axillae,

Tearing sticking in the right axilla, on raising the arm while writing, in the morning (seventh day),

Tearing in the left axilla, during rest (tenth day),

Sore, yet tearing pain somewhat below the left axilla, excited and aggravated by deep respiration,

Sensitiveness and burning in the right axilla (fifteenth day),


Twitching in the flesh of the left upper arm,

Twitchings of muscles in the left upper arm (eighteenth, nineteenth, and twenty-fifth days),

Paralytic pain in both upper arms, mostly on motion,

Paralytic tension and drawing in the left arm, extending from the shoulder into the forearm, which is inclined to fall asleep, in the morning on waking (thirty-fourth day),

Burning tension in the right upper arm, just above the elbow,

Sticking in the right upper arm,

Tearing in the right upper arm, above the bend of the elbow, in the evening,

Tearing in the left upper arm, at times extending into the shoulder (eleventh, sixteenth, and twentieth days),

Tearing in the upper part of the right upper arm and in the elbow (twelfth and twenty-second days),

Sticking tearing in the left upper arm,

Bruised pain in the right upper arm, especially on raising the arm,

Throbbing pain in the upper arm wakes him at night,

Pulsating pain in the left upper arm by pauses,


Pain in the elbow as if it were stiff, on stretching out the right arm, after it had been bent,

Drawing and tearing in both elbows, with at times a sensation of warmth, very frequently repeated,

Violent stitches in the bends of both elbows, in the morning in bed, disappearing after rising,

Tearing stitches in the bend of the left elbow,

Tearing in the bends of both elbows (third, sixth, and twenty-second days),


Tensive pain in the forearm,

Drawing pain in the forearm,

Tearing in both forearms, extending towards the wrist,

Tearing in the upper portion of both forearms,

Tearing in the middle of both forearms,


Weakness of wrists as if sprained, especially left,

Drawing on the inner surface of the left wrist, aggravated by motion,

Stitches in the left wrist, on moving it; afterwards during rest, some sharp stitches,

Tearing in the wrists (eleventh and twentieth days),

Tearing in the right wrist, while knitting, frequently repeated (fourth day),

Tearing in the styloid process of the radius (twenty-ninth day),

Fine tearing in the left wrist, extending to the ring finger, frequently repeated (fourth day),


Trembling of the hands, in the morning when writing,

Loss of power in her hands,

On waking, at night, finds she has lost the use of the hands,

Restlessness of the hands, at night,

The hands fall asleep, in the morning, on waking, with dull headache, which increases on rising, with frequent empty eructations, which last till noon,

Hand and fingers numb,

Palms feel dead, and especially tips of fingers,

The metacarpal bones are painful on grasping,

Burning on the left hand, as from glowing coals,

Violent drawing from the arm into the hand (after two days),

Paralytic, dull, painful drawing extending from the left forearm into the hand, in the evening,

Dull pressive pain on the back of the left hand,

Violent tearing in the back of the left hand, as if in the marrow of the bone, scarcely endurable,

Dull pressive tearing in both hands, between the thumb and index-finger (twelfth, sixteenth, and twenty-first days),


Inflammation at the insertion of the nail of the index finger, like a suppuration of the nail; upon pressure thin matter oozes out for seven days,

Stiffness and paralytic weakness of the thumb and index finger, when writing,

Paralysis of the thumb, from knitting,

The thumb falls asleep towards morning, in bed,

The tips of the fingers fall asleep, mostly in the morning,

Numbness and insensibility of the right thumb, lasting a few weeks,

Middle fingers feel stiffer than the rest, the stiffness extending up back of forearm to elbow,

Burning of the tip of the little finger,

Burning pain as from glowing coals on two fingers of the left hand,

Burning pain at the insertion of the nail of the middle finger,

Drawing pain in the metacarpal joints of the fingers,

Jerklike drawing back and forth in the finger, in the morning in bed, followed by numbness, difficult motion, and chilliness in the fingers,

Stitches in the fingers of the right hand,

Painful stitches in the right index finger, as if a needle and thread were being drawn from the lower portion toward the tip; relieved by bending the finger, renewed on stretching it out,

Fine painful stitches beneath the nail of the left middle finger,

Fine acute stitches, as in suppuration, in the tips of the four last fingers of the right hand,

Fine intermitting stitches in the middle joint of the right index finger,

Tearing in the phalanges and joints of the fingers,

Tearing in the left thumb,

Tearing in the middle joint of the index finger,

Tearing in the joints of the left middle finger,

Tearing in the left little finger towards the tip, during motion, frequently recurring,

Tearing beneath the finger-nails (thirty-fourth day),

Tearings beneath the nails of the thumbs,

Dull tearing in the ball of the thumb (ninth day),

Violent tearing extending from the back of the left hand into the fingers,

Violent tearing in the lower portion of the right index finger, extending towards the tip,

A sticking tearing beneath the nail and in the tip of the index finger,

Some fine tearings in the left little finger,

Burning tearing in the tip of the index finger (tenth day),

Drawing tearing in the tip of the little finger,

Sore pain in the morning in the last phalanx of the middle finger, especially under the nail, not aggravated by touch,

Ulcerative pain in the first joint of the left thumb, in the evening,

Crawling in the tip of the right middle finger,


Lower extremities

Ascending steps is very difficult; walking upon a level is not,

The limbs fall asleep while lying,

Feeling of numbness, and great inclination of the whole right leg to fall asleep, especially in the lower leg,

Numb sensation of the whole right leg, as if it was going to sleep, with great subsequent heaviness in it, in the morning after waking,

The lower extremities frequently fall asleep,

While sitting, first one and then the other limb falls asleep,

Great heaviness suddenly of the left leg, so that he can only move it with great difficulty, as it paralyzed, at night in bed and during the following day while sitting,

Burning and pain in both limbs, also even with acute stitches,


Weak, weary, and bruised in the hips and limbs, especially in the calves, on walking (thirteenth day),

Stitches, fine, but very acute, in the left hip-joint while standing; after sitting down, there is a sticking-tearing down the whole leg, as if in the marrow, which disappears after rising from the seat,

Tearing, at times crawling, in the hips or in the parts enveloping them (nineteenth, twenty-first, and thirtieth days),

Tearing in the hips and knees even while sitting,

Tearing pain in the left hip from time to time,

Pinching-tearing in the hip-joint,

Pains as from a blow in the upper part of the left hip-bone while walking and on touch,

Bruised pain in the hip-joint, with pain on motion and on sneezing,

Jerking in the left hip-joint on turning the leg,


He is as weary in his thighs as if he had been used up by walking, for many days, mostly in the afternoon,

Paralysis of the whole thigh, with a feeling as if it would fall asleep,

Feeling of loss of power in both thighs above the knees in the evening,

Dull pain in the nates,

Cramp in the right thigh and calf woke him twice at night,

Drawing pain in the thigh (after eleven days),

Drawing pain in the thigh, while ascending, as if it would break in two,

Drawing pain in the left thigh, extending to the knee,

Paralytic drawing in the whole thigh, frequently increasing to a tearing, worse while standing and in the warmth of the bed, often only in the evening and at night,

Twitching in the anterior surface of the right thigh,

Tearing in the upper and inner portion of the thigh,

Tearing in the posterior portion of the thigh, close to the nates, extending towards the genitals,

Tearing in the left thigh and in the tibia during menstruation,

Tearing in and on the nates not far from the hip-joint,

Attacks of pinching-tearing in the nates,

Soreness between the legs,

Sore pain in one spot in the middle of the thigh when touched,


Violent bruised pain a hand's breadth above the right knee, as if the thigh would fall off, while standing, and worse while sitting, afterwards continuing during rest and motion,

Pain like a suppuration in the nates and thighs from sitting,

Jerkings in the muscles of the thighs,

Jerkings in the muscles in the nates,

Stiffness in the knees (second day),

Stiffness, tension, and weakness in the right knee, as if tightly bound up,

Painful falling asleep of the knees on walking fast; he cannot bend them well,

Knee-joints feel nearly powerless; she does not bend them in walking lest they should give way, hence she walks sideways,

Paralytic sensation in the knee while sitting,

Paralytic pain in the right knee while walking (sixth day),

Tensive pain in the right knee, and afterwards crawling in it, only while walking, and disappearing while sitting,

Dull pain on the side of the knee while walking, and especially on stretching out the leg,

Drawing pain in the knee while walking, extending to the thigh,

Stitching in the left knee (second day),

Pain as from a sprain in the knee, on rising from sitting, for several minutes,

Tearing in both knees (first day),

Tearing in the knee and knee-joint, in the evening, with warmth in it,

Tearing in the hollow of the knee,

Tearing pain in the knee while walking and sitting,

Frequent tearing in the knees,


Falling asleep and crawling in the right leg,

Heaviness of the legs,

Drawing pain in the right leg, extending to the foot, for several days,

Drawing and tearing in the bones of the legs,

Paralytic drawing in the lower legs,

Twitches on the anterior surface of the left lower leg while standing,

Tearing and drawing, with a feeling of great weariness, in the lower legs, especially in the ankles, on waking at night,

Stitches in the tibiae,

Tearing in both tibiae, with pain in the periosteum when touched and a feeling of tension when walking,

Tearing in the upper part of the tibia beneath the knee,

Tearing in the left tibia,

Tension in the calves, as if too short, on rising from sitting during the day,

Tension in the left calf, as if the tendons were too short, while standing, not while sitting,

Cramp in the right calf (after twenty hours),

Cramp in the calf and sole on drawing up the leg at night in bed,

Tearing in the upper part of the calf (twentieth day),

Tearing in the right calf, extending deep inward on pressing and rubbing,

It caused pain in the upper part of calves, as if bruised, or from too much walking, and on stretching out the legs, stiffness from half way up back of thighs to tendines Achillis, as if the tendons were tightened,


Stitches beneath the malleolus,

Violent stitching in the tendons behind the right external malleolus when running, disappearing during rest,

Feeling as if a stitch were shooting into the malleolus; when walking, a feeling as if the feet would break; she was obliged to remain standing,

Tearing just above the malleolus (twentieth day),

Tearing in the inner malleolus transversely towards the tendo Achillis,

Tearing about the malleoli, with cold feet, which ceases after they get warm,

Tearing in the ankles frequently,

Spasmodic tearing in the malleolus, with pulsation about it, extending up the tibia as far as the knee,


Swelling of the feet,

Great swelling of the feet, extending to the malleoli,

Falling asleep of the left foot during dinner,

The feet fall asleep after dinner,

Heaviness and stiffness of the feet,

Feet and legs feel to her to be too small,

Tension of the feet, almost without swelling,

Pinching-drawing in the foot, as from great weariness,

Sticking in the feet,

Stitches and burning in the feet after walking,

Stitches in the left foot, extending inward,

Tearing on the inside of the foot and on the sole,

Drawing-tearing in the foot, extending to the toes,

Visible twitching on the back of the left foot in the evening,

Stitches on the back of the foot,

Tearing on the back of the foot extending to the toes,

Swelling and redness of the soles of the feet, with burning in them, even while lying down, though still more when stepping,

Pressive pain in the sole of the foot while stepping and while walking,

Pressive pain in the heel,

Stitches as with needles beneath the heel,

Crawling in the soles of the feet, extending towards the toes,

Crawling pain in the soles of the feet, with painful sensitiveness of them,


Chilblain on the ball of the great toe, with sticking-cutting pain; it is red and thick,

Inflamed red chilblains on the toes, with pressive pain,

Bluish-red chilblain on the ball of the great toes, inflamed, and with cutting pain and needle-like stitches in it, especially when in the boots or shoes,

Cramp in the left great toe, so that he is unable to stretch it out, in the evening while sitting,

Pain as from a sprain in the first joint of the great toe, while walking, most acute on bending it up (eleventh and thirty-third days),

Tickling-sticking in the tips of the toes,

Stitches as with needles in the balls of the great toes,

Stitches in the corns,

Fine stitching, with itching, on the tip of the great toe,

Tearing in the toes (fourth, seventh, eleventh, and twentieth days),

Tearing in the first phalanx of the great toe (eleventh, sixteenth, nineteenth, and thirty-fourth days),

Tearing in the tips of the great toes (eleventh, seventeenth, and thirty-sixth days),

The tips of the toes are very painful on walking,

Gnawing on the outer margin of the right great toe,

The nail of the great toe is painful on the side, as if it would grow into the flesh (fourteenth day),

The corns are painfully sensitive,


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