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Kali Carbonicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, out of humor.

on waking, peevish thoughts.

on waking, headache, during menses, headache.

stitches in forehead. stitches into left ear.

nosebleed. on waking, soreness of lips.

on waking, pain in teeth.

after waking, aggravated by eating, pain in roots of teeth.

on waking, stitches in teeth, etc.

tongue dry, etc.

offensive odor from mouth.

after waking, numbness in mouth.

dryness in mouth.

burning in mouth, etc.

at about 3 o'clock, water running from mouth.

bitter taste. after waking, taste of blood.

on waking, loss of taste.

mucus in throat. mucus in back of throat, etc.

hawking, etc. on waking, feeling of lump in front of throat.

eructations. acid eructations.

relieved by walking, cramps in stomach.

pressure in stomach.

feeling in stomach. throbbing in pit of stomach.

colic in upper abdomen.

in bed, griping in abdomen.

from 3 to 4 o'clock, diarrhoea.

fasting, cough. cough.

at 5 o'clock, cough, etc.

shortness of breath.

cutting in chest. stitches in side.

tearing in nape of neck.

tearing in right scapula.

pressure in back. on rising, bruised feeling in small of back.

pain in shoulder. on raising arm while writing, sticking in axilla.

in bed, stitches in elbows.

when writing, trembling of hands.

on waking, hands fall asleep.

tips of fingers fall asleep.

in bed, drawing in finger.

after waking, numbness of leg.

in bed, heaviness of body.

at 2 or 3 o'clock, pains recur.

after usual stool, pains renewed.

in bed, chilliness, etc.

in bed, shivering in back.

about 9 o'clock, febrile heat, etc.

in bed, heat, etc., in face.

in bed, sweat. perspiration on perineum.

(Evening), Sadness.

anxious presentiments.

in bed, fretfulness. on falling asleep, out of humor.

peevish mood. after falling asleep and waking again, confusion in head, etc.

dullness, etc. in head.

pain in head, etc. before lying down, heat in head.

on going to sleep, pressure in forehead, etc.

pressure on top of head.

one-sided headache. before going to sleep, tearing in left eye.

in bed, pain in eyebrow.

lachrymation, etc. in bed, stitches in ears.

hearing blunted. fluent coryza, etc.

twitching in cheek, etc.

tearing from temple into jaw.

drawing in teeth. on getting into bed, drawing toothache.

pressive toothache. stitches in front teeth.

dryness in mouth. sore throat.

before lying down, thirst.

tearing in right side of abdomen.

pain in lower abdomen.

smarting in anus. crawling, etc.

in anus. diarrhoea. in bed, cough.

fatiguing cough. after lying down, especially when lying on right side tearing in bones of chest.

in bed, uneasiness in limbs.

tearing in upper arm. feeling in thighs.

tearing in knee. while sitting, cramp in great toe.

weakness, before going to sleep, disappearing in bed.

itching over body. chilliness.

chilliness on crown of head, etc.

in bed, heat. dry heat all over.

in bed, hot hands, etc..

(Night), After lying down, sad foreboding.

while lying in bed, rush of blood to head.

pressive headache. tearing in orbit, etc.

lachrymation. only when lying upon it.

throbbing in ear. pain in tooth, etc.

sticking toothache. jerking, etc., in tooth.

acidity in mouth. thirst.

in bed, gradually disappearing on rising, qualmishness.

pains in stomach. an hour after falling asleep, cramp in stomach.

pressure, etc., in stomach.

emission of flatulence.

colic, etc. burning in anus.

urging to stool. diarrhoea.

cough. from 9 P.M., till morning, cough.

dry cough, etc. arrest of breath.

tension in sides. stiffness in nape of neck.

on waking, stiffness of neck etc.

in bed, burning in limbs.

stiffness in arms, etc.

throbbing in upper arm.

restlessness of hands.

towards morning, in bed, thumb falls asleep.

cramp in thigh, etc.

on waking, tearing, etc., in lower legs.

in bed, cramp in calf, etc.

pain in whole body. after going to bed, at 11 o'clock, itching stickings all over.

in bed, itching all over.

warmth etc., heat all over.

towards morning, heat.


Giddiness in forehead while rising from lying to sit up in bed.

she then opens her eyes wide as if to see, for she does not reach far enough forwards if she tries to grasp anything.

the same giddiness is felt during the act of lying down again, and she then also feels as if she were descending a great way.

the giddiness is not felt at rest, whether sitting or lying,.

Mouth and fauces covered with a dirty-brown slough, which rendered the surface nearly insensible to touch (second day).

the sloughs adhered firmly to the mouth and fauces (third day).

the sloughs in the mouth began to separate, and burning heat in the fauces and gullet immediately supervened (fourth day).

during the following week large portions of though matter, sometimes firm and adherent like leather, were brought up by coughing, hawking, or vomiting.

gradually the surface, so far as could be seen, became clean, though raw, and the burning and pain on wallowing were most distressing.

after a month had elapsed the mouth and fauces began to assume a more healing appearance.

the pain and difficulty of swallowing diminished,.

She awoke every night for three nights consecutively, at about 3 o'clock, with a sensation of water running from the mouth.

she sat up in bed, and was employed for some time in spitting up successive mouthfuls of water, which seemed to be pumped up from the stomach.

there was not the least nausea or inclination to vomit.

the water was not sour nor alkaline.

she had never been troubled in the least with dyspepsia, nor ever before experienced such a symptom.

it was unattended with pain or any abnormal sensation, and ceased immediately when the medicine was discontinued,.

Violent sticking in the left breast, the region of the heart, and at times extending into the back, after midnight, endurable only when lying on the right side, intolerable on every attempt to lie on the left side.

the second night, very early waking, most violent sticking in the chest, shortness of breath when lying on the left side, intolerable except when resting in the highest possible position, and disappearing when lying on the right side.

reappearing the third night when lying on the back,.

Violent constrictive pains in the stomach, even at one o'clock at night, which extend into the chest, and under the shoulders, where they become sticking, with choking in the throat and oppression of the breath.

followed by anxiety, transient perspiration, and eructations, which afford relief.

recurring in frequent attacks till morning,.

At the beginning of a stool severe attack of cramp in the stomach so that she was immediately obliged to sit down.

she passed urine, and while sitting the pain was increased, so that she doubled herself up and could not, speak.

with nausea, eructations, and vomiting of water, with retching.

before the vomiting shivering, during it reeling, with shaking of the hands and feet.

afterwards anxiety and heat of the whole body.

Severe drawing and sticking in the left ankle, when stepping upon it, for several hours in the morning after rising, most painful in the evening, with throbbing in it and sticking in the heel.

she is unable to rest upon the foot, and is obliged to keep it constantly suspended.

it feels too heavy, swollen at the seat of the pain, and hot to touch,.



Perceptible beating of all the arteries,

Violent trembling,

Sudden trembling,

Indolence (second day),

Tremulous fatigue while walking, first in the knees, followed by trembling in the abdominal muscles and in the arms,

Lassitude, weakness, and nausea, after the afternoon nap,

After eating, weariness with throbbing in the pit of the stomach, and headache,

Great weariness, on waking in the morning, relieved after rising, returning in an increased degree in the afternoon,

After eating very weary and sleepy,

Great weakness, in the evening,

Attack of weakness, on returning from a moderate walk, so violent that she could with difficulty reach the house, therewith she became warm in the stomach, drops of sweat stood upon the forehead (in winter) and the limbs trembled; after a short rest all weakness passed of,

Attack of sudden weakness, in the evening on lying down, with an aching sensation, nausea, warmth and weakness in the pit of the stomach, vertigo and vanishing of ideas from the head; also, two similar attacks in the morning, followed by great weariness,

A child four years old constantly desires to be carried,

Exhaustion and weariness, in the evening, almost amounting to nausea,

Frequent exhaustion and weariness (first day),

Attack of exhaustion of the whole body, especially in the small of the back, the cervical muscles seem relaxed, the arms and legs relaxed as if they would sink down, together with weakness about the heart like a faintness (after a few hours),

Attack of faintness as soon as he moves but little,

A week before the occurrence of menstruation, restlessness as if the menses would appear (sixteenth day),


The whole body is very sensitive; whenever touched or moved it hurts (third and fourth days),

Great dread of the open air,

Takes cold easily (third day),

Very much inclined to take cold,

Easily takes cold while walking in the open air in the evening, followed by sweat at night, and restlessness and heaviness in the neck as from a weight (fourth day),

Takes cold very easily after becoming heated on moving about; he loses his appetite and is attacked with febrile shivering, diarrhoea with griping pain in the abdomen, restless sleep, etc.,

Symptoms of taking cold from every draft of air,

Her flesh feels numb to her,

Her flesh all over feels swelled to her,

If she looks down without bending head down she feels weak and trembling,

Feeling of weakness every morning, as if he would become faint or attacked by vertigo (first six days),

Feeling of emptiness over the whole body, as if hollow,

Heaviness, especially of the feet; walking becomes irksome,

Heaviness of the body, in the morning in bed, disappearing after rising,

Heaviness and prostration of the whole body, as if worn out,

A kind of tension within the body, which extends to the head and eyes,

Drawing pain in the whole body, now in one place, now in another, in the nape of the neck, scapulae, the hands and knees (after ten days),

Twitching here and there in the muscles, for several days,

Uneasy sleep at night, on account of pressive pain in the side of the body upon which he lies,

Oppression and anxiety at night if she lies upon the right side, is obliged to sit up in bed until she has eructations,

Sticking is the most characteristic pain of Kali,

Itching stitches here and there in the body,

Flesh feels tender all over as if the skin were crushed,

Bruised pain in all the muscles of the body,

Pain as if suppurating, when pressing upon any part of the body,

Painful throbbing in the clavicle, shoulders, sides of the abdomen, etc.,

Excessive pain in the whole body, like the beating of a hammer, at night,

The rheumatic pains get worse when the neck symptoms increase,

*The pains recur in the morning, at 2 or 3 o'clock, so that he is unable to remain lying, and are worse than during the day while moving about,

Remaining in the open air aggravates the troubles, especially the febrile condition,

After the usual stool the pains are renewed, in the morning (second day),

Much talking affects her,

During the menses, she again falls asleep after waking in the morning, but remains in an extremely unpleasant condition between sleep and waking.

is distressed by hearing things, which make her anxious, though at the same time she knows that she is only dreaming, but is unable to open her eyes, and can only with difficulty arouse herself from this condition,.

Dreamed that the cathedral was on fire.

on waking up (which she often did) could think of nothing else.

got up for half an hour and lit a candle to get rid of the idea.

then on sleeping again had the same dream again, and so on through the night, the last dream being that her own house was on fire.

on two other nights dreamed each time about different subjects, but the dream was repeated over and over again, as on this occasion (seldom dreams at all),.